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RE/MAX Advantage

  1. 1. 8Brokers Reach Mobile Milestone - Page 84Driven People,Ambitious Goals,High Achievement Dave Liniger, RE/MAX LLC Chairman and Co-Founder June 2011 $6.95 Reprinted with permission of RISMedia,Inc., publisher of REAL ESTATE magazine • (800) 724-6000 or • June 2011
  2. 2. Driven People, Ambitious Goals,High AchievementThe key to staying on topis adding the right peopleand helping them elevatetheir careers By Paige Tepping Dave Liniger, RE/MAX LLC Chairman and Co-Founder Reprinted with permission of RISMedia,Inc., publisher of REAL ESTATE magazine • (800) 724-6000 or • June 2011
  3. 3. T he 200 potential franchisees that are most important to them. “RE/MAX isn’t for everyone. We don’t have in the meeting room at the downlines or profit sharing, and we’re not a safe haven for part-timers or unmotivated Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las individuals. But for agents and brokers who Vegas looked on intently as want to be the best and are willing to do the work it takes, our system offers unique com-Dave Liniger, the chairman and co-found- petitive advantages that can help make it hap- pen. Even if you decide not to join us, let’s beer of RE/MAX, stepped up to the podium friends and do some deals together.”for a short talk. Most were unsure about Amid a loud standing ovation, Liniger left the room.what would follow. Liniger, drawing on 40 years of real estate Most Productive Agentsadventures, told a few great stories, extended Being the best—and saying it boldly—hashis hand in professional friendship and shared been a foundation of the RE/MAX networkhis outlook on leadership. His core message: since the very start. It’s not about arrogance;Leaders cannot make unmotivated individu- it’s about making a full-time commitment toals successful, but they can coach those with the profession in a way that produces resultsambition—a “fire in the belly”—to achieve and lifts the industry.great things. By the most meaningful metric—the ability “Some people have an inner drive and some to close transactions on behalf of buyers anddon’t,” says Liniger, who established RE/MAX sellers—RE/MAX associates in the U.S. havein 1973 and built it into a 90,000-agent global been No. 1 for 13 consecutive years. In 2010,powerhouse operating in more than 80 coun- they closed 754,333 sides, almost 150,000tries. “A leader’s role is to choose people care- more than the next competitor, and almostfully, create an environment where they can twice the total of anyone successful and help them reach the goals Just as telling, RE/MAX averaged 13.1 trans- “They did the research. They didn’t stumble onto me. They want the best. So tell me, how you gonna compete?” - A rapping RE/MAX sales associate, as portrayed in the viral video “RE/MAX is Wack,” which has been viewed nearly 50,000 times online. Reprinted with permission of RISMedia,Inc., publisher of REAL ESTATE magazine • (800) 724-6000 or • June 2011
  4. 4. form in March 2010. RU delivers discounted courses and more than 1,000 training videos to affiliates around the world, 24/7. “You have your CDPE?” “Pfft! You know me.” “Is that a no?” “Yes.” “Yes, that’s a no? Or yes, you do have your CDPE?” The “RE/MAX is Wack” video highlights many competitive advantages. “Yes, that’s a no. I don’tactions per U.S. agent last year, a and skills to deliver.”mark 84% higher than Coldwell even know what thatBanker’s 7.1 and more than double Emphasis on Training stands for.”any other national franchise. Kelly’s reference to experience and – Another exchange from education is based on real data. “RE/MAX is Wack” “List your house with me, RE/MAX associates average 14.1 years of experience and lead the Although education has always because the stats agree. industry in most of the top profes- been a priority at RE/MAX, it be- Last year I sold 40, while sional designations. For example, came even more so during the RE/MAX has 37% more Accredited past few years, as distressed prop- he barely sold three.” Buyer Representatives (ABRs) and erties came to represent nearly 32% more Certified Residential half of all home sales in the U.S.