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How Cisco Manages Thousands of YouTube Videos from Hundreds of Contributors


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For large enterprises like Cisco Systems, managing social media contributors can be challenging. This case study examines how Cisco organizes thousands of YouTube videos from contributors across the world.

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How Cisco Manages Thousands of YouTube Videos from Hundreds of Contributors

  1. 1. e n a b l i n g l a r g e o r g a n i z a t i o n s t o b e S o c i a l @ S c a l e© S P R I N K L R , 2 0 1 3How Cisco Manages Thousands of YouTube Videos from Hundreds of ContributorsObjective: Governance, Conversions Solution: Social@Scale – MarketingREAD MORE...share with a colleagueThe StoryPerhaps this case study should be a YouTube video.According to Forbes Insight, 59% of senior executiveswould rather watch a video than read text, and 75%watch “work-related videos” on “business sites”at least once per week (strictly business videos, ofcourse).Savvy B2B marketers have taken notice of onlinevideo -- from 2011 to 2012, investment in video aspart of B2B content strategies jumped from 52% to70%; that’s only expected to rise in 2013.As the worldwide leader in business networkingsolutions, Cisco Systems was ahead of this onlinevideo adoption curve.“Video is a key driver for Ciscos online interaction --our audience enjoys and shares video content. In fact,viewers are twice as likely to engage with high-valueconversion activities on,” says LaSandraBrill.Online video is integral to the Cisco social mediastrategy; as early as 2010, the enterprise had over 300YouTube channels.The channels represented the hundreds of internaldepartments that published video content createdby various bloggers, consultants and subject-matterexperts to several different blogs. Cisco wanted toconsolidate that widespread content into the officialCisco YouTube channel, directing all traffic to relatedmaterial on the Cisco web site.Yet each department had unique objectives,messaging and needs regarding YouTube settings andpermissions that had to be honored.The challenge:• Merge all of Cisco’s contributors andcontent into one YouTube channel• Retain subchannels for sorting content fromvaried business units• Enable governance over all content, everyplaylist, and each user’s accesses• Power the posting of +1,000 videos per yearCiscos YouTube Channel: +40k subscribers, +6M viewsOne of Ciscos "Internet of Everything" video features
  2. 2. e n a b l i n g l a r g e o r g a n i z a t i o n s t o b e S o c i a l @ S c a l e© S P R I N K L R , 2 0 1 3share with a colleagueResults:• Over 1,800 YouTube videos posted, monitored and tracked inSprinklr• 199 Playlists Managed across Cisco properties• Administration and oversight of 200+ YouTube users• Local controls by department with user-by-user permissionsand rolesWhat Happened? The ResultsWith Sprinklr’s social relationship platform, Cisco hastaken full control of thousands of videos posted onhundreds of playlists and accounts.Using the same flexible Social@Scale platform thatalready enabled Twitter and Facebook managementfor several Cisco business units, Sprinklr developedand implemented a custom solution to buildhundreds of subchannels into the official CiscoYouTube channel.It’s a complex but fairly straight-forward structure.Each subchannel has its own playlist, nearly 200playlists in total. Every playlist is dedicated toan individual department. So each departmentretains local control of their content, with accountpermissions set on a user-by-user basis.Playlists are accessible to the Cisco audience fromthe branded channel homepage. Each playlist has itsown settings and permissions that can be customizedwithout affecting other playlists.This means that each department can publishcontent that supports their unique marketing agendawhile maintaining a consistent brand experience via the Cisco channel on YouTube. Commercials, industrystats and trends, product demos, interviews (customer, industry expert, internal SME), and events are all partof the marketing mix. Each video is delivered to the appropriate playlist, whether it’s a global release of aWebEx case study or a commercial in Portuguese targeted to Brazilian audiences.Today, Cisco’s main YouTube channel has over 38,000 subscribers; 50% more than its closest competitor.Not only is Cisco’s social audience five times more likely to click-through to a blog post with video, those whoview online video are 41% more likely to return to Viewers are also twice as likely to engage inhigh-value conversion activities on MORE...Global IP traffic projections from Ciscos VNI
  3. 3. e n a b l i n g l a r g e o r g a n i z a t i o n s t o b e S o c i a l @ S c a l e© S P R I N K L R , 2 0 1 3share with a colleagueWhat You Can LearnIt’s About Technology + Related ServicesSocial@Scale Technology: The enterprise-wide architecture ofthe Sprinklr platform enables large organizations to manage vastproperties from any supported social channel - including YouTube.Social@Scale Operations Framework: Sprinklr helps brands routemessages internally, manage workflows, and collaborate acrossdepartments while maintaining consistency and timeliness.Social@Scale Governance Framework: Oversee and manage hundredsof users within the Sprinklr platform, ensuring secure deployment ofsocial campaigns from any channel.See Ciscos YouTube Channel In Action