Psc 2011 Capabilities Briefing 1


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Patriot Services Capability Briefing.

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Psc 2011 Capabilities Briefing 1

  2. 2. AGENDA Corporate Background Clients Core Competencies Experience Corporate Partners Awards and Affiliations
  3. 3. CORPORATE BACKGROUND Founded in 2004 Provide consulting and training services for public and private sector organizations 8 Full-time employees, 40 part-time staff Michigan Headquarters Primary Goal: Client Satisfaction  Quality  Staff “Best Practice” Experience  Responsive and Flexible to client needs Client Focused 3
  4. 4. Mission Patriot Services Corporation will become the most valued company to our clients, customers, colleagues and business partners as we strive for safer communities, nations, and the world where we work and live. 4
  5. 5. Focus We offer a full range of consulting services focused on “organizational resiliency” (Client Preparedness)  Prevention/Mitigation  Preparedness  Response  Recovery Client Focused 5
  6. 6. Our StaffSubject Matter Experts (SME’s) / Specialists with a widerange of experience meet our client’s needs Military (Current and Retired) Career Law enforcement leaders CBRNE / HAZMAT Specialists Certified Emergency Managers Certified Protection Professionals / Assessment Specialists First Responders (fire, police, emergency management) Organizational Continuity Specialists (BCP / COOP) Drill and Exercise Specialists (HSEEP) Public Health Planning Specialists (Pandemic / SNS /CRI) Results Driven 6
  7. 7. Clients Federal Agencies (Primarily as a Team Member rather than as the Prime Contractor) SAIC: Department of Defense   Booz Allen Hamilton: Department of Homeland Security State Agencies  State Departments of Public Health  State Departments of Homeland Security  State Department of Military & Veteran Affairs/National Guard Customized Solutions 7
  8. 8. Clients Local Agencies and Public Entities  County/Large City Emergency Management  County/Large City Public Health Departments Hospitals  Law Enforcement Agencies  County Sheriff Departments  Police Departments  Educational Institutions  Colleges and Universities  K-12 School Districts and Consortiums  Private Companies Customized Solutions
  9. 9. CLIENT “FOOTPRINT” State of Illinois Detroit State of Missouri Cincinnati Public Michigan Schools StamfordLarimer Indianapolis Wayne SchoolsSt. Vrain Marion County OaklandColorado Macomb Burlington NJ Trenton NJ State of West Virginia New Hanover Schools State of Nevada Seminole County Dallas Area Transit US Virgin Islands 9
  10. 10. Our Clients
  11. 11. Core CapabilitiesSecurity/Vulnerability Assessments  Conduct “all hazards” assessments  Identify, assess, and rank potential areas of risk or threat  Provide recommendations and solutions to mitigate the risk or threatEmergency/Continuity Plans  Develop or update existing plans in accordance with best practices (NIMS, Incident Command System, National Response Framework)  Practical solutions to our client’s complex challenges Customized Solutions
  12. 12. Core CapabilitiesExercises  In accordance with the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP)  Scenario driven exercises to test security and emergency plans  Tabletop, orientation, drill, field exercise, functional exercise, or full-scale exercise  Provides validation of previous investment in security plans and training  Provides roadmap for future initiativesTraining  Customized approach to provide training to its clients  Nationally recognized standards Customized Solutions
  13. 13. EXPERIENCE
  14. 14. Federal Experience Department of Defense: Installation Protection Program (IPP) / Guardian Program  $500M program – 5 year IDIQ  PSC is a subcontractor with SAIC  Military installation preparedness exercises  Current award: 20 military installations FEMA-Planning and Technical Assistance Support (PTAS)  $50M program-4 year  PSC is a subcontractor to Booz Allen Hamilton  Provide Planners and other Key Staff to support FEMA Enduring Relationships 14
  15. 15. State Experience West Virginia  Statewide ACAMS Assessment Project Nevada  Statewide Training Course Delivery: HSEEP Missouri  Civil Support Team Exercises for Missouri and Illinois Michigan  Exercise and Training for Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Enduring Relationships
  16. 16. Local Experience St. Louis Area Regional Response System (STARRS) Dallas Area Rapid Transit, Dallas, TX Indianapolis, UASI Wayne County, Michigan Department of Public Health Macomb County Michigan Office of Emergency Management Hernando County Florida Sheriff’s Department Seminole County Florida Sheriff’s Department City of Detroit Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Henry Ford Community College, Michigan St. VrainValley Colorado Schools
  17. 17. Our Corporate Partners Enduring Relationships
  18. 18. AFFILIATIONS18
  19. 19. AWARDS Patriot Award Winner, 200919