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Copy over look book


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Copy over look book

  1. 1. Word Agents on callWe use our love affair with words and language to create copywriting that is clever, inspiring and engaging - the key ingredients of great writing.
  2. 2. Sydney Festival Smoke & Mirrors After smash-hit seasons at Sydney Festival, Adelaide The Giacomo Variations Giacomo Casanova has a reputation as one of the2011 Sydney Festival Cabaret Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe world’s great lotharios, but his adventures outside in 2010, the phenomenon that is Smoke & Mirrors the boudoir were equally impressive – as writer, poet,program copy returns to the Festival Garden for more Spiegel-magic gambler, military officer, violinist, Freemason, prison in 2011. escapee and friend of royalty, popes and cardinals, as well as the founder of the French lottery. Smoke & Mirrors splices acrobatics and magic with dazzling cabaret and taut stomach muscles, creating It’s fitting then that an actor of equally exceptional a lavish and lyrical theatrical adventure. versatilities, John Malkovich, will portray the life ofBrief: We need you to find a iOTA’s deliciously unorthodox ringmaster heads up this master scoundrel of seduction in The Giacomotone of voice that will appeal a cast of curious characters, including a vaudevillian Variations. Fresh from its world premiere in Vienna,to our broad market, while tap dancer, a twisted chanteuse, bouncing rabbits, this staged concert features the work of two ofhighlighting the event line-up a sublime aerialist, a bewitching magician and a Casanova’s contemporaries, Wolfgang Amadeusand inspire people to participate. blistering live band, for a show that’ll blow your socks Mozart and his librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte. off. Malkovich will be joined on stage by actress Abandon the everyday and let yourself be seduced Ingeborga Dapkünaité, soprano Martene Grimson, by the fantastical Spiegeltent and the extraordinary baritone Andrei Bondarenko and the Sydney Smoke & Mirrors. Symphony, as he performs excerpts from Casanova’s 1790 memoir, Histoire de ma vie, interspersed with the music from some of Mozart’s most beloved – Don Giovanni, The Marriage of Figaro and Cosi fan tutte.
  3. 3. Events NSW The world’s spotlight shines on Sydney once again as Vivid Sydney unleashes its festival of light, music and • Macquarie Visions: Sydney’s most historic city streets and buildings come alive with light at thisVivid Sydney ideas across the city. illuminating copy Vivid Sydney brings together large-scale light • Fire Water: This breathtaking Bollywood-inspired installations and projections, music performances, performance by the harbour promises to wow the creative ideas, stimulating discussions and debates, whole family. showcasing Sydney as a major creative hub in the Asia-Pacific Region. • Song Summit: The music industry’s players connectBrief: We’d like our online during this creative conference while our finest talentcontent to be more than After attracting more than 200,000 locals and visitors performs at Song Summit Live’s nightly bill.informative. It needs to get last year, Vivid Sydney returns bigger and brighter inpunters out on to the streets. 2010, and, once again, kicks off with the lighting of the • Creative Sydney: Local and global industry leaders Sydney Opera House sails. This spectacular launch of explore the potential of our creative industries through the festival sees art and colour projected on to Utzon’s discussion, presentation and performance. iconic sails, transforming them into the world’s largest harbourside artwork. • X Media Lab: This ‘think tank’ event brings together the world’s leading experts in creative, business and There are 6 events as part of Vivid Sydney: technology fields to inspire our home-grown talent. • Vivid LIVE: A festival of music, film, theatre and visual arts co-curated by legendary rock icon Lou Reed and critically acclaimed artist and Laurie Anderson.
