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Slide deck on Webmatrix and its features along with MVC .Net

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  1. 1. Leveraging WebMatrix for rapid website development Subodh N Pushpak
  2. 2. Agenda What is WebMatrix? WebMatrix Features WebMatrix Project Templates Demo Exploring WebMatrix templates Configuring and using Web helpers library from Nuget Creating a survey in 10 minutes from “Survey Project” using WebMatrix
  3. 3. What is WebMatrix? Microsoft WebMatrix is a free tool that allows you to create, customize and publish web sites on the Internet. WebMatrix includes a complete Web development stack that integrates the below into a seamless experience  Web server (IIS Developer Express),  Database (Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0),  Programming model (ASP.NET Web pages with Razor syntax)  A Tool (WebMatrix Beta) WebMatrix is a free web development tool that includes everything you need for website development. Start from open source web applications, built-in web templates or just start writing code yourself. It’s all-inclusive, simple and best of all free.
  4. 4. What is WebMatrix? You can use WebMatrix to streamline the way you  create an ASP.NET Web site from templates, or  by starting a new Web site by using the world’s most popular free and open source (ASP.NET or PHP) apps like DotNetNuke, Umbraco, WordPress, or Joomla!. With WebMatrix you can code your Web sites, customize them, optimize them for good search engine ranking, test them, and deploy them to an Internet hosting company, all through the tool. By using the same stack on your development desktop that you’ll use on your web host, the process of going live with your website is painless and worry free.
  5. 5. What is WebMatrix? WebMatrix allows developers to build websites capable of running on Windows or Linux platforms. Its notable in that it allows developers to use free open source web applications written in either PHP or ASP .NET.
  6. 6.  Download and install from 
  7. 7. WebMatrix Features Is a relatively small, free download Allows code to be written using ASP.NET, Razor, or PHP Supports HTML5 Integrates a web server (IIS Express) and a database engine (SQL Server Compact) Installs and configures components such as PHP or MySQL for Windows users Integrates deployment via FTP or WebDeploy Allows deployment to LAMP-based servers as well as Windows-based servers Includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools
  8. 8. Working in WebMatrix The options on the Welcome screen support these ways of building a web site:  Site From Web Gallery  The Web Application Gallery (WAG) is a collection of open source web applications written using a variety of technologies, including PHP and ASP.NET.  Applications in the WAG give you a great head start – where someone else has written a lot of the code for you and is allowing you to freely use it on your site. WebMatrix makes the process of downloading, installing and configuring this code easy.  Site From Template  If you prefer to write your own code, instead of using the open source applications from the WAG, then this option gives you a great way to start with either an empty web site, or a number of simple template sites that you can customize and change.  Site From Folder: If you have a collection of web files already and you want to edit and run them on a web server quickly, WebMatrix will allow you to do so, simply by pointing it at that folder.
  9. 9. Demo HTML, CSS HTML5 @RenderPage("Header.cshtml") _siteLayout.cshtml Using DB Configuring and using Web helpers library from Nuget Creating a site from Open Source initiative “Survey Project”
  10. 10. Questions & Answers
  11. 11. Write in toSubodh N Pushpak s_pushpak
  12. 12. Thank you Demo and slide decks are available at  e&resid=DB22CDDC0BCAF16E!891