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xAPI 101 - webinar slides


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This is a non-technical overview of xAPI (also known as ExperienceAPI and TinCan). xAPI is a powerful new way to record learning but its flexibility can also be confusing. This webinar demystifies what xAPI is and how it can be used.

In just presentation, you’ll learn:

= What xAPI is
- What a Learning Record Store is
- How a traditional Learning Management System can work with a Learning Record Store
= How learning designers can use xAPI to transform the learning impact
- The link between xAPI and learning analytics
- How to plan your first xAPI driven project

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xAPI 101 - webinar slides

  1. 1. Robin Petterd Founder of Sprout Labs, host of the Learning While Working podcast and virtual conference
  2. 2. Sprout Labs builds digital learning platforms that enable you and your team to author, deliver and measure high impact digital learning ecosystems.
  3. 3. Making it easy All our clients get an Learning Record Store if they want Glasshouse is drive by xAPI xAPI forms in Glasshouse Help you manage your data Journeys in Glasshouse Personalisation using triggers in Glasshouse Do more with your data Using machine learning with xAPI Sprout Labs and xAPI
  4. 4. • Virtual conference • The Learning While Working podcast • The blog • eBooks • The recordings of past webinars Other content from Sprout Labs
  5. 5. We are working and living in a period of time that is becoming data-driven
  6. 6. In L&D we are not good with data
  7. 7. What is analytics? The analysis of data - looking for patterns and relationships To do this we need to be working in data rich environment
  8. 8. Would you use a phone from 2001? SCORM 1.2 was released in 2001 - it’s old technology
  9. 9. How is xAPI different to SCORM? It’s a more flexible and detailed way to explain learning Data can from come from beyond your LMS
  10. 10. Why have some LMSs have been slow to add xAPI?
  11. 11. What is xAPI? A place to store data It’s a way of explaining learning It’s a way to communicate between systems Statement Learning Record Store Text format called JSON Application Programming Interface
  12. 12. What does this mean for learning? Potential outcomes You can get detailed information about what a learner is doing You can 'design' what data you are collecting Enable sophisticated learning analytics and new data driven approaches. It doesn't have to be data from an LMS Your learning is not restricted to your LMS - it’s a part of the eco-system
  13. 13. xAPI in action Learning Record Store A Learning platform e.g Glasshouse A traditional LMS e.g Totara
  14. 14. It’s flexible - but don’t reinvent the wheel
  15. 15. { "actor": { "name": "Sally Glider", "mbox": "" },
  16. 16. { "actor": { "name": "Sally Glider", "mbox": "" }, "verb": { "id": "", "display": {"en-US": "experienced"} }, Use existing verbs There is a list at
  17. 17. { "actor": { "name": "Sally Glider", "mbox": "" }, "verb": { "id": "", "display": {"en-US": "experienced"} }, "object": { "id": "", "definition": { "type": "", "name": { "en-US": "Solo Hang Gliding" } } }, Use existing Activities There is a list at
  18. 18. { "actor": { "name": "Sally Glider", "mbox": "" }, "verb": { "id": "", "display": {"en-US": "experienced"} }, "object": { "id": "", "definition": { "type": "", "name": { "en-US": "Solo Hang Gliding" } } }, "context": { "instructor": { "name": "Irene Instructor", "mbox": "" }, "contextActivities":{ "parent": { "id": "" }, "grouping": { "id": "" } } },
  19. 19. { "actor": { "name": "Sally Glider", "mbox": "" }, "verb": { "id": "", "display": {"en-US": "experienced"} }, "object": { "id": "", "definition": { "type": "", "name": { "en-US": "Solo Hang Gliding" } } }, "context": { "instructor": { "name": "Irene Instructor", "mbox": "" }, "contextActivities":{ "parent": { "id": "" }, "grouping": { "id": "" } } }, "result": { "completion": true, "success": true, "score": { "scaled": .95 } } } Use existing profiles There is a list at ofiles
  20. 20. Extensions These are flexible Adding - team, location, manager, browser
  21. 21. Why vendors love xAPI 1. Because it’s a modern technology - it’s fast to work with 2. Its complexity means most L&D teams need assistance to implement it
  22. 22. Ways to generate statements Learning platforms Content authoring tools Custom integrations Some non-learning systems
