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Betting school affiliate program


Published on The aim of the Betting School affiliate program is to make money for us and our affiliates

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Betting school affiliate program

  1. 1. Betting School Affiliate ProgramThe aim of the Betting School affiliate program is to make money for us and ouraffiliates. (Sign up now)We have a great conversion rate and we pay out promptly.All our links go to an opt in page where we endeavour to collect the prospects emailaddress in return we offer them a free video and pdf that demonstrates a profitablebetting system.Over 18% of the people that give us their email address end up buying from us. Wefollow up with our prospects regularly and when they buy you will earn a commission.We are in our 63rd month of operation and we have members who have been with ussince month one.The affiliates who referred these early customers have been paid a recurringcommission every month.Our program pays 40% of £24.97 every month for as long as a memberremains with us. We pay on the first working day of the month via Paypal.Our program is managed by the same software that manages our membership accounts(Amember) this means that every new member commission is registered as soon aspayment is received and you will be notified automatically as soon as we receivepayment.We are in the process of having new banners developed and regularly add new tools toour affilite toolbox.