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Gays in media


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Gays in media

  1. 1. How the Media has not given gays and lesbians fair representation
  2. 2. Gay characters on TV1971 All in the Family becomes the1st Television show to depict an gaycharacter (The Gay character was not a regular character on the show )
  3. 3. Soap: 1977-1981 Billy Crystal’s Character Jodie Dallas was an openly gay character who was a regular on the program. Dallas wanted a sex change but later on in the series the character had a fling with a woman and had a child
  4. 4. SoapSoap discussed homosexuality many times using comedy to lightenthe mood and to clear up misconceptions in a humorous way.
  5. 5. AIDS Epidemic and View ofHomosexuals Starting in the early 1980’s with the AIDS epidemic, there was a stigma around gay men. News reports warned that Gay men were more likely to have the disease and it was often considered a “Gay Disease”
  6. 6. Network TV takes a passBrothers Premieres on Showtime in 1984after major networks ABC and NBC turnedit down because the show focused onhomosexuality. The show dealt withAIDS, coming out, and other issues focusedon the gay community The show was a hit on Showtime and lasted 5 season and 115 episodes
  7. 7. Thirtysomething (ABC) In 1989 an episode showed two gay men in bed together After it aired the show lost over $1 million in advertising and the rerun was not shown again that summer with the rest of the rerunsAfter these losses, showing any sort ofgay affection was not seen on showsbecause the stakes were so high
  8. 8. Philadelphia (1993) The movie was about a gay AIDS victim who sues his former employer for wrongful termination after his diagnosis of AIDS One of the first mainstream movies about homosexuality, homophobia, and HIV/AIDS Tom Hanks won the Academy Award for best actor for his role
  9. 9. Gays on TV in the 90’s In the 90’s more gay characters appeared on TV and in movies. Most TV characters didn’t last long on television shows When Gay characters had recurring roles on shows they were seen as stereotypical and flamboyant Reality TV shows starting using gay cast members regularly.
  10. 10. 2000-Present The 2000’s was a decade in which gay and lesbian characters were portrayed in a more normal way. More shows dealt with serious issues in the gay community but most of these shows were on premium cable channels More shows now are dealing with the gay community in some way. Glee and Skins deals with gay teens on a regular basis Gays still struggle to see a true interpretation and a true percentage of gays in movies and in TV