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Zeng Ming of Alibaba: "Making Sense of Big Data"


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Published in: Technology
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Zeng Ming of Alibaba: "Making Sense of Big Data"

  1. 1. Making  Sense  of  BIG  DATA      Ming  Zeng  Chief  Strategy  Officer  Alibaba  Group
  2. 2. n  213 million UV wholeday, 10 million in thefirst minute Big Numbers!
  3. 3. dataExponential growth of data of a typical e-commerce companyconsumer 100MBorder 10GBVisiting sessions 1TBClicks 100TB
  4. 4. Big  Data  is  more  than  big  numbers:    A  Comparison  of  Data  CollecBon      •  TradiBonal  data  collecBon  –  PopulaBon  is  well  defined  –  Data  collecBon  is  expensive  –  QuesBons  are  formulated  –  Sampling  method  and  size  are  determined  before  collecBng  data  •  Web  data  collecBon    –  Data  populaBon  isn’t  well  defined  –  Data  is  generated  and  collected  automaBcally  –  Data  storage  and/or  calculaBon  are  expensive  –  QuesBons  are  added  as  needed  
  5. 5. From structured to unstructured dataStructureddata asbyproduct offixedprocessesUnstructureddata drivesemergingprocessesØ  IT, ERP, BIØ  Data is facilitating businessØ ?Ø Data IS the business5
  6. 6. 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009Alibaba
  7. 7. …..Hence  the  birth  of  Alibaba  Cloud  CompuBng  •  Advanced  data-­‐centric  cloud  compuBng  services  – Develop  scalable,  reliable,  low  cost  and  secure  technology  infrastructure
  8. 8. Goal:  Get  Most  and  Best  from  Data  •  Retain  raw  data  as  much  as  possible  – Answer  un-­‐expected  quesBons  •  Combine  data  from  mulBple  sources  – SynergeBc  view  of  data  •  Understand  the  data  – Decipher  the  meaning  of  data    •  Create  value  from  data  
  9. 9. •  Big  data  pushes  technology  innovaBon  of  cloud  compuBng  •  Cloud  compuBng  enables  business  innovaBon  of  big  data
  10. 10. Alibaba  Micro-­‐Finance•  In  less  than  2  years,  has  provided  loans  to  more  than  150,000  SMEs,  with  average  loan  size  only  50,000  RMB  •  Through  financial  modeling  of  rich  data  of  Alibaba  group,  can  provide  loans  in  less  than  a  day,  someBmes  even  in  minutes  •  Runs  all  the  compuBng  needs  through  Alibaba  Cloud  CompuBng,  dramaBcally  reduces  operaBon  costs  
  11. 11. Further  thoughts•  Big  Data  and  Knowledge  Worker?    •  From  Company  to  new  forms  of  organizaBon?