Dan Usher/Scott Hoag- SharePoint 2010 Tips and Tricks – Avoiding Administrative Blunders (200) (Admin)Have you ever inheri...
HemantDatta - How to Run an Effective SharePoint Governance Board (300 Level) Business OwnerThe session will focus on the ...
PrasannaAdavi –Real World Project/Resource Mgmt with SharePoint and Project 2013 (200) (BIZ User)Commonly presented soluti...
Patrick Curran: Workshop Session2:Performance, Load, and Stress Testing Your SharePoint EnvironmentIn this session you wil...
Michael Mukalian SharePoint 2013 and SkyDrive Integration SP 101, General SessionSkyDrive Pro is SkyDrive for the Enterpri...
Steve Mann – Enterprise SharePoint 2013 Search Overview (200) , IT Pro, DevThis session will dive into the new features of...
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SharePoint Saturday Baltimore Full Session Abstracts


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Full Sessions and Descriptions for SPSBMORE

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SharePoint Saturday Baltimore Full Session Abstracts

  1. 1. Dan Usher/Scott Hoag- SharePoint 2010 Tips and Tricks – Avoiding Administrative Blunders (200) (Admin)Have you ever inherited a SharePoint site? Are you the new “content administrator?” Do you suddenly findyourself in charge of managing the permissions for your department? Did you happen to volunteer tomanage the SharePoint site for that new project without knowing just what you were getting into? Come tothis highly interactive session where Scott and Dan will show you all the things that can go wrong with yournewly inherited SharePoint installation from the common mistakes your users will make to the not socommon mistakes weve made.Kevin Goff - Integrating SQL Server Reporting Services with SharePoint (300 Level) (Dev)Have you ever seen a SharePoint site that integrates reports from SSRS, and wonder how all the pieces fit?If so, this session is for you. Ill cover the necessary integration/configuration steps for integrating SSRS2008R2/SSRS 2012 with SharePoint 2010/2013, as well as deploying reports to a SharePoint location. Illalso show how to integrate SSRS reports into SharePoint/PerformancePoint Services dashboard pages, aswell as how to schedule reports for delivery to SharePoint document libraries. Additionally, I’ll show someof the newest SQL Server 2012 features in SharePoint, such as Data Alerts. Finally, you’ll see theimprovements from Microsoft that make reporting against SharePoint lists much easier than before.PrashantBhoyar - Getting Started with Event Receivers (SP 101) (Dev)Event Receivers are one of the widely used features of SharePoint. Using Event Receivers we can extend theSharePoint functionality and implement automations. This session will cover how developers can create,deploy, register and test event receivers. This session will also cover best practices of writing eventreceivers, when to use them and when to avoid them..XenoxGaravito – Development Leveraging SharePoint and Knockout (200 Level) (Dev)This session will demonstrate how to interact with SharePoint list data using SharePoint REST web servicesin conjunction with the Knockout JavaScript library. The techniques learned here are applicable to bothSharePoint 2010 and 2013.Ken Lemons -Case Study: How the USAF is leveraging policy application in SharePoint (200) (Admin)US Air Force Case Study: Deploying SharePoint without defining, developing, and employing policies directlycontributes to increased IT and financial risk to the enterprise. By associating organizational risk factorswith SharePoint capabilities, program managers can obtain executive support and funding to successfullyroll-out, maintain, and grow their information, knowledge, and records management programs. During thispresentation, attendees will see how the USAF is leveraging policy application in SharePoint as a valuabletool when it comes to developing program requirements and securing resources for the USAF HumanPerformance Clearinghouse.Alara Rogers – Look Ma, No Code (Building Effective No-Code Solutions) End User (200 Level)How to make cool things in SharePoint 2010 even if you think C sharp is a musical note and Javas what youbuy at Starbucks. * Use InfoPath and Access Web Databases to make interactive applications while stillbelieving a compiler is a person who edits anthologies * Make a pretty dashboard with PowerPivot out ofthe data you collected This session deals with SharePoint 2010.
