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Urbien intro Open Data Platform


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Urbien intro Open Data Platform

  1. 1. Platform for Open DataAn open data platform for government has countlessdilemmas and challengesIts also an incredible opportunity forcitizens, businesses and the governmentSee how we have prepared for them
  2. 2. Challenges we set ourselves must be open engaging for users data and apps must be secure introduce gaming use and provide live data challenging build linked data store intrinsically social universal interfaces right for desktop, mobile, tablet read/write for users and apps collaborative by nature deep vertical search integrates with other systems scalable and resilient faceted search standards based platform import/export any data and format ecommerce for business multi lingual geo smart data and apps enable timeline apps must improve the data simple for developers rapid development cycle support open sourceok, we cheated as we were already doing these things
  3. 3. Objectives for Government 1. Integrate with all government agencies 2. Create a structure holding shared data 3. In a framework nurtured by the government 4. With a lowered barrier for development enabling 100x more appsApp competitions tend to inspire lots of similar isolated apps, but how many reallymake a difference (or money). Such a waste of talent.
  4. 4. The right structure is key Good structure and automation enables growth like a complex organism.Urbien was founded on the principles of the Semantic Web.The platform is a living breathing Web of Data
  5. 5. Built for Agile Development 1 grab data 2 define model 3 web & mobile appsGrab the data (pull or push), load them as linked data defined by the model, usethem as Web and Mobile apps immediately. Additional logic can be added later.
  6. 6. Built for Cooperation City and businesses work together Developers can tooCreating an environment where developers can build apps, share code and buildon top of other apps
  7. 7. Every piece of data has a URL agencies near real-time flow applications businesses communities developersA rich semantic model allows to import data in close to real time without losing datanormalisation. It keep data linked with Web URLs and presents the data for bi-directional access to people and apps.
  8. 8. Shared Data - Level 1 Search / Filter Search/Filter Grid Search/Filter Rows Add / Edit / Delete Add data via UI (click +Game) Edit via UI Export Entire Dataset (Parks) Any Subset (Parks in W. Bronx)Urbien Open Data platform offers data exploring, export in multiple formats and inany imaginable subset, data editing, but most importantly all data are linked.
  9. 9. Shared Data - Level 2 Each new app takes advantage of Reputation System the built-in capabilities • Promotes contributors • • Stifles the spam • Login/signup via social • Data-value-specific control • Social connect • Gamey • Megabase of data models OAUTH 2.0 • Levels galore • Shared userbase • Mobile/cross-browser support • Rich Text Editor • Audio/Video Support Add Comment (anyone can) • Search/Filter Add Tennis Game (most can) • Blogging • Image processing and Galleries Add Wifi (some can) • Payments (Amazon & PayPal), Add Publisher (must be trusted) • Multilingual/Translation support • Bookmarks • Email marketing • Cloud Infrastructure • Backups/Upgrades/S3 Storage • Referral marketing • SecurityAll apps get access to the shared dataspace!
  10. 10. Social Integration See App posts to Facebook Timeline liveObjects such as businesses, sports and activities can become timeline apps toshow social activities on facebook.
  11. 11. Expanding the user base Gϵεκs / Ninjas Gϵεκs / Ninjas + Everyone elseFrom Geeks and Hackers to all Citizens. Urbien is built so that regular users caninteract with any data. Multilingual, mobile, etc. The Web 2.0 revolution wasabout users creating content, Open Data doesnt reflect that at the moment.
  12. 12. Data for all  Data heads  Developers  Explorers  GamersData and structure in Urbien can be discovered and consumed
  13. 13. Universal API Single Orthogonal API Create/edit/delete uniform for all data types: Comment, Business, Neighborhood, Profile, etc. No special treatment. Server-side / Client-side (JS and Flash supported) Example Search /BasketballGame - All basketball games /Coupon?&$select=title - All coupons, but limit results to titles /Coupon?$select=title,cap&$orderBy=cap&$asc=0&$limit=1 - get the "title" and "cap" of the coupon with the highest "cap" Create/Edit via OAUTH 2.0 Create a resource on behalf of the user Edit a resource: Edit it on behalf of a user Undo editAny public or private data can be connected to the platform to rapidly createpowerful apps.
  14. 14. Citizen dashboardEverything in a city is connected Commerce • • Business Categories New York • Sidewalk Cafes • Neighborhoods • Auctions • Neighborhood View (Clinton) • Nominations • Basketball Courts • Investments (admin) • Basketball Court (De Witt) Tournaments / Competitions • Basketball Games (De Witt) • Any data type • Basketball Game • Neverending - periodic "snapshots" record • Activity Near Game • daily/weekly/monthly/yearly winners Sponsorable • RewardsImported / integrated Nabbing (Pinterest-style) Citizens vehicle of choiceAny public or private data can be connected to the platform to rapidly createpowerful apps.
  15. 15. Towards shared data space government + community + biz + devsEach App can be a community within its walls or work together to make the citybetter. Which scenario is more modern?
  16. 16. Share the burden Requires new approach Government seeded Reputation-based Data Class-specific Apps act as People (via OAUTH 2.0) Additional security for Apps Throttling for people and Apps Veto right by data owners Tracking Subscriptions, Alerts Work planning - microtaskingVia editable data - by people & apps
  17. 17. Digital Government Strategy“I want us to ask ourselves every day, how are we using technology to make a real difference in people’s lives.” President Barack Obama - May 23 2012 Urbien is already committed to go beyond the government strategy objectives.