Revison 2nd term


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Revison 2nd term

  1. 1. I ..Choose the right answers:1. She wants ________ cooking oil.A. a box of B. a dozen C. a bottle of D. a bottle2. Her mother is going to buy ________tea.A. a tube of B. a packet C. a packet of D. a kilo3. I ‘d like ________ chocolate.A. a can of B. a kilo C. a box of D.a box4. Lan wants ________eggs.A. a kilo B. a dozen C. a dozen of D.a can of5. We want ten ________ rice.A. a dozen B. kilos C. kiloes of D. kilos of6. She wants ________beef.A. a half kilo of B. a half kilo C. half a kilo of D. half a kilo7. ________ I help you ?A. Do B. Would C. Can D. Am8. How ________ eggs do you want ?A. any B. much C. many D. some 9..How __________sugar does she need ?A. any B. much C. many D. some10. I ‘d like a ___________ of lemon juice .A. bottle B. cup C. glass D. box
  2. 2. 11. She eats ___________of bananas .A. many B. some C. a lot D. lot12. I don’t have ______ apples but I have _____ oranges .A. any_ any B. any _ some C. some _ any D. some_ some13. ________rice do you want ?A. How B. How many C. How much D. What14. ________is the chicken ? _ 70,000 dongs.A. How much B. How many C. Which D. How15. _________bananas do you need ?A. How B. How many C. How much D. What16. How much rice do you want ? _ _______________A. Yes , I do B. A kilo C. Ten thousand dongs D. There is a kilo .17. I am ________ . I ‘d like some noodles .A. thirsty B. hungry C. tired D. full18. I am ________. I ‘d like some water.A. thirsty B. hungry C. tired D. cold19. _______would you like ? _ Some orange juice , please.A. Which B. What C. How many D. How20. ________ does she feel ?A. When B. How C. Where D. What
  3. 3. 21. There aren’t ________ apples on the table.A. any B. some C. a D. an22. There is _______ water in the bottle .A. any B. some C. many D. a23. Is there ________ milk in the glass ?A. any B. some C. many D. a24. I am not hungry ________I’m thirsty .A. and B. with C. but D. too25. I feel tired ; so I’d like _____________A. some noodles B. a hot drink C. to sit down D. an apple26. Which _______do you like , tea or milk ?A. food B. drink C. drinks D. fruit27. I’m thirsty ; so I’d like __________ .A. some chicken B. some fish C. some bananas D. some tea28. Lan is hungry; so she ‘d like __________ .A. iced tea B. some orange juice C. some bread D. some carrots29. There isn’t _______milk in the bottle.A. an B. a C. any D. some30. I’d like some rice. I’m _________ .A. hungry B. thirsty C. thin D. hot
  4. 4. 31 My friends usually go ________in the river.A. swimming B. sailing C. camping D. walking32. How much is a _________of toothpaste.A. can B. bar C. tube D. box33. Are you going to see _________in Hue ?A. Cham museum B. the citadel C. Ngoc Son temple D. Huong pagoda34. It’s very cold in the __________ .A. summer B. spring C. fall D. winter35. What about ______table-tennis ?A. to play B. playing C. plays D. play36. Fall means …………… British-English.A. summer B. winter C. autumn D.Spring37. What does Lien do when ………………warm ? A. there’s B. it’s C. its D. they ’re38. It’s cold in our country ………………the winter . A. at B. on C. of D. in39. Tan likes ……… because he can go swimming A. hot B. cold C. windy D. foggy40. How often do you do morning exercises in the summer ? A. I sometimes do B. Yes , I do . C. I like it . D. I play soccer .
