A Lil Place Called Sprout


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Introduction to Sprout Strategy

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A Lil Place Called Sprout

  1. 1. Introducing: A little place called Sprout Germination Date: April 2007
  2. 2. A glimpse at what’s inside A little place called Sprout pg. 3 Here you’ll find out a little bit about why we created Sprout and our belief system A peek inside Sprout pg. 10 Meet the people that make Sprout, Sprout; and get a glimpse into who we’ve been working with and what we’ve been doing lately Working with Sprout pg. 22 The highlights of Sprout’s approach to brand cultivation 2
  3. 3. A little place called Sprout
  4. 4. A little place called Sprout Sprout is a BrandGrowth Boutique specializing in brands committed to making people’s lives better through health, wellness and sustainability. 4
  5. 5. A little place that cultivates brands We believe that great businesses blossom and grow from well cultivated brands. Approaching every brand and business opportunity from a very human perspective can make the difference between a brand that just survives, and a brand that thrives. From recruiting to research to brand strategy development to ideation and communication planning, each project starts by respecting and understanding the people who are going to make the biggest decision in whether your brand lives or dies - your buyer/consumer/shopper/customer… . . .because after all, it’s people -- their perceptions, values and behaviors -- that help create meaningful brands, not businesses. 5
  6. 6. A little place built on human sense We believe brands are born and grow from the passion, care and attention that can only come from what we call, human sense. Unfortunately, it’s all too often we forget about the impact people and their human sense can have on a business and its success, so we work particularly hard to ensure every aspect of what we do employs a human perspective, working to actually touch people, and learn from them on a “human” level. Through our 25 collective years of experience, working on a wide variety of business problems with clients such as P&G, Wrigley, Dial, White Wave Foods, Nintendo, PetSmart, The US Army, Unilever (Promise), Nike, Peet’s Coffee, and Coors, we’ve come to realize it’s people’s passions, and the tensions those passions create in our daily lives, that are the real drivers turning smart businesses into revered brands. And because this metamorphosis is so inextricably linked to the ever-changing dynamic of human sense, we believe it’s more important than ever to utilize creativity and ingenuity in order to uncover those important insights that can help us understand and navigate the volatile competitive and consumer landscape. 6
  7. 7. A place where human sense starts with our clients It means you will always get what we consider to be the three most important requirements for new ideas and insights: collaboration, creativity, and humility. You’ll find our approach and process is far from traditional, and even further from the expected “consultant” experience. We see consultants as those that pride themselves on giving you the answer. You know the ones. They walk into the room believing they’re the smartest one in it. This will never be the case with Sprout. Through years of working in many different ways with clients of all levels and a variety of different backgrounds, we’ve come to understand the best way to create the most motivating ideas for consumers requires a more collaborative relationship, one in which we all sit down and roll up our sleeves, one where we work to inspire and motivate each other, uncovering the answer together. So we think It’s probably best to think of us as coaches working side-by-side with you in an atmosphere that’s designed to cultivate inspiration and ideas for you, your team, your company, your brand, and most importantly, your consumers. In other words, we’re not churning out cookie-cutter focus groups or ‘fill-in the blank’ Brand Blueprints. With Sprout you’re getting dedication bubbling with creativity and a true desire to work with you to make a difference and help people live their best possible lives. 7
  8. 8. human sense permeates everything we do You’ll find this idea of human sense doesn’t just apply to what we believe, it drives everything we do with you, and for you… From how we run our business To how we build our teams To how we interact with research respondents To how we uncover insights and build strategies To how we develop BIG Ideas And how all that results in what a brand says to its consumers and what it does to create a lasting relationship 8
  9. 9. When all is said and done, Sprout is a little place that exists for one thing, and one thing only… to help people live their best possible lives 9
  10. 10. A peek inside Sprout
  11. 11. Let us introduce the core team Melissa Wilhelm Carrie Dolan Alison Billingsley Creator & Chief Cultivator CPO & Sr. Cultivator CRO & Assoc. Cultivator
