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South korea group of springhill tonybricks edublogs


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South korea group of springhill tonybricks edublogs

  2. 2. China And The Dual Use Scam:SouthKorea Group of Springhill April 26, 2012: The United States is openly accusing China of supplying North Korea’s missile program with components and technology. This may have something to do with intense effort to recover components of the failed North Korean rocket launch on April 13th. The debris of the rocket fell into shallow water off the west coast of South Korea. Russian, Chinese, and American ships, and perhaps submarines, also joined the search. South Korea called off its search on the 17th but the U.S. appeared to be continuing. The water where the debris fell is no deeper than 100 meters (310 feet), making it easy to search for and recover parts of the rocket. If some of those recovered components can be identified as Chinese there could be problems. .continue reading
  3. 3. South Korea Group of Springhill : Omaha TimeCapsule: Church hit by explosion What happened in the Midlands on this day? Here’s a sampling from the World-Herald archives. ST. PETER’S CHURCH HIT BY EXPLOSION March 31, 1936: Dozens of windows were shattered in surrounding buildings and a number of persons were knocked off their feet by a terrific blast in the boiler room of St. Peter church. Firemen think gas accumulated in the flue, ignited and exploded. No damage was done to the furnace and boiler. Carl Schrattenberger, engineer, who was firing the boiler at the time, escaped without injury. He was hurled 15 feet. Persons in the vicinity said a huge cloud of smoke rolled out of the chimney. The force of the blast was felt up to six blocks away…continue reading
  4. 4. China’s Export Machine Goes High-End 1. Chinas Export Machine Goes High-End 2. From its sprawling manufacturing base deep in China’ssouthwestern Hunan province, some 100 kilometers fromwhere Mao was born, construction-machinery maker SanyGroup plans to take on the world. While workers in blueoveralls and yellow hard hats crawl over huge mobilehydraulic cranes and cement mixer trucks in a gleamingfactory, Sany President Tang Xiuguo sits in his expansiveoffice nearby, discussing the opening of Sany factories inBrazil, India, and Alabama, as well as the soon-to-be- completed $475 million acquisition of Germany’sPutzmeister, the world’s largest maker of cement pumps.The bespectacled Tang, one of four founders of the 22-year-old company, aims to lift overseas sales, now some5 percent of its $16 billion revenue, to up to one-fifth ofrevenues within five years..continue reading