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  1. 1. WebMatrix 2Subodh N Pushpak
  2. 2. Agenda Whats new in WebMatrix 2 WebMatrix and Razor WebMatrix and HTML5 WebMatrix and PHP Migrating PHP based applications from Linux to windows
  3. 3. WebMatrix 2 Beta Install from pid=webmatrix&prerelease=true
  4. 4. New Features in WebMatrix 2 Beta Create Sites Quickly Code Your Thoughts Do More with Data Share with the World Join the Party
  5. 5. WebMatrix Is a relatively small, free download Allows code to be written using ASP.NET, Razor, or PHP Supports HTML5 Integrates a web server (IIS Express) and a database engine (SQL Server Compact) Installs and configures components such as PHP or MySQL for Windows users Integrates deployment via FTP or WebDeploy Allows deployment to LAMP-based servers as well as Windows-based servers Includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools
  6. 6. Create Sites Quickly Opening a remote site Files may be opened and edited from remote servers. Make a quick fix in a file, or download the entire site and edit it locally. Streamlined application install WebMatrix walks you through installing and configuring OSS applications and generates your database credentials automatically so you can get up and running faster Get going with helpful links Popular applications like WordPress, Joomla! and Umbraco can customize WebMatrix, adding links to help you get started, and limiting access to core files that shouldn’t be modified.
  7. 7. Code Your Thoughts Code completion for HTML5 and CSS3 elements and attributes. See validation errors before you try your site in the browser. Get suggestions for available jQuery and core JavaScript functions. Validate JavaScript as you type, whether in standalone files or script blocks. Code completion for the built-in functions available in the active PHP version as you type, including their signatures and descriptions. A personal site template, and the starter site template has been updated to take advantage of HTML5, CSS3, mobile detection and authentication via Facebook and Twitter.
  8. 8. Code Your Thoughts An inline color picker for color-based CSS attributes, including a sampler to grab color values from open applications. PHP documentation links Hover over a PHP function to quickly access documentation. Dynamic help Contextual assistance is shown as you work. Learn about the features of WebMatrix or brush up on core web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with professional-grade learning content from partners like Learnable, PluralSight, and appendTo.
  9. 9. Do More with Data Overhauled database definition view Define a table schema in a single pane, setting column attributes quickly via tab, arrow keys and the space bar as you go. Updated database data view The interface has been visually updated to ensure that you can easily view and edit your data in addition to designing your schema. Run a selected query Select, execute and view results for individual or multiple queries.
  10. 10. Share with the World Optimize before sharing Run reports against your site to learn how to make it rank higher on search engines like Bing or Google. Get tips for tuning the performance of your site before going live. Download your remote site Download a site you’ve previously published to manage and edit it locally. When you’re done, seamlessly sync file and database changes to the remote site.
  11. 11. Join the Party Extensibility framework Extend WebMatrix functionality using Visual Studio and the new C#-based extensibility APIs. NuGet package gallery The popular ASP.NET Web Pages package service is now integrated into WebMatrix. Download and install community-contributed code helpers for common tasks like social network integration and mobile support
  12. 12. WebMatrix and PHP Demo
  13. 13. Migrating PHP based applications fromLinux to windows
  14. 14. Webmatrix and PHP
  15. 15. Webmatrix and HTML5
  16. 16.  Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant for MySQL v5.1 d=26712
  17. 17. Questions & Answers
  18. 18. Write in toSubodh N Pushpak s_pushpak
  19. 19. Thank you Demo and slide decks are available at  e&resid=DB22CDDC0BCAF16E!891