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Hello my name is...


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Hello my name is...

  1. 1. Hi my name is Scott Pully. I am 16 years old and I am a junior, currently attending Hatboro Horsham Senior High School. I am interested in motocross, BMX, cars, sports, and riding dirt bikes and quads with my friends. I am currently attending Eastern Tech School for automotive technology. Who Am I…
  2. 2. Hatboro PA Where I Live…
  3. 3. IF you Google my name… Scott Pully
  4. 4. In 5-10 years Google will tell you… Scott Pully graduated from UTI out of the automotive technology and diesel program. He is currently working at Lafferty Chevrolet as a main tech. He is persuing a position at a very big international diesel business as the head tech. He has worked his way to success and it was not easy it took hard work and dedication to get where he is now but he made it and is very happy he is successful.
  5. 5. What Google will not tell you… Scott Pully
  6. 6. What google will not say about me… • Hard worker • I do volunteer work • I enjoy reading about my work • I love the country • I work on a farm
  7. 7. Keeping my head up Even when the road is hard Never give up
  8. 8. Willing to listen to a problem and do my best to help.
  9. 9. Problem Solver… Always here for my family and friends ready to help them.
  10. 10. Work hard to be the best that I can be!
  11. 11. Things I like! • Hanging with friends. • Having a good time. • BMX. • Motocross. • Automotive technology field.
  12. 12. Dislikes… • I do not want to be the one that works indoors all the time stuffed in an office. • I don’t want to be surrounded by a lot of people . • No answering phones for a living. • I don't want to be the one that goes no where with there life I want to be successful.
  13. 13. • I am a good person • Respectful • Nice • You can contact me at • • (215)-688-1987. • 14 South Linden Avenue.
  14. 14. THANK YOU!