  2. 2. HemantDatta - How to Run an Effective SharePoint Governance Board (300 Level) Business OwnerThe session will focus on the following topics: * What is an effective Governance Board? A simple definitionwith a simple purpose * How to measure Board’s effectiveness * As a facilitator, how to work with differentbusiness groups and manage personalities during Board meetings * How to get members actively involved* Tips to avoid being just a Status Update meeting * What to talk about at Board Meeting * What not totalk about at Board Meeting * 5 Key Elements to a successful and productive Board MeetingJeff Repanich – Building Web Parts Will Make You Awesome! SP 101 (Dev)Building a useful web part in SharePoint can be fun and easy. Watch, listen and learn as we cover the basicsof building your first web part. Don’t worry well cover how to setup the project, connect your developerenvironment and get you on track to being awesome.James Sturges – Driving SharePoint User Adoption with Custom Branding Development (200) DesgnrThis session will focus on customizing the SharePoint application to improve the end user experience whilemaking SharePoint more enjoyable to work with. Custom application branding and UI improvements aresome of the simplest ways to encourage user adoption of SharePoint. The more familiar a site looks withcolors and logos, the more comfortable a user will feel getting to know the ins and outs of SharePoint. Thissession will concentrate on: * Writing a custom SharePoint branding code solution to automatically applyyour corporate brand * Best practices around deploying custom CSS styles and master pages * Cross sitecollection global navigation for all intranet portal sitesExamples from the presentation demo and starter source code will be provided along with branding “tipsand tricks” quick reference guide will be provided for attendees.Ravi Patil – Introduction to SharePoint 2013 App Model SP 101 (Dev)Apps for SharePoint is the new and recommended model for developing functionality in SharePoint 2013.This session will provide an introduction to this new development model and will include severaldemonstrations of how to build a variety of SharePoint Apps using both Visual Studio 2012 and NAPA, aweb based Office 365 development tool.Jerry Charikofsky – Improving SharePoint 2013 Search to Produce Meaningful Results (200)The release of SharePoint 2013 has provided numerous enhancements and improvements to the product.One of the major enhancements is the evolution of the search service provided with SharePoint 2013. Inthis session we are going to explore some of the features included with the latest release of SharePointsearch including: * The new search architecture and what it means for your organization – FAST andSharePoint search combined to make the best of both worlds. * Search engine changes – includingoptimizations and changes to the keyword query language (KQL). * New options for crawling content –keeping data fresh. * The use of Analytics within the search engine – how the search engine makes use ofboth content and user actions to identify what information may be more relevant to users. * The newContent Search Web Part – one of the really neat new features of SharePoint 2013 that allows us toaggregate content that meets certain criteria or parameters -- the Content Query Web Part of the searchworld. As part of the session we will examine new ways to present search results (no more XSL!) to ourusers, as well as explore the code necessary to create and produce a custom display template. We willcomplete the session by creating a sample intranet site that uses the new search tools to present timely,pertinent information without the user ever typing in a keyword.
  3. 3. PrasannaAdavi –Real World Project/Resource Mgmt with SharePoint and Project 2013 (200) (BIZ User)Commonly presented solutions for using SharePoint as a project management solution stop at creating aplace to list all tasks, Documents etc., and track them. However, the real world is not so simple and willrequire much more than that (think, for example, resource management). * This session will discuss how toyour organization can ‘share’ the SharePoint environment with your PMO, using SharePoint and MS Project2013 (that your project Managers usePrasannaAdavi - Reports, Dashboards, and All That Jazz (200 Level) (End User)Somebody famous once said, “If you want a promotion, build your boss a cool dashboard”. It is true.SharePoint is often used to gather massive amounts of data, but it is often not a straight forward path foran end user to create the reports his/her manager needs. This session will cover how end users can buildtheir own reports and dashboards in SharePoint and Project Server 2013, so that they can supply theirmanagers, PMOs and project managers with the information needed to make business critical decisionsAlex Randall – When and When NOT to Use the SharePoint 2013 App Model (300) DevThis discussion based session is targeted for developers who are familiar with custom solution developmentwith Visual Studio. The new App Model for SharePoint 2013 is a major shift in how we develop certain kindsof solutions for SharePoint. This session will talk about when to use it and when not to use it. We will coverexisting scenarios in SharePoint 2010 and how they map to SharePoint 2013 with the new App Model. Letsbreak through the marketing and get the facts in an easy understand way.LewinWanzer - Notes From the Field: Common Customer Mistakes (300) MSFT PFE |General SessionIn giving risk assessments at Microsoft over 85% of the customers I visit have