  12. 12. The human sense within Sprout Melissa Wilhelm, Creator & Chief Brand Cultivator “Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a private investigator like Charlie’s Angels, but my career path took me in the direction of marketing and advertising, getting my start with KBCO Radio and The Colorado Lottery. Not until I went to the Miami Ad School to get my Strategic Account Planning Certificate did I realize there was an opportunity to actually realize my dreams. As a Senior Account Planner at Leo Burnett and the Integer Group, and a VP Account Planner at BBDO I worked to uncover the mysteries of why consumers do what they do and how brands can form stronger relationships with them for companies such as Coors, Nintendo, Airwalk, LifeSavers, Nike, Dial, P&G, and Unilever. Upon returning to Denver in 2007 I knew I needed and wanted more, I wanted take my creativity and innate ability to understand consumers and turn that into something that truly made a difference in peoples lives. At that point I knew it was time to try my hand at owning my own “Charlie Townsend & Associates” and Sprout began to take root.” 12
  13. 13. The human sense within Sprout Carrie Dolan, CPO & Senior Brand Cultivator “After 13 years in the advertising industry and reading one book, Marketing That Matters, I realized I want to be about more than great advertising, I want to help make (support) GREAT companies, companies that people actually love! Great companies whose values drive, and are at the forefront of, everything they do. I want to infuse my marketing know-how with greater purpose. And lucky for me, Melissa wants the same thing for Sprout… and she just so happened to be VERY open to the idea of having a “Chief Purpose Officer” come onboard to help her continue to further her vision. With Sprout I’m able to take the knowledge I’ve gained at the Integer Group and Gardner as an Account Manager and Director on Coors, WhiteWave Foods, and as Integer’s corporate liason for social responsibility and sustainability, and fuse that with my passion to bring clients solutions that go beyond their pocketbook and actually make a deep and meaningful impact in their lives.” 13
  14. 14. The human sense within Sprout Alison Billingsley, CRO & Associate Brand Cultivator Melissa invited Alison to join Sprout, not because of her marketing experience, but because she’s great at engaging people and getting them to talk to her about their most sacred secrets within minutes, which is exactly what Sprout needed in a Chief Recruiting Officer. “After 15 years of retail management I realized that running a successful business was really about the people who worked for me. I loved the challenge of finding the right people. Along the way I realized that sometimes it wasn’t necessarily those who were the most qualified that would be the best, but rather those who had the passion, those who wanted to do something a little more meaningful, those who believed they could make a difference. I apply this philosophy to every recruit we recommend to our clients, because most of the time it doesn’t matter how many times a week they use a certain brand, but rather the relationship they have with that brand and how they articulate their feelings about their relationship. Becoming a member of Sprout has meant I can continue this crusade of finding great people, those who can truly help us inform our clients and their brands. I’m proud to work for a company that implements a more human and real way of doing business.” 14
  15. 15. Our core competencies STRATEGY A collaborative approach to cultivating brand and marketing strategies Brand Blueprint, Portfolio Strategy, Big Idea, Creative & Contact Strategy Gem™ RESEARCH TRENDS IDEATION/ RECRUITING Non-traditional TRAINING Sprout Proprietary methodologies focused on Uncovering Applying Core process that finds cultural and innovative real people not illuminating approaches to respondent’s category insights professional focus through dialogue drive the creation group ‘human sense’ to of ideas and uncover honest, and observation respondents teams that make actionable insights a difference CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT PLAN BRAND IDENTITY Sprout + Partners CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT EXECUTION (Website, collateral, traditional & non- traditional communication, media buying, etc.) 15
  16. 16. The experience that got us here 16
  17. 17. What we’ve been up to lately 17
  18. 18. Working with Sprout
  19. 19. Our approach: Five distinct phases PARTICIPANT RECRUITMENT INSIGHT While the phases always remain MINING consistent, it’s the breadth, depth and techniques applied that BUSINESS/BRAND change based on the situation and STRATEGY opportunities facing the brand, the category, the consumer, or the company. BIG IDEA ACTIVATION 19
  20. 20. That does it! From all of us here at Sprout… Thank you for your desire to get to know us We look forward to the chance to be your Brand Cultivators, and the opportunity to help your consumers live their best possible lives. Melissa Wilhelm :: Creator :: 949/351.6559 melissa@sproutstrategy.com 20