  5. 5. 41. We watch ________ every evening .A. music B. television C. history D. breakfast42. ________ do they have dinner ? At 6: 00A. What time B. Where C. When D. What 43. There are __________days in a week.A. six B. seven C. eight D. nine44. ______do you have English ? _ On Monday and FridayA. What time B. What C. When D. Where45. After school , I _________games.A. do B. read C. play D. listen 46. David _______to bed at ten p.m.A. go B. goes C. gets D. watches46. What do you do every day?A. We go to school B. We go home C. We get up at six D. We have classes at seven47. What time does Lan have breakfast ?A. After school B. In the afternoon C. On Sunday D. At six o’clock .48. Do you play soccer every day ?A. Yes , I do .B. Yes , I play. C. No , I do . D. I play soccer.49. My house is ______ the bookstore and the toy store .A. near B. between C. next to D. with50. There is a park ________ our school .A. between B. next to C. to the left D. near
  6. 6. 51. Nam’s father works in a ________.He is a doctor.A. factory B. hospital C. school D. stadium52. Mai ‘s mother teaches history. She is a ________A. nurse B. doctor C. teacher D. engineer53. ________does he work ? In the museum .A. What B. Which C. How many D. Where54. Lan’s brother is a worker .He works in a ____________A. hotel B. factory C. stadium D. museum55. The cat is ________ the left of the box .A. to B. in C. on D. at56. My classroom is ________ the library.A. in B. opposite C. at D. next57. There is .......................... fruit juice in the pitcher .A. some B. any C. a D. an58. His lips aren’t full. They are ................................. .A. fat B. weak C. thin D. long59. We would like some vegetables ...........................dinner.A. in B. at C. for D. of60. She is thirsty. She’d like ........................drink.A. any B. some C. an D. a
  7. 7. 61. Would you like ...........................chicken ?A. a B. an C. some D. any62. Lemonade , apple juice , soda and ........................... are cold drinks.A. beans B. noodles C. vegetables D. iced tea63. His hair isn’t short. It is .......................... .A. long B. light C. full D. tall64. What is your favorite .................... , Mai ? _ I like fish .A. vegetables B. drinks C. meat D. food65. He doesn’t want ..................................a movie.A. see B. to see C. seeing D. watch66. It’s never winter.A. hot B. cold C. warm D. cool67. How .....................are they going to stay there ? _ For 3 days.A. many B. much C. often D. long68. They are ........................aerobics now.A. play B. playing C. do D. doing69. We are going to ..................Nha Trang beach this summer.A. stay B. go C. visit D. travel70.Ba and Nga often listen to music in time.A. your B his C. her D. their
  8. 8. 71. We have English on Tuesday and on Saturday. We have it .................... a week .A. once B. twice C. two times D. three times72. Lan doesn’t like watching T.V. She T.V.A. always B. usually C. never D. often73.................................. I help you ?A. Do B. Am C. Would D. Can74Hoa and Lan _______ games every afternoon .A. play B. plays C. goes D. listens75Nam______English on Monday and Friday. A. not have B. isn’t have C. don’t have D. doesn’t have76. We go to school at ______ in the morning.a quarter to seven B. seven to a quarter C. seven quarter D. a quarter seven to77.Do children have math on Monday ? -……………….Yes, they have B. No, they don’t C. Yes, they don’t D. No, they not have78. Mr. Nam gets up at 7.00 and eats ______ A. a big breakfast B. the big breakfast C. big breakfast D. a breakfast big79. Is her school ______the park ? A. in front of B. next C. in front to D. near to80 Is this her______? A. erasers B. books C. an eraser D. eraser
  9. 9. 81. Tan likes ______ weather because he can go swimming.A. hot B. cold C. windy D. foggy82. ______straight across the road.A. Don’t run B. Not run C. No run D. Can’t run83. I hope the ______ can repair our car quickly.A. mechanic B. reporterC. architect D. dentist84. The Bakers ______ dinner at the moment.A. is having B. are having C. eating D. is eating85. ______ fruit does your father produce?A. How much B. How many C. How long D. How often86 When it becomes hot , people often feel ______A. hungry B. thirsty C. happy D. worried87.The sign says “ No smoking “ . You ______ smoke .A. can B. are not C. must not D. must88 . I’m playing table tennis . _______ you like table tennis ?A.Have B .Is C. Are D. Do89 . There is an English examination ______ Friday , 11th December .A. at B. in C. to D. on90. What time _____ back ?A. is she coming B. comes she C. she does come D. does she comes
  10. 10. 91. The students have got ______ news about their exams .A. many B. some C. any D. a92 . The boy looks a little thin , ______ he is strong.A. and B. for C. or D. but93. Mary and _______ would like to join the English Club speaking .A. me B. my C. mine D. I94. There _______ any milk in the glass.A. isn’t B. aren’t C. is D. are.95 ______ English at the moment?A. Do you study B. Are you studying C. What do you do? D. How do you do?96 - ______ - That’s Jill, my classmate.A. What’s that? B. Who’s that? C. What are those? D. Who are they?97 Susan ______ long hair.A. not have B. isn’t have C. doesn’t have D. not has98 Which word contains a different sound from the others?A. mean B. weather C. head D. ready99 – How are your friends? - _______A. They’re twelve years old. B. They’re students C. They’re very nice. D. They’re in my class.100. ______ a round face.A. Does she have B. Is she C. Is she having D. Has she