  23. 23. Should be called a learning record log Most have visualisation tools Doesn’t manage learning Is not a portfolio of learning You need a Learning Record Store to get started
  24. 24. Managing learning using journeys
  25. 25. Choosing a Learning Record Store (LRS) 1. Do you want to do all your reporting in the LRS? 2. Where is the data being stored? 3. Do you need help from the LRS vendor for your project? 4. What are they like to work with?
  26. 26. Three options for Learning Records Stores This is what we use at Sprout Labs
  27. 27. We suggest you keep LMS and LRS separate Three LMSs that include a Learning Record Store
  28. 28. Working with a LMS and a Learning Record Store Content Traditional LMS xAPI launch - defacto standard Completion Why - provides you with rich detailed learner data
  29. 29. Connect sources to your LRS You need three things Endpoint - e.g. LRS user username/public id - 96640156bf17df3211d1663 LRS user password/private key - 99a2c93a929c1660b97fa1
  30. 30. How data focussed organisations are working with xAPI Business Analytics tools PowerBI Tableau Qlik Data warehouse
  31. 31. Learning beyond your LMS - other learning systems
  32. 32. Hospital 1 Hospital 2 Hospital 3 Sharing compliance data between hospitals Podcast: Using a Learning Record Store to share data between healthcare organisations with Robert LoPresti
  33. 33. Learning Experience Platform xAPI Apps
  34. 34. So what do can you with the data? - a few learning focused examples
  35. 35. Understanding how people are learning - Watershed’s case study on VISA
  36. 36. HT2 Semantic analysis A natural language model that has been trained to find different types of contributions Podcast: Automating learning and measuring social learning with Ben Betts Understanding what is working
  37. 37. How is a learner performing? An R&D project we are working on at the moment to predict learner performance
  38. 38. Beyond your LMS - non learning data e.g. business data, intranet
  39. 39. Data from our customer’s Net Promoter Scores is turned into xAPI statements This is a custom integration We correlate the NPS with learning activity in customer service related courses
  40. 40. Learning experience Performance supports on the intranet
  41. 41. Podcast: xAPI and Totara with Hamish Dewe
  42. 42. Intranet Personalisation using automations Someone visits a page on selection processes An automation is triggered to send an email message about the selection process course This is a piece of Javascript that generates the statement
  43. 43. Learning beyond your LMS - non digital learning
  44. 44. Learning beyond your LMS - non digital Integration Observe Record Heart rate monitor during a flight simulation sessions Recording using a checklist when different steps happened during a resuscitation simulation Employee logs The time a trigger was pulled on a firearm during a simulation Workplace assessments These examples are from the Learning Working Work podcast series on xAPI
  45. 45. Authoring the checklist Learning management system
  46. 46. What is the impact going to be? How are you going to measure the impact? What data will show that? Podcast: xAPI for instructional designers with Megan Torrance
  47. 47. I now think more about assessments On the job assessments Simulations Timed after learning
  48. 48. Integrating different sources Designing the statements Collect everything Technically the most complex Fewer more focused statements Often the only choice you have when working with an authoring tool Yet’s xAPI Adapter - converts CSV files to statements Glasshouse xAPI forms - Statement Builder Designing the data
  49. 49. Your first xAPI project
  50. 50. Just getting all your data into a Learning Record Store wouldn’t achieve much - it’s a stepping stone
  51. 51. B.A.D.I.R. 1. Business question 2. Analysis plan 3. Data collection - this is where xAPI sits 4. Insights 5. Recommendations Book - Behind Every Good Decision: How Anyone Can Use Business Analytics to Turn Data into Profitable Insight - Piyanka Jain, Puneet Sharma. Also presented at the 2018 Learning While Working virtual conference
  52. 52. Making it easy All our clients get an Learning Record Store if they want Glasshouse is drive by xAPI xAPI forms in Glasshouse Help you manage your data Journeys in Glasshouse Personalisation using triggers in Glasshouse Do more with your data Using machine learning with xAPI Sprout Labs and xAPI
  53. 53. Dr Robin Petterd M: +61 419 101 928 E: If you want to talk xAPI and how use the xAPI to enable learning ecosystems and become data driven please get in contact. Our next webinar will be on learning analytics