Group of springhill south korea the laziest scams in internet history


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Group of springhill south korea the laziest scams in internet history

  1. 1. Group of Springhill South Korea The Laziest Scams in Internet History Springhill Care
  2. 2. BusinessWeek Articles – LIFESTYLE - A certain “SehwanJung” in South Korea has been sending a number ofdesperate requests for funds over Twitter: “I am in urgentneed of money. Can you lend me 500,000 dollars?I will makeit up to you later.” A diabolical plot, indeed, though Mr.Jung’s scam is unlikely to work. For one, people can seeeverything someone sends on Twitter and quickly realize he’ssent the exact same message over and over. For another, heis tweeting almost exclusively to celebrities, includingChanning Tatum, Rosario Dawson, Carly Simon, journalistNicholas Kristof (who today sarcastically answered, “Sure!”),and the foreign minister of Bahrain, Sheikh Khalid binAhmed Al Khalifa and Group of Springhill South Korea.
  3. 3. “Now this one is a real winner,” says Dan Ring, aspokesperson for Boston-based data protection companySophos. “Sehwan Jung’s list of celebrities is almost asentertaining and as random as his actual request, andit’s one of the more optimistic requests out there. I hopethere’s no way someone will fall for this.” The “Sehwan gambit” joins the following examples asone of the laziest scams in Internet history. • “JOHN” fails to mention what he even wants to conyou out of:Subject: what are you saleGreetings,My name is JOHN, i am highly interested inbuying your{ what you want to sale } from you ,I willlike you to give me the FINAL ASKING price and thelastes condition,also i will like you to scan the pics forme for proper verifycation.
  4. 4. • This scammer doesn’t even attempt to establish a personalconnection before offering $18 million:Beloved,I am Elizabeth Etters, a Christian.I picked your email randomlyfor an inheritance of $18M. Please contact me for more details via[redacted]. • One malware attack came in the form of a bogus Christmascard—sent on March 19:Date: 2010-03-19 09:27:15“You have just received a Christmas greeting card! To see yourcustom card and who sent it, please check the attachment.”
  5. 5. • In this excerpt, one “Professor Farnsworth” selectsyou to survive a man-made black hole:“… The truth is that this experiment that CERN areconducting is extremely dangerous, and could causeglobal disaster. This experiment has a 95% of causing ablack hole, thus swallowing a large area of the planet.The scientists do not want you to know this as theyknow it will cause panic. However, I can help you.I am arranging for a number of selected people to beevacuated to a safe location on an island in the SouthPacific via aeroplane. You have been selected fromrandom to take part in this evacuation, thus continuingthe survival of the human race …”
  6. 6. • African prince scams are so tired. This reward isallegedly offered by England’s royal family:250,000.00 Pounds has been awarded to you From theQueen Elizabeth’s Foundation ,send us your:-Names___Address___Tel____Country__