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Executive summary for the expansion capital plan for

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  1. 1. Executive SummaryContact Mark Colyer, Owner Phone (201) 966-8076 Email
  2. 2. Executive SummaryThe spread offense has taken the football world by storm. Less an actual set offense than a general philosophy,it is used by more than one-third of college football teams in the NCAA‟s Division 1. As a result, high school,middle school, and youth programs across the country are adopting the offense to mimic the college level. Eventhe National Football League (NFL) has become a participant of this dynamic offense, with many teams nowrunning the „wildcat‟ single-wing shot gun offense as a change of pace to their traditional pro, Inc., (also referred to as “the Company”) is a web portal dedicated to this popular andinnovative offense. In a short time, the Company has become a trusted resource for learning about how to bothrun the spread offense and how to defend against it. The site has gained traction in large part because of itsgreat search engine presence. A Google search of the term “spread offense” yields a No. 2 organic search resultfor, right behind Wikipedia. has compiled the most comprehensive spread offense playbook available. The 70-page Downloadable Playbook features in-depth running and passing plays for coaches and players. It includes breakdowns and diagrams of specific offensive formations, pass protections, run blocking techniques, and defensive looks seen most often versus the spread offense. also offers the playbook Defending the Spread Offense, both available for $39.95 for immediate download. The Company‟s sister site,, is an online video-sharing site for football coaches, football players, and fans to share their spread-offense-focused video clips. The goal is to create the Internet‟s largest spread offense video collection. also has the potential to become a college recruiting site, where athletes post their videos for coaches to view. Recruiting has become big business., for example, a social network centered on high school sports and college recruiting, recently raised $7 million in second-round financing from Sports Illustrated and several other prominent is now in an expansion phase, and will grow to include the sales of spread offense trainingDVDs and „on demand‟ online video content, brick-and-mortar camps and clinics, andpremium online subscription content. The Company will partner with well-known high school and college coachesaround the country to put on spread offense training events and will license its brand and training courses to highschool and college programs nationwide. camps will take place at a local school facility anddraw in athletes from around the region for a reasonable cost per kid. These four-day camps will includeinstructions for quarterbacks, wide receivers, running backs, and linemen to run the spread offense no-huddlesystem, and defensive training will be offered as well. Initially the Company itself will host these camps, thoughbeginning in Year 2, this element of the service suite will shift to a licensing model whereby schools for the use of its name, techniques, and affiliated materials. Nationwide, there are more than1.1 million high school football players at 18,500 schools and more than 240,000 Pop Warner players.Additionally, there were more than 7.9 million participants in tackle football at any level in the U.S. in 2007. At thecollege level, 714 four-year schools have football teams. will tap into this large market byoffering its services as an authority of the spread offense.Football coaches and players are always looking for a way to hone their skills and improve their game, and has the ability to offer this to these individuals, both on and offline. Through its footballcamps, as well as its online portal that sells coaching videos, premium content, and other training materials, theCompany will establish itself as a leading force online as well as in the football industry. To introduce its conceptand services to potential users and participants, will use strategic Internet advertising, printmedia ads, national coaching directory services, and presentations with exhibit hall exposure at national footballcoaching camps and clinics. The virtual element of the business model is especially appealing and should provethe most lucrative for and its investors. Subscriptions, online tools, “go to meeting” type Business Plan, 2010 – CONFIDENTIAL – Do Not Distribute Without Permission
  3. 3. conferences, clinics, on demand videos, and e-playbooks can all be assembled and maintained at a modest cost,making the potential for favorable margins extremely high. This holds true for all online offerings within theportfolio of revenue streams. The website‟s strong natural placement, the industry‟s steady turn toward the onlinemodel, and the founder‟s connections/network regionally within the sport give solid footing forexpansion.It is founder Mark Colyer who will own and operatethe Company. Mr. Colyer is an experiencedentrepreneur and business professional that hasworked for the last three years as the Owner andFounder of In tandem withthis position, he serves as the Executive VicePresident and Co-Founder for Branded Marketing.He also worked for four years as a Senior Managerat the Parisi Speed and Athletic PerformanceFacility and for seven years as a Strength andConditioning Coordinator and Assistant FootballCoach for North Arlington High School. Mr. Colyeris a graduate of West Virginia University, where hecompleted a Bachelor of Science degree inExercise Physiology.To achieve the Company‟s objectives,, Inc. is seeking $500,000 intotal funding through outside investment. This investment may occur in multiple tranches tied to profitabilitybenchmarks; the model in this plan assumes $300,000 in funding at Start-up and an additional $200,000 within 6months of the initial tranche.Precise terms will be discussed prior to launch.1.1 Company OwnershipAt present, the Company is wholly owned by Mark Colyer. Ownership percentages will be recalibrated toaccommodate outside investors pending negotiations and pursuant to a mutual valuation.1.2 Company is headquartered in Bergen County, New Jersey, USA. Business Plan, 2010 – CONFIDENTIAL – Do Not Distribute Without Permission
  4. 4. Notes Business Plan, 2010 – CONFIDENTIAL – Do Not Distribute Without Permission