  4. 4. City of Sydney Public Art Over the last fifty years, Sydney has harbour foreshore, the playful temporary Art & About played host to intriguing, and sometimes confronting art in public spaces, with sculpture still strikes a chord in the minds and hearts of all who viewed it. 2010 program exhibitions and installations that Puppy was brought to our city by John make us see ourselves and our city in Kaldor’s Kaldor Public Art Projects, which feature article new ways. Sarah Norris takes a closer each year invites celebrated artists look at Sydney’s public art scene, with like Koons to exhibit in sites around annual events such as Art & About Australia. Sydney now playing an important Brief: Bring the story behind part in the creative life of our city. This year, in addition to new public art projects to the forefront Kaldor projects in three states, Kaldor of the program and encourage It’s almost impossible to resist a is collaborating with Art & About Sydney, the community to seek out the puppy’s charm. Particularly when it’s City of Sydney’s annual celebration of works throughout the festival. a 12.4-metre high terrier made from a public art, to bring 100 photographic breathtaking bouquet of living flowers. images of Sydney faces to City street banners. This unique exhibition shows Jeff Koons’ jumbo topiary toy, entitled us our city in all its diversity and acts as a Puppy, not only dazzled us with its mirror to the countless people who pass whimsy, it also told a unique story, through the city each day. brought art to the masses and scared the hell out of regular sized dogs Sydney-wide. Installed in the of 1995/6 in front of the MCA on Sydney’s
  5. 5. Australian Longrain: Thai In a world that celebrates all things new, Longrain’s Lochiel House: Modern Australian Located in the foothills of the Blue Mountains, LochielGourmet Traveller 11-year reign at the forefront of Sydney’s dining scene House’s casual, welcoming dining room is presided is testament to the smarts of chef Martin Boetz. Well- over by co-owner Monique Maul, who, with ebullient2010 & 2011 balanced dishes bursting with flavours and textures, wait-staff, delivers some of the region’s best service.Australian Restaurant addictive Thai-spiced cocktails and a fun party vibe It’s an ideal setting for chef Anthony Milroy’s locally have kept the restaurant’s communal tables and bar sourced, produce-driven food.Guide review copy bustling with satisfied customers. An entre of fluffy goat’s cheese, parmesan and chive Perhaps it’s the signature dishes that keep them soufflé is delicate, while the ceviche of scallop with coming back. The delicate eggnet, woven egg strands jamón Ibérico and finger lime, tomato and roe is silky draped over hunks of pork and prawn, bean shoots and zesty. The house-made potato bread with olive oilBrief: We want to direct our readers to and peanuts, and the bite-sized betel leaves are and rosemary butter is a show stopper. The mains arethe very best restaurants in Australia, still ordered by the truckload. So, too, is the salad fussier – although the edible flowers and the celeriacand we want to help them get the best of organic duck breast – all crisp skin and succulent and Fontina millefeuille aren’t Milroy showing off; heout of these restaurants. meat balanced by sweet fish sauce, tart pomelo and leaves that for his desserts. an ambrosial hit of ginger and coriander. A lemon-scented bavarois is balanced with Finish with a dessert of black sticky rice, mango and raspberries and lemon verbena syrup, and the creamy banana custard and a glass of gewürztraminer from chocolate-encased mousse is a jumble of crunch, the well-realised wine list. warm centres and cold ice-cream. Well worth a
  6. 6. Introduction Our workFred Hollows The aim of The Fred Hollows Foundation Style Guide We are an international development organisationFoundation is to help achieve consistency and lift the impact of collaborating with international partners to published external communication material. overcome avoidable blindness everywhere, andStyle guide copy The Style Guide establishes and reinforces the brand, with organisations in Australia to realise the right of Indigenous Australians to good health. key messages and guiding principles of The Fred Hollows Foundation’s communications, outlining Guiding communication principles use of photographs, logos, writing style and sign off The key to effective communication is impact. The procedure. Foundation’s strongest branding tool is the strategicBrief: The style guide has to be and consistent use of key images, messages andsomething our staff read, notplace their morning coffee What does The Fred Hollows documented quotes from Fred himself, as theon top of. Foundation do? following outlines. Our inspiration We are inspired by the life and work of Professor Fred’s approach to communication Fred Hollows was one of the country’s great Fred Hollows (1929 - 1993), an eye doctor, a skilled communicators. As a highly respected Australian surgeon of international renown and an activist for ophthalmologist and a dedicated humanitarian, he will social justice. Fred Hollows championed the right of always be remembered as a compassionate man of all people to high quality and affordable eye care and action, with a charming larrikin edge, always direct in good health. his approach. Our vision The Foundation’s communication reflects Fred’s We see a world in which no person is needlessly blind persona by being bold, direct and inspiring. and Indigenous Australians exercise their right to health.
  7. 7. A feast of fashion may lead to starvingSony / Yahoo!7 Crowds will roar when Aussie designers take claims not a single plus-size model has been hired forEvents calendar to the stage, but will they still clap when bones the festival. snap? The Federal Government recently set down Whether you’re into cutting edge couture or street- regulations for the fashion industry, designed to smart threads, the crème de la crème of home-grown promote healthy body image. However, complianceBrief: We want to launch our fashion will be unveiling its best in show at the Sydney with the regulations is voluntary so we’re likely toSony and Yahoo!7 cross- Rosemount Fashion Festival this August. still see just as much rib as couture on runwayspromotional events calendar nationwide.with informative and entertaining Despite the glamour, the world of fashion has neverarticles surrounding key events. been without criticism. After fur coats in the ’80s and Australia’s Next Top Model contestant, 18-year-old the use of sweatshops in the ’90s, the hot topic in the Alice Burdeu, created her fair share of controversy noughties has centered on skinny models. If looking at when the 6’1”, 57.5 kilo participant appeared on the some of the near-skeletal frames sashaying down the show. Critics have slammed the Foxtel network for catwalk leaves you wondering when their last meal allowing her to participate in the contest, saying her was, you’re not alone. weight is sending the wrong message about body image to young girls across the country. Sydney agency Big Gals Models staged a protest after the Rosemount Australia Fashion Week in May of this Concerned parents described Burde as “looking like year, saying the fashion industry still hasn’t gotten the she has come from a concentration camp” and are message that big is beautiful. Disappointed with the angry she may be seen as a role model. industry’s handling of the issue, the agency
  8. 8. How it’s doneJo Scard,Strategy consultant Home Having worked in key political roles in the UK and in Australia, Jo knows first-hand how ministers and theirMarketing & website copy Behind every great piece of advice stands a brilliant advisors think. strategist. Enter Jo Scard. Leveraging this knowledge, Jo can deliver strategic In a new political world it’s crucial to understand political advice, allowing you and your business to the new players. Navigating the evolving political build strong, long-term relationships with key decision- environment, Jo can anticipate government relations makers.Brief: I’m launching my business andwebsite and need you to define concerns and futurecast government and social media trends. Aboutwhat I do and find my tone of voice.I need your words to help me brand my With her previous unique role managing complex Jo Scard brings global experience as a strategicbusiness. Senate negotiations across all portfolios, Jo advisor. understands how to build a consensus across all parties and cross-bench MPs around challenging In Australia she played a unique role in advising the issues. Rudd and Gillard Governments in key strategies, managing complex Senate negotiations across As a former senior political advisor to the Rudd and all portfolios. As a consultant at world-leading Gillard Governments and the British Labour Party, public affairs agency Gavin Anderson, Jo advised political television journalist and strategic counsel to domestic and offshore governments and major global corporates and not-for-profits, Jo understands how corporates on complex strategic communications to achieve desired public policy outcomes and has a issues. depth of knowledge not found elsewhere.
  9. 9. Virgin Atlantic Finding a virgin in gay Sydney is practically a mission impossible unless, of course, you’re talking about the Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class experience is fit for a queen. Between their seductive flatbeds, a freedomClubhouse world’s funkiest airline. menu – eat what you want when you want – an on- demand entertainment system and a sit-down bar,promotion copy Virgin Atlantic is an expert in getting gay peeps and you’ll be livin’ la vida diva all the way to the arrivals the straights that love them out of Oz and off to Hong gate. Kong and London daily, aboard their fleet of über-cool aircraft. At extravagant lounges in both Departures and Arrivals at key international airports, passengersBrief: We know how awesome It’s not only Virgin Atlantic’s dedicated Premium can expect to find luxury showers, massages andour Club House lounge is and Economy Class and award-winning Upper Class full breakfasts. And when it comes to their Heathrowwant everyone else to as well. that sets these guys in a league of their own. It’s that Clubhouse, spray tans, massages, haircuts and world-famous Virgin service and those small extras treatments treat the body while a spa pool, an a la that make your first time and every time thereafter carte restaurant, a cinema, a roof top garden and chill- unforgettable. out areas soothe the soul. It’s not uncommon to feel a little sad when it’s time to board your flight! Virgin Atlantic’s Premium Economy is perfect for those of you looking for that little bit extra. With dedicated Virgin Atlantic seriously is the only way to fly. Jump on check-in (yup, no queues), Champagne on arrival, to to find a fare that suits. dedicated cabin, crew and rest rooms, an upgraded meal service, a nightcap of Baileys or Scotch and a seat as big as any business class, travelling Premium Economy is just, well, premium.
  10. 10. Verity Firth MP Help us spend $300 000. You decide!Electorate campaign “$300,000 can go a long way with organisations that contribute to our community. Together we can decidecopy how the money is shared.” - Verity Firth MP how to voteBrief: To deliver a communitycampaign with warmth, integrityand enthusiasm, that inspires 1. Log on to to participate. 2. Find out more about who has applied for funding 3. Share your 5 votes across the various projects. You can give 3 votes to your favourite project. 4. Stay tuned to see how the projects benefited.
  11. 11. Sydney Gay Harbour ’10 You don’t have to be a size queen to admit Sydney what you got amongst your queer peers. There will be plenty of budgies smuggled and a few low hangers in& Lesbian is big on amazing views. This outdoor dance party along the stunning shore of Sydney Harbour leaves boardies for good measure, so prepare to get wet and wild at Sydney’s queerest pool party.Mardi Gras our international visitors speechless for a change and puts this party on the world map. DJs Wayne G, Paul Fair DaySydney Mardi Gras Heron Paul Goodyear and Kitty Glitter are only the Think of Fair Day as fabulously gay love child of the beginning of what’s in stall for Harbour ’10, so bookguide 2010 copy early or you’ll cry till at least mid April if you miss out Easter Show and Christmas Day. This much loved community event features old favourites such as the on this spectacular event. rip-roaring Dykes on Bikes display, queer tug-of-war and of course, Doggywood for gay parents of every Parade Carnival breed of stud and bitch. Plenty of stalls make for someBrief: Throw some spirit Get yourself well lubricated for the Mardi Gras Party excellent shopping and sensational food and earlyfingers into Sydney’s most a week early with Carnival, the festival’s brand new birds get to score a shady spot under a tree.colourful festival. event. Carnival kicks off after the last sequence of the parade hits the street, and swings open the doors of Mardi Gras Party 2010 the Show Ring, Dome and Forum at EQ Moore Park The gay mothership of dance parties is about to land for an after party like no other. on queer Sydney. Shimmy, shake and occasionally grin with gay pride as a stellar line-up of DJs Pool Party (including French favourite David Guetta, Dirty’s Whether you’re sporting a six pack or letting it flow Mandy Rollins and queer Sydney’s sexiest spinner naturally, a little furry or waxed within an inch of your Sveta) work the decks for your unstoppable pleasure. life, the Mardi Gras Pool Party is your chance to flaunt It’s 10 hours of partying not to be missed!