“I barely sold three? I sold Specialists (CRSs) than the closest Throughout the network, associ- three with ease. If the competitor. ates who thought they’d never do This significant training edge is a short sale or REO learned how tosellers are the carrots, that due in part to the ease with which handle those aspects of the busi- means I am the peas.” RE/MAX associates can access and ness effectively. – A “RE/MAX is Wack” exchange be- complete key designation courses. Roughly 12,000 RE/MAX asso-tween the RE/MAX rapper and a less RE/MAX University, which evolved ciates have become Certified Dis- productive competitor from the groundbreaking RE/MAX tressed Property Experts (CDPEs)—a Satellite Network, launched a state- number four times greater than the “Consumers want substance, of-the-art, on-demand video plat- next competitor and twice the totalnot fluff, and they vote throughtheir actions,” says RE/MAX CEOMargaret Kelly, who has served onthe Board of the Federal ReserveBank of Kansas City-Denver sincelast year. “And whether it’s due toour powerful brand, an agent’s rep-utation, a friend’s referral or someother reason, consumers chooseRE/MAX more than any other realestate company. We’ve always fo-cused on being the best sales force,not the biggest, and that approachleads to a better quality of growth.Consumers expect more from aRE/MAX agent, and our peoplehave the experience, education RE/MAX CEO Margaret Kelly is a frequent real estate advocate on national news shows. Reprinted with permission of RISMedia,Inc., publisher of REAL ESTATE magazine • (800) 724-6000 or • June 2011
  5. 5. 200,000 Views for Viral VideosRE/MAX has always found innovative, creative ways to communicate its messages,and a series of 17 short, funny viral videos continues that tradition today. The videos have generated more than 200,000 views on YouTube, with a rap paro-dy, “RE/MAX is Wack,” (47,962 views) and a twisted conversation about making toomuch money in real estate, “The Problem With RE/MAX,” (31,275) leading the way. Five others—”Side Job,” “Disappearing Agent,” “Short Sale,” “Downline” and “RealEstate Friend”—have each topped the 10,000-view mark. Even the least-watchedepisodes—only three are under 5,000 views—have produced thousands of hits. Some of the videos have a consumer-facing message, while others are gearedmore toward a real estate audience. Many of them poke gentle fun at those in theindustry who are comfortable with lowered standards and performance. RE/MAX associates use and share the viral videoson their websites, blogs, Facebook pages and Twitterfeeds. The clips are also available on the RE/MAXYouTube Brand Channel, which features hundreds ofother resources, from news interviews to listing pro-mos to consumer tips.of the next six combined. Thou- avoid foreclosure. Buyers find a and Zillow but faring far bettersands more have completed Five home. Neighborhoods remain vi- than any traditional real estateStar Institute training or earned brant. The servicer mitigates its company. Interestingly, the wordNAR’s Short Sales and Foreclosure losses. And RE/MAX sales associ- “remax” always appears on theResource (SFR) certification. ates earn full commissions and Hitwise list of Top 10 real estate “Early on in the downturn, Dave play a role in the recovery, without search terms.Liniger realized how important paying one dime in referral fees. Despite that success, work hasthe ability to assist distressed sell- “This really is one of the most commenced on a complete re-ers and close short sales would be, important things we’ve ever done,” design of The newand he worked tirelessly to help says Liniger, who has been a vocal version, featuring an upgraded,our people get prepared,” says advocate of streamlined short sales lightning-quick listing interface, isRE/MAX Executive Vice President during countless meetings with expected to launch in late 2011.Mike Ryan. “As a result of his lead- lenders, government officials and “The new will beership and the effect it had on our policymakers. “You can say what tremendous for consumers andmembership, lenders and servicers you will about the state of our in- RE/MAX associates alike,” saysview us as the go-to sales force in dustry today, but the bottom line Kristi Graning, senior vice presi-the distressed property space.” is that people need capable, com- dent of eBusiness and Emerging mitted REALTORS® more than ever Technologies. “We are partneringMutually Beneficial right now.” with some of the top companiesThe network’s leadership position in real estate technology on thisin distressed properties led to the A New project, and have very high hopesJanuary launch of a major servicer’s Another major business genera- for what the site will become. As weProactive Short Sale Program, in tor is and its back-end proceed, we’re putting the needswhich struggling homeowners in component, LeadStreet. The site and preferences of consumers first,all 50 states, specially selected be- has