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  3. 3. Spotlight Download Multi Exclusive Platforms Content! Online Subscriptions         Interface Digital Content Distribution Services Mobile AppsSUPER-SITE3
  4. 4. West Coast Re-Cover DIGITAL CONTENT GUIDE Spotlight Digital Press Play Ice Cube Still the West Coast Music Videos: Don Mega! New Label, New Album, Texas Classics Actor& Director. So Who’s Laughing 00:14 Now?!?contents (Shares rare insights in Exclusive Interview) Interview and Concert Highlights Bun B Draped Up Video 00:29 00:09 Ice Cube Exclusive interview footage Pimp C At the first time of publication he was Snoop Dogg 00:01 incarcerated, six months later he would Reel Time/Real Talk C h a p t e r s C h a p t e r s suffer a fatal death... In memory, R.I.P. E-40 00:03 Too $hort 00:06 Ice Cube 00:09 Felli-Fel 00:16 Spida Loc 00:18 Ras Kass Suga Free 00:27 00:03 Tha Bay is Back! E-40 Backsatge Interview 4 00:30 Live @ The Music Box, Hollywood
  5. 5. DIGITAL CONTENT GUIDE Spotlight West Coast Re-Cover Digital Press PlaySnoop Dogg Snoop Dogg and DPG Exclusive (Like You’ve Never Seen Him!) Rollin’ Out the Blue Carpet Too $hort contents contents 00:06 Backstage at The Blows the Whistle House of Blues On the Pimp Game Confessions of a Pimp 00:01The Making of a Rap Star Glasses Malone 00:12 Gail Gotti Where’s Gail?! Gail Gotti Pick-a-Scene Lady G 00:23 G-Unit West’s 1st Ladie Young Dre 00:23Latino spotlightComedy w/ Charles Sanchez 00:15LA’s Power 106’s DJ Felli-fel 00:16Malverde 00:21 00:31 Chingo BlingChingo Bling 00:31 At Cuervo Nation5
  6. 6. Reel time/REal Talk Snoop Dogg TITLE: 02 CHAPTER: 01 1. What’s your definition of Westside unity? 2. Snoop goes on to say about the music 0:00:56 i n d u s t r y : 0:01:16 “Westside unity is when everybody comes to- “This is a business thing, its not a street thing, gether and just leaves all the hate behind, and just rolls with one cause, which is music. 0:01:02 it’s a business and once the youngsters start to understand that, they’ll get to the level they want to get to. [We need to work together to keep more people comin’ to the top.” ] 0:01:32 3. We asked Snoop about his self- produced 4 . We a s k e d S n o o p a b o u t h i s r e d - h e a d e d movie “Bossin-Up” 0:02:02 co-star; 0:02:47 “That’s’ a-- Hawthorne James, (He was off “ L o o k h e r e , B o s s i n ’ - U p , I t ’s a h o t p i m p the hook.) He played in the Five Heartbeats. musical- The first pimp musical ever put My main man Pookey (Brown) and myself together by myself Snoop D-O dou- we both knew that he was good from the b l e G . I t ’s l i k e a t h r o w b a c k t o t h e Five Heartbeats and we needed somebody M a c . T h e M a c ’s t h e m o v i e t h a t i n - that could like bring some articulate, (you spired me to do this with my main know what I’m sayin’) $hit to the screen man, Pookey Brown.” 0:02:14 as far as not just actin, but the delivery of the words, the words were important.” 0:03:096
  7. 7. Reel time/REal Talk Snoop Dogg TITLE: 02 CHAPTER: 01 5. When we asked Snoop about being a 6. In talking about his career and choices as “Real Pimp” vs. a “Studio Pimp” Snoop says an actor Snoop says: 0:04:25 he really was “breakin’ –itches” from state to state, but then says: 0:03:52 “Instead of me takin’ roles, Im like creating my own roles now, cause I don’t really want to play “I had to think it over, and when I thought it over, the characters they want me to play, they want I said—You know what? Imma let the Pimps, me to play the same kind of –hit, Either some pimp and I’m in this music thing and this oth- funny nigga or some tuff ass nigga” 0:04:35 er thing MANN!” 0:04:017
  8. 8. West Coast Re-Cover Spotlight DIGITAL CONTENT GUIDE Digital Pick-a-scene Stars Cars Ladies Custom Swimsuits 00:11 Our hosts Jasmine and Laila visit “Unico Exotics” to model their new custom made swimsuits contents cont... contents cont... 00:08 H.W. Motorsports Men’s Urban Gear 00:17 Jean Junky @ Hollywood’s Blue Stone Clothing 00:25 310 Motors Chingy goes Hyphy The Ones that Started it All! with E-40 00:03 Concert Series Higlights Freestyles Mobb Deep 00:02 Chapters Chapters E-40 00:04 G. Malone 00:13 Avant 00:05 Spida Loc 00:19 Keak-tha-Sneak 00:07 Lady G 00:24 Ice Cube 00:10 Malverde 00:30 Ras Kass 00:28 Suga Free 00:30 Wait ‘til you hear what Spida Loc said about The Game! 00:18 8
