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Online Typography Resources

  1. 1. Presented By: Spotted Frog Design
  2. 2. Fonts.comTUTORIALS, BLOG POSTS, AND MORE• Although it might seem like a blatantly obvious a place to start, is actually quite useful for someone interested in typography.• The site is primarily for buying/licensing fonts, has a section dedicated to learning about typography; this includes tutorials, blog posts, and more.• It also has a decent system for helping you choose fonts. The font browser can make it easy to locate the perfect type for any need – plus it’s fun to play around with. © 2013 Spotted Frog Design
  3. 3. noupe“A CRASH COURSE IN TYPOGRAPHY: THE BASICS OF TYPE”• In this blog post, Cameron Chapman explains the basics of typography.• Topics include serif vs. sans-serif type faces, with plenty of well- known examples for each.• The histories and development timelines of the various fonts are discussed.• The post also explains the many different font styles in-depth, as well as some simple tips and tricks that can help you make better typographic choices. © 2013 Spotted Frog Design
  4. 4. GoMediaZine“VINTAGE TYPOGRAPHY TUTORIAL”• This tutorial shows you how to create a vintage-style type, primarily using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.• The thirty steps on this page will put you thirty steps closer to having an old school design with a classy, striking appearance.• Each step is super-involved; those not obsessed with perfection and a strong attention to detail should reconsider this tutorial. © 2013 Spotted Frog Design
  5. 5. Computer Arts Magazine“ADD AN EXTRA DIMENSION TO YOUR TYPE”• If you are interested in creating elegant, elaborate type that looks anything but flat, check out this great tutorial from Computer Arts.• The post shows you how to create a three-dimensional title, complete with tips on how to make it really pop.• This post, and others like it on Computer Arts, can help your design work stand out with attention-grabbing elements. © 2013 Spotted Frog Design
  6. 6. .net Magazine“KINETIC TYPOGRAPHY TECHNIQUES WITH AFTER EFFECTS”• This post provides extensive instruction on how to spice up your videos with kinetic typography. – For some great examples of kinetic typography, check out this post on Creative Bloq.• The animated text is created using Adobe After Effects and Photoshop.• There are plenty of images and video clips to go along with the tutorial, making it easier to follow along. © 2013 Spotted Frog Design
  7. 7. Onextrapixel“ESSENTIAL TYPOGRAPHY TUTORIALS AND RESOURCES”• This page is filled with links to only the best instruction, tips, and examples of all things typography, perfect for improving your typography knowledge.• From basic information and terminology to advanced techniques, there are an assortment of ideas and resources here for developing your skills.• Beyond typography, there is an extensive selection of design tutorials. © 2013 Spotted Frog Design
  8. 8. Type Inspire“TYPOGRAPHY DESIGN AND INSPIRATION”• Are you a designer? Have you run out of interesting ideas? Let this site inspire you to create some awesome typographical work.• TypeInspire has pages and pages of different techniques, examples, and stunning finished work.• Beyond helping you come up with great ideas; you can spend hours looking at the myriad examples of well executed design.• If you have something sweet to show off, why not submit your own work? © 2013 Spotted Frog Design
  9. 9. Creative BloqBLOG POSTS, VIDEOS, NEWS, AND MORE• Forget about individual posts – this entire blog is the Miles Davis of typographical resources; you are not cool if you are a typographer and have not checked out this blog.• It has articles upon articles about typography; it can seem like articles within articles after being caught up in the site, clicking links from one post to another.• The site does a great job at relating typographic topics to other areas of design, such as web, print, and illustration. © 2013 Spotted Frog Design
  10. 10. Or give us a call at 1-800-294-7414 © 2013 Spotted Frog Design