delivered 10 million leads, knowing that if we do that, thecause of their situations and the un- with no referral fees, since 2006, interests of our associates will beencumbered nature of their loans, when it began displaying virtually served as well.”receive the names of three qualified all U.S. properties.RE/MAX associates offering help The website averages Global Appealwith a short sale. over 2 million unique visitors a The website is just one The program, which has identi- month, and ranked No. 11 in the component of a worldwide brandfied 80,000 properties so far, ben- March survey by Hitwise, trailing presence that combines the reputa-efits everyone involved. Families technology firms such as Trulia tions and marketing efforts of indi- Reprinted with permission of RISMedia,Inc., publisher of REAL ESTATE magazine • (800) 724-6000 or • June 2011
  6. 6. Never Content to Sit Still Another major change for the net-work was the complete reinvention ofits annual convention into RE/MAX R4,held in Las Vegas in March. “I’ve been to over 15 RE/MAX Con-ventions starting in 1987, and this wasby far the best and most relevant towhat is going on in the world,” saysDave Fauquier, a broker/associatewith RE/MAX Preferred Professionalsin Bridgewater, New Jersey. The R4 concept centered on four R’s(Revolutionize, Recharge, Rethink and Dave Liniger’s message of quality has expanded into more than 80 countries.Reward) and featured seven educa-tional tracks designed to help attend- viduals on the local, regional, na- significant inroads on improvingees pinpoint the topics most important tional and international levels. On real estate professionalism. their very first day with the net- The worldwide expansion—to them. For some, it was REOs and work, new affiliates benefit from more than 36,000 RE/MAX agentsshort sales; for others, Google tools the billions of dollars that have work outside the U.S.—is ground-and mobile solutions. been spent building the brand. ed in the fundamental RE/MAX The network’s global identity was principles of aiming high, findingapparent throughout the convention, “We are worldwide. the right people and outproducing the competition. And because in-with associates from 57 countries fill- Everybody knows ternational pioneers can honestlying the halls with a variety of clothing say, “Nobody in the World Sells our sign.”styles and languages. A Global Refer- More Real Estate than RE/MAX,” – The RE/MAX rapper inral Exchange drew more than 1,000 “RE/MAX is Wack” they enjoy a level of instant cred-participants. ibility their competitors can only Those in the industry who say dream of. Social media and technology were brand doesn’t matter are wrong, That sort of collective power,everywhere. Attendees created a con- Liniger says. And thousands of built on the measurable success ofstant Twitter conversation, with literally enthusiastic entrepreneurs around every individual in the network,thousands of tweets, using a special the world agree with him. They is exactly what Dave Liniger wasR4 hashtag. The Twitter feed was one have taken the RE/MAX Balloon describing in the Las Vegas meet- and red-over-white-over-blue lo- ing room. Ultimately, RE/MAX isof the most popular aspects of a new gos into more than 80 countries, an environment in which ambi-R4 mobile app, which also provided from Aruba to Zambia. tious professionals contribute to,real-time news, speaker downloads The RE/MAX concept travels and benefit from, high standards,and other logistical details. well internationally. In Canada, elite advantages and cumulative “This was a whole new way of ap- RE/MAX has been No. 1 since production. 1987 and enjoys top marketshare As Liniger says, the RE/MAXproaching the convention, and many in virtually every major city. Balloon isn’t for everyone. Butof the best ideas came from the Af- In countries such as Australia, those with the nerve to climbfiliates themselves,” says RE/MAX CEO Italy, Portugal and South Africa, into the basket, and the resolveMargaret Kelly. “We shook things up, RE/MAX is a well-established to stick with it, soon find them-modernized the format and focused on industry leader with roots run- selves going higher than they ning deeper than a decade. And ever imagined. REthe most valuable elements. The result in new outposts like India, Brazilwas the most energized convention at- and Argentina, RE/MAX is grow- For more information, please visitmosphere in years. “ ing exponentially and making Reprinted with permission of RISMedia,Inc., publisher of REAL ESTATE magazine • (800) 724-6000 or • June 2011