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Case Study: Fifty & Five & Sprout Social


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This case study looks at Fifty & Five, an agency in LA & Orlando that uses Sprout to strategize & manage social activity for dozens of clients. Read their success story!

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Case Study: Fifty & Five & Sprout Social

  1. 1. CASE STUDY Fifty & Five + Sprout Partner to Offer Data-Driven Social Strategies for Agency Clients Fifty & Five, a full-service social media agency, simultaneously handles the social strategy and day-to-day management of more than two dozen different brands. With so many clients and projects to juggle, they turn to Sprout Social to help streamline team processes, guide social content creation and merchandise results to their clients. 1.866.878.3231
  2. 2. Quick Facts Identify New Opportunities The Fifty & Five team uses Sprout’s suite of features – including the discovery and analytics tools – to hone in on opportunities for their clients to better engage with fans. The teams: • Utilize the Smart Inbox to act as the eyes and ears of the brand and pick up on brand mentions happening throughout the social sphere. • Create brand keywords to identify social conversations that are Regional Offices Los Angeles & Orlando adjacent to, not just directly mentioning, their clients’ brands – thereby widening their audience and sphere of influence. • Use reporting features to identify spikes or dips in conversations, 2009 Launched 25+ Clients explore the reasons for those changes and lay the foundation for opportunities. Guide Content and Strategy Fifty & Five relies on Sprout’s reporting and analytics to identify trends, inform client strategies and shape content development. Specifically, they are able to: • Use the Smart Inbox and Discovery to uncover social dialog and craft content that further feeds conversations and increases engagement activities. • Rely on Sprout for monitoring and reporting, so the Fifty & Five team 15 Sprout Users at Agency can focus on data analyzation, strategic recommendations and building relevant content. • Spot spikes in engagement from specific countries - something their global clients appreciate - which informs not only social strategy but potential business opportunities. • Employ Sprout’s proprietary ViralPost feature that dictates best times to publish content in order to gain the highest level of engagement among fans and followers. 1.866.878.3231
  3. 3. Highlights Merchandise Social To Clients 3.7M Sprout’s detailed yet straightforward analytics make it easy for the Fifty & Five team to translate the results of their social efforts into clear, concise and digestible reports. Specifically, Fifty & Five is able to: Social Messages Tracked Annually • Add a layer of strategic credibility by providing real data, valuable insights and actionable recommendations to their clients in real time. 1.3B Social Impressions Garnered for Clients • Trust the Engagement Report to showcase how well each brand communicates with their customers, responds to requests and answers questions in a timely and efficient manner. • Access all information quickly, efficiently and in real-time, so teams can turn around results for their client at a moment’s notice - a crucial capability in the high-pressure agency world. 29 • Generate unlimited, visually appealing and presentation-ready reports for client meetings and executive level conversations. Facebook Pages Attached to Sprout 27 Twitter Pages Attached to Sprout Sprout’s suite of collaboration, engagement, and analytics tools strengthen Fifty & Five’s ability to actively manage networks, monitor and engage in conversations, and deliver exceptional customer experiences for their clients each year. Learn how Sprout can help compliment your agency’s social efforts and increase engagement at