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10 Ways to Engage on Facebook


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Use these 10 tips to learn how to use Facebook and improve engagement with your audience. Adopt these Facebook tactics to maximize your brand’s social reach and create authentic, lasting customer relationships.

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10 Ways to Engage on Facebook

  1. 1. TIP SHEET 10 Ways to Engage on Facebook Adopt these Facebook tactics to maximize your brand's social reach and create authentic, lasting customer relationships. 01 Use Catchy Cover Photos 02 Focus on Quality Posts 06 Enable Wall Posts Posting too frequently can actually reduce the likelihood you will appear in fans’ News Feeds, so concentrate on quality to boost your engagement. 07 Mix and Match Content 03 Set Your Targets 08 Get Back to Business 04 Keep It Brief 09 Highlight Third-Parties 05 Be Present 10 Humanize and Have Fun It is the first image your fans see, so select a professional cover photo that represents your brand and entices at the onset. Use Facebook’s post targeting options, like city and language filters, to personalize and increase relevancy for a subset of fans. No need for lengthy intros, keep your brand’s ‘About’ section short and provide contact information or website so people don’t have to dig for it. Continually respond to comments and wall posts to show current and potential customers that you’re listening and willing to participate in conversation. Learn more or sign up for a FREE 30-day trial: Nothing says “we don’t care” or “we’re not listening” like not allowing your fans to post to your wall, so keep the lines of communication open. Don’t be afraid to take risks, simply test different types of content to see what resonates then adjust as necessary. Determine your business goals for social, and then post digestible and shareable content that aligns to those goals. Share useful news, tips, and information from other sources—it shows you’re informed about your industry and not solely self-promotional. There are always people behind the pages, so show your true colors and you’ll better create and better connect with advocates and evangelists. 1.866.878.3231