Spring Masters Canada Worker Testimonies (Unedited)


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Interested in Making $100 to $500 A Day This Summer?? Spring Masters Canada is Ontario's #1 student employer. Every year hundreds of college, university and high-school students join our team of high-energy Total Outdoor Property Specialists (T.O.P.S.) who provide top-quality home maintenance services to residential property owners across Ontario.

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Spring Masters Canada Worker Testimonies (Unedited)

  1. 1. Spring Masters Canada Worker Testimonies (Unedited) Interested in Making $100 to $500 A Day This Summer?? Spring Masters Canada is Ontario's #1 student employer. Every year hundreds of college, university and high-school students join our team of high-energy Total Outdoor Property Specialists (T.O.P.S.) who provide top-quality home maintenance services to residential property owners across Ontario. For some people, working at Spring Masters is just another summer job that happens to pay very well -- for others, it is a life-changing experience that will help them find success the rest of their life. Skeptical about these claims? Check out the following authentic testimonials from former and current staff of Spring Masters Canada...they speak for themselves! Keston Ross (Waterloo Location) Spring Masters Canada has given me the ability to achieve greater success within my life due to the importance of individual and team goal-setting within the company. I have found that new recruits to the company may find their performance on the job to be discouraging thus making it hard for them to visualize and set any individual goals, let alone team goals. These individuals are quick to verbalize complaints and often feel that Spring Masters is a scam - when they are only scamming themselves. They are quick to cut themselves short of their own true potential by giving up after the first few shifts, scamming themselves out of their own time. Meanwhile during the time that these individuals are underestimating themselves, Spring Masters makes constant efforts to motivate each and every one of these individuals in an attempt to reveal the great success that people can have within the company. I am a Spring Master and...Master of MY LIFE thanks to Spring Masters Canada. I will never forget that fact. Kevin Parent (Ottawa location) I am writing this testimonial in response to a lot of the unfounded and ignorant complaints which have surfaced about Spring Masters Canada over the last couple of years. Spring Masters offers a rare opportunity to not only advance your bank account but to advance your growth as an individual. In my time with the company, not only have I made money, I have learned more about my strength of character than I thought I ever could. Let me first off state right away that I started off as a skeptic. I too saw the ads proclaiming "Make $500 a Day!!" and right away thought this was a scam. There was no conceivable way that I could make that much money working as a rookie
  2. 2. in a company I knew nothing about. And you know what? It's true. I didn't make $500 a day every single day…sometimes I made much more! Now, I won't go ahead and say that I made a minimum of $500 every day - not at all. I had some bad days in there. I mean, let's face it: the law of averages has to catch up with all of us eventually and, yes, I did leave work some days having made next to nothing. But you know what? I did not leave work on any of those particular bad days having not been given lots of money; I left work having not made that much money. You see, I truly think that is the reason why so many people have made complaints about Spring Masters in the past. Spring Masters has in it an inherent quality that allows you to either achieve great success or to fail. But the trick is this: it's up to you to choose your path. Spring Masters allows you to rise up to your own potential. If you are someone who thinks that they are entitled to success or should be led around like a child and be given money just for showing up that morning, then you will ultimately fail. However, if you are a person who shows up to work every morning knowing that they must work harder than they have ever worked before and that they must strive for each and every dollar they make that day, then you will succeed. Let's face it - most of the claims of Spring Masters being a scam come from those who worked for a day (if they even survived that long) and made no money. These people then quit (yes, once again they chose to leave; as I said before, you choose your future at Spring Masters) and went online to cry about how absurd it is to go to work and not make any money. But let's really stop and examine that one for a moment. Prior to Spring Masters, I worked in the service industry for quite some time. I started out as a bus boy, then worked my way up to being a bartender (which I did for many years…it paid my way through school) and then ultimately wound up in management. Over the last few years, I managed a sports bar and live music nightclub and a premium lounge. And in almost ten years of the service industry, I have never been a stranger to going home with money that I earned. However hard I worked that night, however many people I went the extra mile to serve well, that all added up to that much more money in my pocket. I have always preached that to the staff who worked under me as well. "Bring up your stock value", I said. I told them that they would ultimately get paid for their worth. If they worked hard, they would get paid well. If they did not work as hard as they possibly could, they would make nothing…and I would ultimately terminate them for being unproductive. Spring Masters Canada gives you the opportunity to explore your potential. Yes, it is very hard work. For those who don't know, you spend your days going door to door, selling various property maintenance services. It is difficult work, both physically and mentally (selling services door to door is difficult work regardless
  3. 3. of what you are selling). Once I was good enough, I earned the right to work alone (much harder, but again, you make more money). Do you know how hard it is to push a heavy sealing cart all day and go door to door by yourself? In 35 degree heat? Well, let me tell you….it's very very hard. But I have never experienced a greater test of my character. It took everything I had not to just sit down in the shade and wait to be picked up. But that's the challenge. That's the source of all the complaints about Spring Masters. That's the source of the so- called scam. The Spring Masters philosophy is simple; so simple in fact that most people look past it and don't understand. If you have what it takes to work hard, you will make more money than you ever have before (keep in mind, I left a management role in a downtown Ottawa nightclub to come to Spring Masters). However, if you choose to be lazy, if you spend your day complaining, if you blame everyone else but yourself, then you will fail. In the end, all I can say to sum it up is this: Spring Masters Canada is not for the weak of character. Heck, you can be physically weak and still do well. It's all about your mental strength. If you can keep your eyes on the goal (of making money and getting through the day), then you will succeed. And succeed you will, more than you ever have before. For the record, I am now entering into my second year with the company and I will be doing so at the management level. That's right folks. I came to Spring Masters Canada in June of 2009 (the work season started in April), worked as hard as I could until the season ended in mid September and was offered a management role for the 2010 season. That in itself should speak volumes about what kind of company Spring Masters is. You are paid for your worth. I worked less than one season with the company and I am now being rewarded with a management position. After less than one season! Now that's a reward for my worth that I defy you to find anywhere else. So, as I stop my rant, all I have to say is this: Spring Masters Canada is a demanding, vigorous and exceptionally challenging job. If you have what it takes, you will do well. If you do not have what it takes, you will not last. But just remember this: if you do not excel in this job, the fault is not with the company. Please accept that maybe this job just wasn't for you instead of blaming everyone else and posting said remarks on the internet. The first time that you look into yourself and admit that you were not able to achieve a certain goal (instead of making excuses for why it wasn't your fault), you will come out of that experience stronger than you could possibly imagine. "I define insanity as doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting to get different results" -- Albert Einstein
  4. 4. Murray Mavis (Ottawa location) Working for Spring Masters Canada is a great experience. It keeps you in great shape over the summer, will develop your sales and interpersonal skills and will pay you the most money of any un-skilled work ever! This job comes with hard work and long hours but you get paid great for it & they teach you the rest. I'd never sold a thing in my life before working here. I made over $800 for one 12hr day of work. This job depends on you as a worker. Your supervisor isn't going to make you money - you decide how much you're going to earn and then go do it. If you're looking for a job to coast at and have someone hand you money, this isn't for you. If you're willing to work a full day and have sweat dripping down your back, then this is a job where you can excel and reap the rewards.