eLearning - Branching Scenorias


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Slides from the ElNet Webinar - The easy way to design branching scenarios

Branching scenarios are a great way to create realistic and active learning, but they can often be difficult to design. Sprout Labs is developing a new tool for creating branching scenarios called Stem-Builder. This session is all about sharing the process we have developed for designing branching scenarios. This process is inspired by processes used in games design and can be applied to most eLearning development software.

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eLearning - Branching Scenorias

  1. 1. Branching Scenarios Sprout Labs helps organisations to transform the way they learn and perform. http://www.sproutlabs.com.au
  2. 2. I’ve got this online coursein mentoring skills to do.How am I meant to be ableto do that?
  3. 3. It’s got to be self paced andcheap to make.
  4. 4. Choose Your Own Adventure was one of themost popular childrens series during the1980s and 1990s, selling over 250 millioncopies between 1979 and 1998
  5. 5. Goal of training is to help us makebetter choices to be more effectiveemployeesKirstie Smith
  6. 6. Branching ScenoriasText & Quiz 3D Worlds
  7. 7. http://www.sproutlabs.com.au/business-coaching-for-an-electrician/
  8. 8. This is great but I’ve got300 choices and 300 piecesof video to shoot.Can you help me sort thisout?
  9. 9. Storyworlds Who Rules Where Events
  10. 10. Events Learner Choice Major Conflict Behaviours - What the learners need to do
  11. 11. Events Learner Choice Major Conflict
  12. 12. Focus on where there is ambiguitybetween what a novice and expertmight choose to do
  13. 13. The Hero’s Journey Call to adventure Return Supernatural aid Threshold Guardians KNOWN UNKOWN Threshold (beginning of Atonement transformation) Helper Mentor Challenges and Temptations Transformation Revelation Helper Abyss Death & Rebirth
  14. 14. It’s getting better. But it’sstill really confusing.
  15. 15. The power of 3’s
  16. 16. 3 major branches Neutral Positive Negative
  17. 17. Minor branch Neutral Minor branch Positive Negative
  18. 18. Neutral Positive NegativeAllow movement between the branches
  19. 19. http://www.sproutlabs.com.au/telephone-counselling-simulation-for-lifeline-using-audio/
  20. 20. This isn’t getting any better.Now the client is rewriting it.
  21. 21. Read it out loud – roleplay it
  22. 22. Make feedback part of the interactionnot an added extra
  23. 23. Allow people to make the wrong choices
  24. 24. Ok now we just have 100segments of video to shoot.
  25. 25. Simple media is OK
  26. 26. Sound = emotion
  27. 27. Media
  28. 28. Toolshttp://www.klynt.net/ http://stem-builder.sproutlabs.com.au/
  29. 29. Wow, the learners love itand we are getting greatresults
  30. 30. http://stem-builder.sproutlabs.com.au/ http://www.sproutlabs.com.au robin@sproutlabs.com.au twitter: robinpetterd