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Mata yashoda mobile application ppt


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Mata yashoda mobile application ppt

Published in: Healthcare
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Mata yashoda mobile application ppt

  1. 1. Mata Yashoda Harsh J Vyas ( IAS), District Development Officer, Sabarkantha District Panchayat, Himatnagar Email
  2. 2. Honorable CM of Gujarat on 12th September 2014 in Khedbharama said, “ Aaganwadi workers Waste their 2 hours in filling 11 register everyday and now it is time to take a lead and make AWW free from these administrative activities to give qualitative nutritional and preschool services”. Mata Yashoda
  3. 3. • To decrease prevalence of malnutrition among 6 months to 6 years children of Sabarkantha district. AIM
  4. 4. • To decrease reporting time by providing mobile application for reporting. • To support AWW to give more time in service deliveries rather than administration work. • To provide dashboard to supervisory cadre for real time monitoring of AWC’s activities. Objectives
  5. 5. • AWW has to do single time entry for any work. • Attendance of children can be verified by head count from the photo. • Automatic plotting on growth chart will ensure accuracy in assessment in malnutrition status. • Sms notification to beneficiaries for nutritional status. • All 11 register and reports required are generated automatically. Features
  6. 6. • Total 330 AWW has been selected for pilot project across Sabarkantha district including urban area. • Total almost 3, 30,000 populations is covered under this project. • All children less than 6 years, Pregnant women and lactating mother are given services under this project every yearly. Beneficiaries
  7. 7. • Convergence of all eleven registers in single mobile application has reduced time consumed for administrative work. Also stress related to this reporting also has reduced. So AWW now can able to concentrate more on giving services to children. • Automatic plotting on growth chart ensures accurate status of malnutrition in child. Human errors and reading variation are avoided. Benefits
  8. 8. • With single “Sync” button all data go to taluka and district level. So time taken for report generation, submission and travelling of AWW has reduced. • Sms notification to mother or care taker will support in social mobilization of child to AWC. • Taluka and district officers can monitor all the data from office daily and give feedback to AWW directly. • Valid and reliable data will ensure evidence based decision making. Benefits
  9. 9. Main Menu
  10. 10. Home Visit Services Offered Family Registration Attendance Weight entry Food Stock
  11. 11. Services Offered Mamta Diwas and Vaccination Antenatal & Newborn registration Referral Service Preschool education
  12. 12. Survey of family is entered directly into the tablet with less typing as most of fields have selection response only. These data are entered only once. Family Registration
  13. 13. Attendance of the Anganwadi children's are taken with Photos According to the attendance status take home ration (THR) and Anganwadi food grain ration will be deducted automatically from the stock. Attendance
  14. 14. Pre-school activities are also entered and monitored. Preschool activites
  15. 15. Children weight, Height, age, MUAC are entered With above mentioned detail a photo of child is also uploaded for comparison. Tracking of weight of child
  16. 16. Automatic plotting of weight of child
  17. 17. Female health workers logs in from Anganwadi tab and get name and full details of child and woman pending for immunization. FHW give vaccine and ticks on the name. Immunization and Mamta diwas
  18. 18. MAMTA DIVAS Entire form of Mamta divas is filled in tab With fields having less typing and more selection. Immunization and Mamta diwas
  19. 19. Home visit & Referral services Data of Home visit and referral services are entered.
  20. 20. 1.Family servey report 2.MPR Details 3.Birth and death Report 4.Growth Monitoring Report 5.Pre-School Attendance Report 6.Supplementary food attendance report for the children 7.THR report Reports 8.Vaccination Reports 9.Home Visit Reports 10.Pregnant women Report 11.Nursing Mother reports 12.Child details reports 0-6 months 6months- 1 Years 1 Year to 3 year 3 Year to 6 year
  21. 21. Monthly Progress Report (MPR)
  22. 22. Screen showing enrolled AWC
  23. 23. Family Registration Report
  24. 24. Pre-school Activities
  25. 25. Vaccination Report
  26. 26. Stock Position Report
  27. 27. General MPR Reports
  28. 28. General MPR Reports
  29. 29. Child MPR Reports
  30. 30. Other MPR Reports