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Agenda gadla-event-08-19-2011


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Agenda for Virtual Summer event!

Published in: Education
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Agenda gadla-event-08-19-2011

  1. 1. Georgia Distance Learning AssociationSummer Virtual Event – 2011 AGENDA<br />Welcome & House keeping issues<br /><ul><li>Information for participants
  2. 2. Information to presenters
  3. 3. Start recording</li></ul>Introductions (Darrell Naylor-Johnson, President GADLA)<br />Featured Presentations<br /><ul><li>Ms. Marcy Rudowitz, Regional Vice President of Sales at Class.comPartnerships (Sponsorship-Partnership, K-12)
  4. 4. Dr. Stella Porto, Program Director & Professor at University of Maryland University College, and GADLA Vice President (Social Media – Wikis)
  5. 5. Dr. Christina Clayton, Director of Virtual Learning, Georgia Department of EducationCommon Core Georgia Performance Standards</li></ul>A Burgeoning USDLA State Chapter<br />
  6. 6. Georgia Distance Learning AssociationSummer Virtual Event – 2011 Welcome & House keeping issues<br /><ul><li>Welcome to GADLA Summer virtual event!
  7. 7. Information for participants
  8. 8. We will watch a short demo of Wimba.
  9. 9. Another window will open.
  10. 10. Information to presenters
  11. 11. You will be made ‘presenters’
  12. 12. To see your slides you need to go to the folder menu and select GADLA and then click ‘Go’
  13. 13. We will now start recording the event…</li></ul>A Burgeoning USDLA State Chapter<br />
  14. 14. Georgia Distance Learning AssociationSummer Virtual Event – 2011 Where to find the slides?<br /><br />A Burgeoning USDLA State Chapter<br />