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Flipbook_Zhuo Sun


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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Flipbook_Zhuo Sun

  1. 1. Teens on SmartphonesPhoto credit: saulhm (Pixabay)
  2. 2. Photo credit: Alton (Wikimedia Commons)“Todays teens have grown up online - andonline increasingly means via a smartphone.”
  3. 3. Photo credit: Ragesoss (Wikimedia Commons)“aged 18 to 29, send on average 109.5texts a day, or approximately 3,200messages a month.”“They receive an additional 113 textsand check their phones 60 times in atypical day”
  4. 4. Photo credit: PierreSelim (Wikimedia Commons)Cellphones to teens are “serving morethan just a utilitarian purpose”
  5. 5. Photo credit: Bob Jones (Wikimedia Commons)“Young people are now so addicted to theirmobile phones it feels like they have lost alimb when they are without them.”
  6. 6. “70% of teens actively seek to hide theironline behavior from their parents”Photo credit: Jemal (flickr)
  7. 7. Photo credit: lamdogjunkie (flickr)Sometimes, the teens would want someprivacies and get away from parents.
  8. 8. Photo credit: Marisa Ravn (Wikimedia Commons)“Many other parents are, obviously, concerned as wellabout what their teens are doing online, but also what isbeing done to them.”
  9. 9. Photo credit: CarbonNYC (flickr)“how parents should handle technology inthe hands of their teens, especially youngerones just entering the frenetic world ofsocial networks and smartphones.”
  10. 10. Photo credit: Wetsun (flickr)Should the parents allow their children to havethe hand on smartphone and set a code ofconduct at the same time?Or just not at all…
  11. 11. Photo credit: Shezamm (flickr)
  12. 12. Photo credit: (flickr)“constantly checking for messages isan addiction which like other drugscan ruin your personal relationships”
  13. 13. Photo credit: UN Photo/Logan Abasi United Nations Development Programme(Wikimedia Commons)“A majority of youngsters claim losingtheir phone would be "disastrous to theirsocial lives".”
  14. 14. Photo credit: Muffet (flickr)Parents thinks that “Keep your eyes up. See theworld happening around you. Stare out awindow. Listen to the birds. Take a walk. Talkto a stranger. Wonder without googling.”
  15. 15. Photo credit: heliosphan (flickr)However, “many parents dont have the know-how, stomach, time or interest in actively guidingkids when they first jump into digital life. ”
  16. 16. Photo credit: Deborah Austin (flickr)Some unfortunates may happen ifparents are too strict on the teens…
  17. 17. Photo credit: trix0r (flickr)“two girls, ages 15 and 16, used a prescription sleepingmedication recently to spike the milkshakes of ones parents sothey could log onto the Internet after 10 p.m.”
  18. 18. Photo credit: Zarateman (Wikimedia Commons)Maybe we should just goback to the old times…
  19. 19. Photo credit: Shareheads (flickr)What should we do about teensconstantly on smartphones?
  20. 20. Photo credit: GFDL (Wikimedia Commons)Not just the teens, we all need to findthe balance between the virtual worldand the real life.
  21. 21. CreditsAll images are licensed under the CreativeCommons Non-Commercial Share-Alike 3.0agreement and sourced from flickr, wikimedia,and Pixabay
  22. 22. Sourceso