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Sprinklr overview of Facebook Timeline


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Sprinklr explains recent changes to Facebook's Timeline for Brands and what it means for Social Media Strategists and Practitioners.

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Sprinklr overview of Facebook Timeline

  2. 2. THE TRANSITION FROM OLD TO NEWFacebook Timeline Pages give you more ability than ever before! You can now draw attention to points of interest and get your audience interested in your brand. New Features Include Cover Photos Pin Messages Highlight Messages Milestone Posts Flexible Post Management Time and Location Placement Activity Log4/11/2012 CONFIDENTIAL + NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION | © SPRINKLR, 2012 3
  3. 3. START WITH THE BASICSThe top of your Facebook Timeline Page is designed to garner interest in your brand Important and interesting information becomes highly visible atop your new Facebook Timeline. 1. Cover Photos – The large image now displayed at the top of your page should let people know what you’re about. Sprinklr will collect all reporting data related to this image so make it a good one! 2. Messages – Fans can now message your brand directly. The private messaging feature will be available on the Sprinklr Platform starting April 29. 3. Brand Features– This is where you’ll find all the Apps and descriptive information that used be on the left. 4. Friends – Users can now see which of their friends are also interested in your brand. 5. Pinned Posts – Bring the most important posts to the top of your post by Pinning them. Note: Messages must be pinned manually via Facebook on all Sprinklr posts pending Facebook API integration. 6. Timeline – Visualize your companies growth with this year by year break down.4/11/2012 CONFIDENTIAL + NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION | © SPRINKLR, 2012 4
  4. 4. GET YOUR POSTS NOTICEDTimeline makes it easier than ever to draw attention to important posts While some of these features are still pending integration with Sprinklr due to Facebook API restrictions, our robust posting abilities and current Sprinklr reporting data will be unaffected by the changes. 7. Navigation – Easily navigate your page by jumping from one section to the other or from one type of post to the other. Sprinklr’s Channel view will incorporate this new feature as it becomes available via the API. 8. Highlight – Enhance the amount of real-estate your more important posts get on your Facebook Timeline. Highlighting is available manually through Facebook on all posts published via Sprinklr and will not affect reporting. 9. Milestone – Let people know when important events in your brand’s history took place with Milestone posts. Not yet available in Sprinklr Landmark posts will be integrated as soon as they are available via the API 10. Hide unwanted posts – You are now able to to hide and unhide posts to your Facebook Timeline from your fans. This feature will be available starting April 29.4/11/2012 CONFIDENTIAL + NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION | © SPRINKLR, 2012 5
  5. 5. ADDITIONAL FEATURESThere’s a lot to the new Facebook timeline and we anticipate more to comeBelow are some of the other features available on the timeline Location – Find out who is coming by you office or stores Activity– Get a quick snapshot of what has been going on with your page Likes – Show your appreciation for other brands and pages by Liking them and displaying it on your timeline4/11/2012 CONFIDENTIAL + NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION | © SPRINKLR, 2012 6
  6. 6. KYLE KOCHACCOUNT SUPERVISIORkkoch@sprinklr.comDina BloomACCOUNT SUPERVISORdbloom@sprinklr.com4/11/2012 CONFIDENTIAL + NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION | © SPRINKLR, 2012 7