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The glorious uncertainty - Horse Racing in Uk


Published on The Betting School, free information, form and systems for UK horse racing and football betting

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The glorious uncertainty - Horse Racing in Uk

  1. 1. The Glorious Uncertainty For most people that bet their big goal is to land the sure thing.The bet that just cannot lose the one that they can put their house on and every thing else that they own.The fact is that there is always the Glorious Uncertainty. Even if you have the best horse in theland up against a donkey from the seaside there is still the possibility that a lightening strike will flash down and kill the best horse leaving the donkey to pod on by. I believe the uncertainty of the sport is what makes it profitable for the few that work at it. Before you can become successful you need to reject the thought that someone else somewhere else knows the winner.You will often hear after timers claiming that the money was down and so and so new that this one would win.The upshot for many punters is that they believe the winner is somehow pre-ordained, and that if only they had the inside track or knowledge that they would be on winner after winner. That is the most damaging belief a punter can hold.Of course there are insiders, owners, trainers, jockeys and all sorts of friends attached to them
  2. 2. who on a given day feel great confidence about a horse’s chance in a race. And maybe they will back that confidence with a great deal of money. Sometimes they will win and sometimes they will lose. Many many big planned betting coups fail. Including many that your correspondent today has been involved in. However when they do come off as planned the people involved did not know they would succeed. They had backed their judgment and taken a risk. There is no such thing as a certainty.Start to relish the idea that there is such uncertainty in our sport, think of it as something which can work for you if you can get a feel for it. You will never win until you learn to loseMy advice to you is to follow trainers in form, bet against or lay short-priced favourites when youhave any doubt of their ability, and understand the horses and their jockeys as individuals with identifiable strengths and weaknesses.There has never been so much information available to punters. Make the most of that by being selective.