  9. 9. Reel time/REal Talk E-40 TITLE: 02 CHAPTER: 03 1.Why did you name the album, “My Ghetto 2. We asked E-40 about one of the most notorious Report card? 0:11:42 rappers from the Bay Area, Mac Dre: 0:12:37 “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, you “We got to give a shout-out to Mac Dre, smell me, My Ghetto Report Card, I get definitely. R.I.P. Mac Dre, definitely a major fixture straight A’s across the board, and I’ve in the Hyphy Movement, don’t get it twidded, you never done anything foul in the game.“ smell me? R.I.P. Mac Dre!” 0:12:47 0:11:49 3. We asked E-40 how he feels Mac Dre’s death 4. And when asked his opinion on the death has effected the Hyphy Movement? 0:12:50 of rappers Proof and Mac Dre and the vio- lence that has played a role in Hip Hop, he “Man, people loved that dude man, they loved Mac Dre, I wish he was still here, You responded: 0:13:30 smell me?” 0:12:56 “We’re just all human, this is a high-risk business to be in.” 0:13:409
  10. 10. Concert series highlights 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. Mobb deep @ interscope records 0:02:00 2. ice cube live on stage @ the house of blues 0:10:00 3. e-40 live on stage @ the music box 0:04:001010 4. ice cube live on stage @ the house of blues 0:10:00
  11. 11. Concert series highlights 5.. 6. 7. 8. 5. ice cube live on stage @ the house of blues 0:10:00 6. avant exclusive listening party, interscope records 0:05:00 7. ice cube live on stage @ the house of blues 0:10:00 8. ras kass freestyle exclusive 0:28:0011 11
  12. 12. Reel time/REal Talk T $hort oo TITLE: 02 CHAPTER: 06 1. We asked Too $hort about the music game, 2. Talking about life, Too $hort says: 0:26:27 and if his fame has ever went to his head, he said: 0:25:25 “ Yo u a l w a y s g o t t o b e t h e p i m p i n y o u r situation, you always got to get it, whatever your mis- “I keep sort of a humble state of existence sion was that your out to do—get it!” 0:26:33 because its such a vicious game. Its like so real, you know its on—the competitions on, [I’m talking bout the rap game and the pimp game.]—just being in there getting money, everybody’s got to be on their toes.” 0:25:46 4. We asked Too $hort the same question as we did Snoop regarding studio pimps. His response was: 0:28:37 “ Well, Ive got some folks that come to me and 3. When we asked Too $hort about his feel- say, “You know what mann, as much as- [You ings on Bay Area rapper, Mac Dre he said this: know] the competition between Pimps is always 0 : 2 8 : 0 0 on, -uther-uckers is like, as a pimp,[ this is pimps talking to me] I respect you mann cause you ac- “He left a hell of a legacy, its kind of like Tupac where tually, [-uther-uckers say,] you actually kind of you know my man is gone, but he aint gone cause saved the game, you keep the glamour in it.” everyday you see him, you hear him. Everyday you 0 : 2 8 : 5 7 see the influences that he left in this movement.” 0 : 2 8 : 2 912
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  14. 14. Stars cars O.C.’s HW Motorsports TITLE: 02 CHAPTER: 08stars cars Customize your Ride with O.C.’s Premiere Motorsports Center Check out the way HW Customizes these Rides 00:08 14
  15. 15. In Stores Now!15 15
  16. 16. Reel time/REal Talk Ice Cube TITLE: 02 CHAPTER: 09 2. We asked Ice Cube if he could explain a controver- sial statement he made when he said the ghetto is 1. We started by asking Ice Cube, how he tackled the like a –igga trap. 0:39:27 Hollywood film and music industry? 0:38:48 “I said the ghetto is a nigga trap because there’s “I saw that it [acting and directing] was something just all kinds of things that are there for you to re- I could do, something I liked to do, so getting ally- either run your life off –course or end up in involved with more and more movies was some- one of two places, either in the penitentiary or in thing I started pursuing and then getting on the a cemetery and I think there’s a lot of things that side where we can create our own movies and lead US into that road and you know, we just cant not just be a part of somebody else’s movies but fall victim to these traps—you know traps-- alco- be a part of our own creation. That kind of took hol, guns, drugs, fast money that wild life, that thug my career into a whole different level.” 0:39:16 life. I just feel like it’s all a trap for them to get US where they want US either dead or in jail, (but for me it starts with self respect.) 0:40:15 3. We asked Cube, if could take one of his messages and make it a statement what would it be? 0:42:13 “Well, my major statement is you know do for self. You know do for yourself, that’s the biggest thing because aint nobody going to look out for you 4. “Ownership is the key to the future you’ve got more than you look out for yourself so, you know- to own everything and not just a piece of it and -stop waitin don’t wait for nobody to give you that’s what I’m strivin for” 0:42:55 nothin’ you know go for it, go for self.” 0:42:33 16
  17. 17. the Making of a rap star the making of a rap star Glasses Malone 0:12:00 Young dre 0:23:00 pick-a-scene gail gotti17 17
  18. 18. LATINO SPOTLIGHT Felli Fellatino spotlight 00:16 Chingo Bling Malverde 00:31 00:20 Charles Sanchez 00:15 18
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