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HBMeU 2012 conference presentation


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Presentation of paper from the HBMeU conference in Dubai, Jan 30 - Feb 2, 2012

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HBMeU 2012 conference presentation

  1. 1. Innovation in Learner Support ServicesThrough Social Media Dr. Stella Porto Master of Distance Education & E-Learning The Graduate School University of Maryland University College
  2. 2. Focus“Our goal was to create an integrated program-widecommunity and set of initiatives, which would enableunstructured interaction, sharing of information, andcreation of an ongoing and long-lasting commonknowledge base, as well as professional and personale-relationships.”
  3. 3. Agenda• Introduction – Background & context• Analysis of the Social Media Support Suite – All the MDE program-wide support initiatives• Lessons Learned• Final remarks
  4. 4. Introduction: Background• Student support at a distance… – Shift from a campus based perspective – Needs go beyond those addressed in individual courses – Focus on the needs of this specific target audience • Part-time • Full-time employment • Family duties • Long time away from school • Diverse academic and professional background
  5. 5. Introduction: BackgroundInstitutional Student support • Enrollment management / Registrar  Admissions  Financial aid  Registration  Advising  Graduation • Portal with self-services • Academic specialists, coordinators, program directors • Library • Office of disabilities, etc.
  6. 6. Introduction: Background Social media: what it is
  7. 7. Support with Social media @ UMUC
  8. 8. Introduction: Context The MDE programThe MDE focus on developingmanagers and leaders in the areas of e- Corporatelearning & distance education within Training &different settings, including: K-12, Learninghigher-education, corporate, non- Faculty Media & Support technologyprofits, government and military. Distance Education• Potential managers of the DE enterprise Instruction Design & Higher• Entirely online for part-time Support Education working adults Leaders &• International Managers• Collaborative
  9. 9. Analysis of the Social Media Suite BLOGS WIKIS VIDEOS SOCIAL NETWORKING An Action Research approach
  10. 10. The MDE Hub The MDE Hub •The one-stop-shop for ALL MDE related information •Extremely flexible platform
  11. 11. The MDE BlogThe MDE Blog•Initially was the one-stop-shop for all MDE information•Now, works exclusively as ablog•One-way communication - nointeraction
  12. 12. The MDE Lounge The MDE-lounge •Real interaction •Privacy, listserv mode, discussion board, simple and not-invasive
  13. 13. The MDE Faculty Forum The Faculty-forum •Management effectiveness •Privacy, listserv mode, discussion board, simple and not-invasive
  14. 14. Mainstream Social networks Presence in social networks •Connections with graduates and prospective students •Marketing
  15. 15. The MDE Peer Mentoring The MDE peer-mentoring program •Peer-support •Student initiative •Action research project
  16. 16. The MDE capstone wikiThe MDE capstone wiki•Support for final capstone: e-portfolio & research project•Information sharing•Direct relationship with instruction(permanent)
  17. 17. Using our unsualMDE Orientation LMS… The MDE orientation •Workshop with direct instructor-led support •Information sharing •Direct support to instruction
  18. 18. The MDE internship program The MDE internship program •Getting your feet wet as a distance educator •Supporting the program •Engaging in action research
  19. 19. The MDE social bookmarking project
  20. 20. The MDE Writing Coach programThe MDE Writing Coach program•Writing support (focused on learning)•Support for WC’s using a wiki•Growing interest for other programs
  21. 21. The MDE Virtual ConferenceThe MDE Writing Coach program•Writing support (focused onlearning)•Support for WC’s using a wiki•Growing interest @ UMUC
  22. 22. The MDE wiki on new technologies The MDE wiki on new technologies •Knowledge-base •Information sharing •Meta-learning
  23. 23. Learning lessons…There is a need for an active leadershipContinuously invite community Reach out to new studentsMost participants are lurkers and that’s fine!Integrating tools creates synergyStudents want to get involved, but they need a HAND A few active members generate significant impact Being personal is key Ongoing projects and activities Focus on respond to the needs of stakeholders
  24. 24. Final remarksAction Research: an excellentresearch practitioner approachThinking beyond theclassroomEnthusiasm is contagiousExperiment, experiment andexperiment…Count on your graduates andstudentsNetworking is essential toeveryone for different reasons
  25. 25. Thank you! Questions?Contact: