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About spring web solutions pdf


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About spring web solutions pdf

  1. 1. About  Spring  Web  Solutions    Spring   Web   Solutions   (Spring)   delivers   quality   web   solutions   and   consulting   services   to   corporate  organisations.    The  company  was  founded  in  2010  by  Patrick  Rohr  and  Malcolm  Bull.  Between  them  Patrick  and  Malcolm  have   over   15   years   of   web   based   strategic   &   project   planning,   graphic   design,   programming,   search   engine  marketing,  project  management,  and  database  management  experience  having  worked  with  a  number  of  large  web  based  design  &  marketing  agencies  and  businesses  in  the  UK,  USA  and  Europe.  In  addition  they  have  acquired  extensive  business  knowledge  in  many  industries.    Spring   runs   a   project   based   strategy   to   ensure   focus,   quality   and   value   for   money.   We   are   customer  focused,  work  to  ‘best  practice’  procedures  and  communicate  effectively.    The Spring Best Practice Method1
  2. 2.  Examples  of  recent  and  current  work  created  by  Spring  Web  Solutions                     Jako  Industries  Pty  Ltd (work  in  progress) APPEA  –  WA  Onshore  Gas (work  in  progress)    Art  of  Giving  (   Aquarius  Platinum  Limited  (                       Magabala  Book  (work  in  progress)   Envoy  Australia (                     Emerald  Oil  and  Gas  (   Ebony  C  Cosmetics  (  2