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BamBam! understands that every team has members of different roles and work styles and let them adjust itself to their needs and preferences. Meet the family:
Add Chime for time tracking and see the real cost behind your work. Turn on Springloops and enjoy the fastest source & deploy on the market. Everything fully integrated.
chime™ - Time tracking for people with skills, springloops™ - Version control with deployment tools.

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BamBam! Collaboration Tool for Pros from 84kids

  1. 1. BamBam Collaboration Tool for Pros BamBam Collaboration Tool @springloops @DoBamBam @ChimeTracksTime
  2. 2. BamBam Collaboration Tool for Pros Streamline Your Workflow Forget digging through your inbox, tossing emails back and forth, and searching your hard drive for a previous version of a mockup. With BamBam!, you can completely streamline and efficiently organize your workflow. Get everyone on the same page at the same time, all courtesy of one slick software application. @DoBamBam @springloops @ChimeTracksTime
  3. 3. Increase Productivity Imagine having one central location for all your mockups, comments, milestones, deadlines, feedback, and more. It's all possible (and then some!) thanks to the powerful collaboration tool BamBam!. By unifying every member of your team into one all-knowing tool, you'll make collaboration tremendously easier, saving you precious time and getting your project to the finish line faster! @DoBamBam @springloops @ChimeTracksTime
  4. 4. Real-Time Alerts Worried you might miss an upload or a comment and effectively blow your deadline? No need to panic. With BamBam!, you get real-time notifications, alerting you to any new uploads, comments or messages. Or if you'd prefer, you can elect ot receive daily emails, summarizing all notifications of the day. @DoBamBam @springloops @ChimeTracksTime
  5. 5. Customized Workflows No two companies are the same, just as no two projects are exactly identical. That's where BamBam! really shines as a tool. You can easily design a custom workflow that fits the best possible way your company and teams work. @DoBamBam @springloops @ChimeTracksTime
  6. 6. Create Profiles and Groups With individual profiles and various groups, you can easily manage your team. Set up and accurately distribute various roles to each team member. @DoBamBam @springloops @ChimeTracksTime
  7. 7. Tiered Permission Levels Want some members to have access to various sections, while keeping them from others? Just set up different permission sets and your admins can maintain complete control over sensitive areas like unfinished mockups, revenue numbers, etc. This is certainly a useful feature when you want to share a project with outside vendors or clients. @DoBamBam @springloops @ChimeTracksTime
  8. 8. Agile Environment With the ability to set up all sorts of milestones, you can split up a larger project into a number of smaller ones. That helps your team focus in on what's important right now so they can get to the next step much faster. Teams can also use estimations to help manage their projects in either Scrum or Kanban styles. @DoBamBam @springloops @ChimeTracksTime
  9. 9. Targeted Updates Members can view personalized tasks on their stream, helping each individual prioritize and plan out their day. Smart updates reduce confusion and bring the big picture down into focus. @DoBamBam @springloops @ChimeTracksTime
  10. 10. Robust Search Capabilities Search for specific tasks or members easily with a highly customizable search. Filter results by various categories to find the answers you really need faster! @DoBamBam @springloops @ChimeTracksTime
  11. 11. Testimonials from Twitter Excited to try BamBam with our team of designers! Elan Kaney Best Online Project/Task Management Tool/Software Ronggur Habibun Can you say project management? Wow, the things creatives could do with this...  Kevin Calderon @DoBamBam great job with all of the #84kids products Toms Rits @DoBamBam @springloops @ChimeTracksTime
  12. 12. BamBam Collaboration Tool for Pros BamBam! allows people of different roles and work styles to collaborate better. Go! Create a free account! @DoBamBam @springloops @ChimeTracksTime (no credit card required)