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How to Create a Content Strategy for Your Employee Advocacy Platform

How to leverage content and employee advocates to improve internal communications and also gain thousands, if not millions, of free, trusted impressions.

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How to Create a Content Strategy for Your Employee Advocacy Platform

  1. 1. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar Employee Advocacy Content Strategy
  2. 2. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar Welcome! Greg Tirico Senior Manager, Advocacy Solutions and Services Sprout Social Stephan Hovnanian Content Solutions Architect Sprout Social
  3. 3. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar Agenda 1. Why content strategy is so important 2. Content types and content channels 3. Content mix 4. Volume and segmentation 5. Sourcing content 6. Automation and workflow ideas 7. Performance tracking 8. Your questions
  4. 4. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar “Success in #employeeadvocacy starts with a relevant and valuable experience for your employees.”
  5. 5. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar Content strategy: Why it’s so important
  6. 6. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar Why you need a content strategy According to the B2B Content Marketing 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America survey, published by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs: • 53% of the most effective marketers have a documented strategy. • 40% of the least effective marketers have no strategy at all. • B2B marketers allocate 28% of their total marketing budget, on average, to content marketing. The most effective allocate 42%, and the most sophisticated/mature allocate 46%. • More than 50% of B2B marketers plan to increase their content marketing budget.
  7. 7. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar 4 Parts of Content Strategy: Types, Channels, Segments, Sources
  8. 8. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar Content types and channels Content Types • Brand • Recognition • Job Posting • Industry • Thought Leadership • Event Content Channels • Company sites • Social media posts • 3rd party websites • Internal
  9. 9. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar Content Types - Examples • Blog post (Brand) • Customer shout-out (Recognition) • Promo video for upcoming webinar (Event) • Monthly column by VP on industry website (Thought Leadership) • Useful tip article related to your services (Industry)
  10. 10. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar Content Channels - Examples • Company sites (Bambu blog) • Social profiles (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) • 3rd party websites (influencers, industry, advocates) • Social publishing (LinkedIn, Medium) • Internal (email, memo)
  11. 11. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar Mix and Match • Recognition + Social • Recognition + 3rd party website • Brand + Company website • Brand + Social • Industry + 3rd party website • Industry + Social publishing • Event + Social • Event + Company website
  12. 12. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar Content mix
  13. 13. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar Why you need a content mix • Avoid “company mouthpiece” perception • Build employee authority • Halo effect for brand • Keep employees engaged
  14. 14. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar The right content for each network Twitter: Job postings, Events, Brand Recognition/Thought Leadership Facebook: Job postings, Events, Brand content LinkedIn: Job postings, Events, Brand Recognition/Thought Leadership, Brand content
  15. 15. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar 4 Parts of Content Strategy: Types, Channels, Segments, Sources
  16. 16. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar Why you need to segment content • Distributed administration • Relevant content feeds for employees • Limited time or limited scope initiatives
  17. 17. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar Segmentation ideas • Program administrators • Executive team • Business unit • Localized (Language, Geography) • Event related • Verticals • Subject matter expertise • Program ambassadors
  18. 18. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar Volume targets • Starting point: 40 stories/month • Increase for socially-active teams • Increase when internal content needs rise • Increase/Decrease based on feedback • Decrease before a large publicity event • Decrease when onboarding new cohorts
  19. 19. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar Managing volume – Starting off • No teams = Everyone sees same content = 10 stories/week • As you add segments, your total story needs increase • Manage the volume with distributed administration
  20. 20. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar Managing volume – Expand to 4 teams 30 stories/week • 5 “team” stories x 4 teams = 20 stories • Plus 10 “everyone” stories • 10+5 = 15 stories per person 25 stories/week • 5 “team” stories x 4 teams = 20 stories • Plus 5 “everyone” stories • 5+5 = 10 stories per person
  21. 21. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar 4 Parts of Content Strategy: Types, Channels, Segments, Sources
  22. 22. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar Typical Content Sources • Industry and Influencer sites • Social - brand profiles, curator profiles & industry hashtags • UGC – social love, workplace culture, trade shows • Company sites - website and blogs • Your PR team • LinkedIn Publisher / Medium • Google Alerts, Listening services
  23. 23. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar Automation and workflow
  24. 24. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar Bambu Automation
  25. 25. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar Workflow Automation • Blog posts • Brand twitter • Filtered event hashtags TIP: Triage outside Bambu
  26. 26. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar Performance tracking
  27. 27. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar Website Analytics Use campaign tracking tags to give attribution to employee-shared content
  28. 28. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar Content Analysis Combine tags to check volume levels
  29. 29. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar Content Analysis Check view counts for internal stories
  30. 30. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar Content Analysis Check sharing breakdown to see where content resonates most with your employees.
  31. 31. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar User Analysis Are the 3 KPI’s going up over time? Which teams are most engaged? Which teams might need training or a gentle reminder about expectations and participation?
  32. 32. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar General Performance Is sharing distributed or concentrated around time of email digest?
  33. 33. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar General Performance What networks are doing the best?
  34. 34. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar What to do next (before our Q&A)
  35. 35. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar What to do next Everyone • Make a list of your content sources • Make a list of what you can automate • COMPLIMENTARY GIFT! Use the Content Strategy template worksheet we’re sending you Bambu customers • Set up tags to mirror content strategy • Set up teams consistent with your segmentation strategy
  36. 36. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers
  37. 37. @stephanhov @GregTirico @BambuBySprout #BambuWebinar Thank you!