Take the Assessment: Ready to Scale Your Enterprise Social?


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Moving from a small team of social media practitioners to a global team comprised of multiple functions and divisions is a big step.

Based on Sprinklr's work with some of the world's largest, most social brands, we are sharing our experience for what are the key elements to successfully making the scale transition.

We hope this helps you as you plan your company's growth to become a truly Social enterprise.

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Take the Assessment: Ready to Scale Your Enterprise Social?

  1. 1. Ready to Scale Your Social Engagement?Here’s a quick assessment to help youdiscover where you stand.Enterprise Structure For Social Strategy 1. What kind of Corporate Social Team do you have? 4. How consistent is Social branding with overall (check all that apply) branding guidelines?o C-level executive with Social oversight -5 o Consistent - 5o Central Social and new technology task force - 4 o Somewhat Consistent -4o Dedicated team with one of more FTEs -3 o Inconsistent -3o nterprise- subject matter experts with E We do not have social branding guidelines -1 o social responsibilities -22. What kind of Corporate Social Strategy do you have? 5. hat of the following does your company currently have? W (check all that apply)o efined, Well Executed - 5 D Company-wide social goals - 5 oo efined, Not Well Executed -4 D o Company-wide training for social - 4o efined, Somewhat Executed -3 D o Formal social crisis plan and action log - 3o Undefined -2 o Procedures for handling social engagement -23. How is visibility managed across corporate Social HR policies -1 o social properties?o ull Visibility and Audited -5 F 6. For these policies, procedures and how much have o ull Visibility-Enterprise-wide -4 F they been adopted and enforced internally?o isibility-Business Unit Level -3 V o Existing, broadly adopted, strictly enforced -5o isibility-Team Level -2 V o Existing, broadly adopted, loosely enforced -4o o visibility -1 N o Existing, but not broadly adopted -3 o N/A - 0 cont’d. next page sprinklr.com
  2. 2. Ready to Scale Your Social Engagement? con’t.Existing Functional Capabilitiesof Your Social Tools1. MARKETING 3. CRISIS MANAGEMENT Does the Marketing team___________ (3 points for each) Does the team responsible for Crisis Preparation and Management do any of the following? (2 points for each)o ssociate every outgoing message with a campaign A and keyword(s)? o repare and deploy approved templates for enterprise-wide P coordinated response?o eport on campaign performance across all R social networks? o ffectively collaborate among multiple teams and track E resolution of each inbound message?o mplify social communications with internal A content suggestions? o Leverage workflows to ensure the appropriate teams review responses to sensitive and highly visible incoming messageso upport multiple social channels? So btain a universal view of your customer regardless of O o Automatically identify key influencers related to the issue? social network?o uild Social Applications for deployment on Web B or Social Platforms? 4. UMAN RESOURCES H Does HR____ (1 point each)2. USTOMER SERVICE AND FEEDBACK C o ecruit employees via Social Applications? RDoes the Customer Service Feedback group ____________ o Monitor compliance with corporate social media(2 points for each) policies and guidelines?o btain, route, and respond to customer inquiries via O o ctivity monitor employee discussion about the A Social Feedback Application? corporation online?o se automatic and manual workflow to route and U escalate messages? cont’d. next page o utomatically analyze sentiment, intent, and priority A of each social message?o ave a process for handing PII and other H sensitive information?o ategorize and report on incoming issue types C sprinklr.com
  3. 3. Ready to Scale Your Social Engagement? cont’d.5. SOCIAL GOVERNANCE 7. OBILE MCan Social Governance be Centrally Managed by _________ Can all elements of your Social Strategy be executed(3 points for each) from mobile platforms?o ssigning permissions to every person based on role, A o Yes (3) team, and responsibility from one place? o o N (2)o racking every interaction and all activity enterprise-wide? T o ot Sure (1) No emoving and adding new users to relevant social R properties from a central location?o reating templates for social apps with object and C RESULTS next page branding “lock down”?6. CALABILITY SCan the Enterprise effectively handle significant growthor unexpected spikes in messages by automating:(3 points for each)o he routing and scoring of all inbound social messages? to coring, ranking, and tagging of community members by s participation levels, influence, or custom properties?o orkflows based on business rules, internal roles, w and policies? sprinklr.com
  4. 4. Ready to Scale Your Social Engagement? con’t.RESULTSIf you scored…. 0-39 pointsYour Enterprise is Social@Scale Level 1 Maturity.Recommendation: A Social@Scale: Strategy Session to ensure the right framework is put in place now.40- 74 pointsYour Enterprise is Social@Scale Level 2 Maturity. You may be looking for an enterprise-wide solution.Recommendation: Review the “6 Must Haves for Every Enterprise Social RFP”.75-100 pointsYour organization is Social@Scale Level 3 Maturity.Recommendation: Allow us to feature you on SprinklrTV so other Practitioners can learn from your expertise. sprinklr.com