  12. 12. Capricorn Who is CIPL? relationship of a true partnership. It’s something that comes naturally to us.Investment Welcome. It’s great to meet you A great financial plan means a secure futurePartners Limited At Capricorn Investment Partners Limited we are the first to admit the world of financial planning Think of a financial plan like a map that pin points where you are now, takes into account your currentFinancial services and investment advice can be daunting and often confusing. situation and gives you a strategy that will navigatebrochure copy you toward your goals. Here’s our inside tip - it doesn’t have to be! We know it’s easy to get lost in what an investment While it should be written so you can achieve your company has to offer, which is why we have kept financial and lifestyle objectives, it also needs to be our ethos simple. We place great value on our solid designed in a way that can help you prepare for theBrief: I would like to see the reputation and are proud to be your planning partners. unexpected.corporate lawn speak mowed That’s why a good plan takes time to develop and isback to its grass roots. That’s it. We don’t need bells and whistles to dazzle reviewed from time to time as your situation changes. you, we simply rely on our integrity and experience as the foundation of our business, and look forward to More than just a planner working as your partners in planning. While being your perfect planning partner is paramount to us, we also look at our clients as We are proud to offer solid financial advice to our friends. At CIPL we treat and manage their affairs with clients and treat our dealings with them as healthy integrity, honesty, fairness and great objectivity. relationships. Unlike many companies in our field, our service goes beyond your portfolio and reflects the
  13. 13. COPYWRITING TONE OF VOICE ONLINE PRESS TEAMAs copywriters we like Tone deaf? You can’t CONTENT RELEASES Andrew Georgiou Sarah Norristo blow our own horn... afford to be Website substance Two hats, we’ve worn Man on the ground Woman in the knowAnd it’s our business to blow yours Tone of voice is the language an over style them both Andrew’s background is as Sarah Norris has been reportingeven louder. organisation uses to establish its eclectic as Madonna’s leotard from some of Sydney’s most Sure, your website may be able At Copy.Over, we see every collection. As sections editor for exciting newsrooms and media brand and character. Put simply, to stream the filmic triumphs of banal press release as a wasted Time Out Sydney magazine he has outlets for ten years. As associateWhether you require website it’s the way your audience hears Akira Kurosawa in a 30-second opportunity. We understand how written engaging product features, editor for Time Out Sydneycontent, direct marketing material, and, consequently, sees you. Flash montage while triangulating to make a press release sing and consumer-savvy brand reviews magazine and as editor of Drumquirky bios or even a corporate Without the right tone of voice even the GPS location of your nearest know the pitfalls to avoid - like and fearless celebrity interviews. Media, she has written extensivelyDear John letter, we can provide the most established company can vegan café, but are your words and never letting your audience slip into as an authority on music,customised and clever copywriting find itself lost in translation. communication letting you down? a PR-induced coma. Combine this with his experience entertainment and lifestyle.that will effectively communicateyour message. After all, perception is everything, Are you confused by Search in copywriting, tone of voice and Engine Optimisation and how to Instead, we deliver concise, delete- company branding with Sydney- She even donned a Chanel knock- isn’t it? achieve it? proof press releases that will based agencies XXVI and Happy off suit for the corporate mediaWe understand that words, when articulate your message, sell your Soldiers, Andrew brings a unique sector, The Australian Financialused effectively, can be the Enter Copy.Over. Using our product and make your job just that edge and diverse experience to Review and Property Australiabackbone of your business. Which extensive copywriting and little bit easier. any copywriting project. Magazine, as well as copywritingis why getting your communicationspot on, first time, is as important journalism skills, we can transform for B2B publications. Needless to dull online text into elegant and Hey - it’s the least we can do. say, Sarah knows great the quality of the product orservice you represent. And let’s witty prose and increase theface it, you don’t want to blow it. volume of traffic to your website.
  14. 14. Sarah Norris Andrew GeorgiouWoman in the know Man on the ground0414 487 499 0405 491 andrew.georgiou@copyover.netStudio 1, 94 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW