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DLA'2010 Stella Porto

  1. 1. E-PORTFOLIOS AND THE CULTURE OF LIFELONG LEARNING Dr. Stella Porto Master of Distance Education & E-Learning Graduate School of Management & Technology University of Maryland University College Christine Walti Anne Arundel Community College, CEWD eLearning
  2. 2. Focus This presentation discusses the advantages and challenges faced by online programs in the adoption of ePortfolio activities to promote an enduring culture of lifelong learning among students and graduates.
  3. 3. Agenda •  Introduction   ePortfolios defined   Background & context •  ePortfolio activity in the MDE   Goals & process   Challenges   Support   Examples   Future •  Final remarks
  4. 4. ePortfolios defined Journal Photos Videos Documents Blog Projects
  5. 5. ePortfolio defined •  Electronic version of portfolios   Collection of artifacts in different digital media; •  Serves the purpose of   Assessment of competencies, skills and knowledge;   Showcase and evidence abilities and achievements in specific areas; and   Promote reflection of one's development and learning.
  6. 6. Introduction: the MDE
  7. 7. Introduction: Context The program The MDE focus on developing managers and leaders in the areas of e-learning & distance education within different Corporate Training & settings, including: K-12, higher- Our mission is our education, corporate, non-profits, Faculty Learning Media & government and military. means and our means Support technology Potential managers of the DE mission is our Distance •  Education enterprise Instruction •  Entirely online for part-time Higher Design & Education working adults Support •  International Leaders & Managers •  Collaborative
  8. 8. ePortfolios in the MDE: Goals & process Development Process   Students' journeys and Gather growth in the DE field   The MDE ePortfolio will: Select • Portray students’ qualifications • Demonstrate students’ knowledge and skills in a Reflect variety of DE contexts. Evidence
  9. 9. ePortfolios in the MDE: Challenges •  Institutional involvement can have unintended consequences.   Faculty and administrators might define too tight a framework   Ownership   “Conundrum between student ownership, interoperability and the continuous use of ePortfolios beyond the program.”   Web 2.0 tools   web users are now at the helm when it comes to generating, storing and sharing content.
  10. 10. ePortfolios in the MDE: Challenges Institutional control
  11. 11. ePortfolios in the MDE: Challenges Personal control
  12. 12. ePortfolios in the MDE: Challenges •  Continuous activity vs. •  ePortfolios must be activity allotted in the end promoted in a of the program programmatic way   Students overwhelmed and   Help students understand underprepared the nature of the activity   Need for constant attention   Students need to be and work from the learners proactive and disciplined throughout the program.   Need for institutional   Focus is on current courses support
  13. 13. ePortfolios in the MDE: Support •  Action research initiative undertaken within the program (A series of consecutive, iterative steps to identify and enhance support to students)   The use of Web 2.0 tools has been ingrained in this process   Web-based tutorials;   Creating and maintaining a learning journal in at least one course in the program;   A one-week online orientation; and   An ePortfolio wiki that is always available
  14. 14. ePortfolios in the MDE: Support •  Promoting the use of learning journals •  MDE student lounge • Continuous support: answering students questions • No prescribed or suggested activities •  Creation of the ePortfolio tutorial
  15. 15. ePortfolios in the MDE: Support - Rubric
  16. 16. ePortfolios in the MDE: Support - Wiki mdecapstone.pbworks.com
  17. 17. ePortfolios in the MDE: Support - Orientation
  18. 18. ePortfolios: Examples sporto.wordpress.com www.epsilen.com/sporto
  19. 19. ePortfolios: Examples www.netvibes.com/stellaporto umuc.academia.edu/StellaPorto
  20. 20. ePortfolios in the MDE: Future •  Protecting ownership and authenticity   Copyright policies for all the posted work •  Vertical study following up with students and how they continue to use their ePortfolios •  How to make it useful after the program? •  Outcomes assessment ties into the program •  Commentary/feedback from selected faculty/experts •  Enhance reflective aspects •  Institutional support viable?
  21. 21. Learning lessons…   The need for continuous support at the program level  Enhancing the inter- relationship within the curriculum
  22. 22. Learning lessons…   Social media can provide enormous support   Making ePortfolios important for professional development and career planning
  23. 23. Thank you! Questions? Presentation is available @ slideshare.net Contact: sporto@umuc.edu