these same common mistakesin their SharePoint 2007, 2010, and 2013 configurations. This topic is beneficial so customers can be awareof these common misconfigurations that create unstable environments.Jody Sandswisch / Stuart Bailey -Building comprehensive Out-of-the-box SharePoint SolutionsHow to apply basic process engineering, systems engineering and Project management principles andleverage the out-of-the-box SharePoint capabilities to design solutions that support business functions. *What objectives will you prove via technical demo to your audience ? How to identify and capture businessprocesses, scope out and define business requirements, map process findings and business requirements toSharePoint capabilities, design the solution using best practices, and develop a project plan that phases inrequirements, capabilities and change management while establishing and managing stakeholderexpectations.David Patrick – Building Visual Web Parts (200) DevIn SharePoint 2010, Web Parts are an essential component of ASP.NET technologies used to presentdynamic information to users and are arguably the most common customization created for SharePoint. Inthis presentation, we discuss and demonstrate how to build a web part using Visual Studio 2010 and itsvisual design tools. Well create a visual web part and use LINQ to SharePoint to retrieve data from aSharePoint 2010 list to be displayed in our new visual web part. Well then build and deploy our web part toa SharePoint site to see it in action!Patrick Curran – Workshop: Upgrading Your SQL SharePoint Environment (Session 1) 400 LevelIn this session you will learn how to take your current content in your SharePoint 2010 / SQL environmentand upgrade it into a SharePoint 2013 / SQL 2012 Always On environment. You will also learn about logshipping and Always On for disaster recovery to a Continuity of Operations (COOP) environment. Portionsof this topic will be taken from chapter 8 of Microsoft® SharePoint® 2013: Designing and ArchitectingSolutions, which Patrick authored.
  4. 4. Patrick Curran: Workshop Session2:Performance, Load, and Stress Testing Your SharePoint EnvironmentIn this session you will learn about the differences between Performance, Load and Stress testing yourSharePoint environment. The session will have a walk through on how to get your current environment’sworkload, how to set up testing, and show how to read your farm’s performance. Portions of this topic willbe taken from chapter 11 of Microsoft® SharePoint® 2013: Designing and Architecting Solutions, which heauthored.Adam Levithan -Achieving Buy-In Across Your Organization (200) GovernanceCollaboration, as we know it, is focused on encouraging interaction between individuals and teams withinan organization to make it successful. Projects tasked with applying this cultural shift into an integratedtechnical solution, however, usually start with a much narrower focus. Sponsored by executives, managers,IT, front-line staff or a combination of several stakeholders, these projects rarely have simultaneous buy-infrom all. This session explores the adoption strategies for each type of stakeholder not originally vested inthe projects, presents shortcuts for identifying value, and provides a roadmap for integrating features inSharePoint to enhance your long-term strategy.D’arce Hess - Branding 101: Concept to Production SP 101 DesgnrIn this session, we will go through the vital steps you should take starting with the creation of the initialwireframes and mock-ups on to the creation of page layouts and master pages. You will learn what designfeatures to take into account when creating a Publishing Site versus a Non-Publishing site and the planningprocess for both. If you are excited about beginning your first SharePoint branding project, this session willgive you tools, examples and a strong planning foundation so that you will be able to move forward with aquality site and avoid coding and design mishaps along the way to your vision of SharePoint.D’arce Hess –Intro to SharePoint 2013 Design Manager SP 101 DesgnrDesign Manager is a new feature, available in SharePoint 2013, which will allow SharePoint Designers tocreate and work directly with design files and master pages without needing the background knowledge ofa SharePoint Developer. In this session, we will review each of the steps involved in creating and branding aSharePoint Publishing Site in SharePoint 2013 using Design Manager. Users will learn tricks to uploadingtheir design files, the creation of master pages and page layouts and a walk-through of the dos and don’tsof Design Manager. If you are looking to take the first step to branding your SharePoint 2013 site, thissession will give you the time-saving tools and techniques to help you move forward.Toby McGrail – Installation and Configuration of the SharePoint 2013 App Store (300) AdminThis session provides a step-by-step walkthrough of the Administrative aspects of the SP 2013 App Store.Installation and Configuring the App Store -Its not as easy as adding a service application and database. *Learn how to create the Service Application * Configure the DNS entries that you need in order to get it towork. * Seeing the App Store Work in a Live EnvironmentGary Blatt – Administering Office 365 In the Cloud SP 101 Admin, SPOnlineSharePoint administration has its own challenges. Administering it in the Cloud is both easier and lesscomplicated. We will take a look at the reduced SharePoint interface for administering SharePoint and learnhow to work round some of those limitations. The Cloud is coming, are you prepared?
  5. 5. Michael Mukalian SharePoint 2013 and SkyDrive Integration SP 101, General SessionSkyDrive Pro is SkyDrive for the Enterprise Business User, and thats where the similarities with theconsumer-oriented SkyDrive end. Microsoft is using the SkyDrive moniker as a way to describe the sharingof content from the cloud to your local machine, and in this case, the cloud is your companys SharePoint2013 implementation. Today well have a discussion and walkthrough of how SkyDrive Pro fits inSharePoint 2013 and how it can be used to synchronize content, not just from your SharePoint 2013 MySite, but from all over your SharePoint implementation, to your local device.Eric HarlanWorkshop: Real-Time Upgrade of SharePoint 2013 400 LevelIn this session, Eric Harlan will lead a Real-time demo of upgrading SharePoint 2010 environment toSharePoint 2013. He will explain how PowerShell eases automation of the upgrade process, and deliver BestPractice recommendations.Eric Harlan - Workshop: Real Time Upgrade of SharePoint 2013 Service Applications 400 LevelIn this session, SharePoint Service Applications will be upgraded in a 100% demo lead session fromSharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 platform. Eric will lead active Q&A regarding Service Applications andBest Practices for successful upgrade.Liz Killian -Mega Menus for Internal Team Site Navigation (200) AdminBubble up internal content for an IT team by categorizing information from your site into a mega menu *Informational taxonomy can be fun * Site collection owners can do it * New employees can more easily findinformationNagi Mei – Managing SharePoint Implementations Using Microsoft Project (200) BIZ USER* What is the main takeaway from your session?o Using a project schedule to track progress o Using aburn rate chart to track costs * What objectives will you prove via technical demo to your audience?oAligning/mapping the agency’s project goals from the SOW to a project schedule o How to schedule aproject from start to finish * Which audiences would benefit from this session? o Project managers, Self-Managing techniciansKevin Vieira – SharePoint and jQuery SP 101 DevJQuery is the currently seen as an effortless and direct way to solve SharePoint problems. Most peoplejump into JQuery without really weighing the options and knowing what JQuery is all about. What is thereal story with JQuery and SharePoint? Should you implement it?Scott Brewster – Document Management 101 – SP 101Libraries are not the new network shares if you do them right. You will see how to set up your contenttypes correctly so that everyone can take advantage of them the right way. This is good for everyoneworking with document libraries, from the end user to the developer, by helping you think of yourdocuments differently.Scott Brewster – Best Practices for SharePoint Permissions Management - SP 101Have you ever looked at the permissions for a site and seen a long list of names with limited access? Haveyou seen a library with nested folders, broken inheritance on them, and no way to tell who can really seewhat? We are going to go over the best practices for assigning permissions.
  6. 6. Steve Mann – Enterprise SharePoint 2013 Search Overview (200) , IT Pro, DevThis session will dive into the new features of SharePoint 2013 Search and answer questions regardingprevious versions of SharePoint Search and how they compare with Enterprise Search in SharePoint 2013.Steve Mann – Integrating Business Connectivity Services with Search(200) IT Pro, DevThis session demonstrates the creation of an external content type and the integration of this data intoSearch. It provides and end-to-end scenario exploring result types, display templates, managed properties,search result pages, and search navigation along with the refinement and sorting of the external datasearch results.Jerry Yasir – Workshop PowerShell 3.0 400 LevelIn this 400 level workshop session, we’ll first explore the new features of PowerShell 3.0 and how thosefeatures can make the management and automation of SharePoint 2013 easier and more efficient. Afterattending this session you will learn how to use SharePoint to aid their deployment and upgrade processes.We will see live examples of creating service application, web applications and site collection usingPowerShell. We will also see how you can write and debug script using PowerShell Integrated ScriptingEnvironment. You will leave this workshop able to write PowerShell!