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Sport in Kosova


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Sport in Kosova

  1. 1. Sport in Kosova The contribution of sport to the international projection of a country 1st International Sport Countries Conference Barcelona, April 2003
  2. 2. General information ? Kosova is a small country. ? In 10.887 Km2 live about 2.3 million people. ? In terms of structure of population, Kosova is ranked in first place with young population. ? Over 50% of population are under 19 years old. ? About 92% of them are Albanian and other 8% are Serbs, Moslems, Gypsies, Turks, Ashkalij, etc.
  3. 3. Sport in Kosova from 1945 to 1999 ? After II World War: Kosovars Albanian compite for Yugoslavia. Achievement of high sports results in different international competitions. ? 1989 to 1999: the Autonomy of Kosova is abrogated. The Kosovars Albanian created a parallel system, also in sport. Creation of Kosova Olympic Committee (1992) and other sport organisations. ? From 1999: UN established their mission in Kosova that is going on jet (UNMIK) The Department of Sports is established by decision of UNMIK.
  4. 4. Kosova Olympic Committee (KOC) ? Its Assembly founded KOC on May 27, 1992 ? The members of Kosova Olympic Committee are representatives of each Olympic Federation as well as representatives of other sport organizations or institutions that are devoted to promote Olympic cause.
  5. 5. Sport in Kosova in 2003 ? Each sports federations should fulfill a few criteria to become affiliated in KOC and Department of Sports. ? At this moment, there are 22 sports federations, along 1.014 sport clubs above 200.000 people involved at sports. Among of them 40.000 active athletes and nearly 30% are women. ? The development of Kosova sport is the result of the initiatives of innumerable people. This sports model is entirely dependent on the voluntary support of leaders and their financial support.
  6. 6. International cooperation ? Since Kosova is administrated by UNMIK, they encouraged to establish Sports Institutions based on international standards. ? For the sake of this progress done in Kosovar society, a lot of sportsmen and women were allowed to participate in international area. ? WSKF World Championship, European Championship, different tournaments in Balkan and Europe.
  7. 7. International recognition ? Every Kosova Sport Federations have made requests for affiliation at respective international federations. ? The most often reply was that Kosovar sport federations should wait for final statute of Kosova or another answer that firstly Kosova Olympic Committee should be accepted at IOC and afterwards all other Kosova sports federations will become member of international federations.
  8. 8. Kosova as a sport country ? Kosova is administrated by UN; ? Kosova is not administrated by exYugoslavia; ? Kosova has its own president, assembly, government and the other governmental authorities; ? Kosova has its own organized sport system ruled by Ministry of Sports and Kosova Olympic Committee; ? Kosova has its own Olympic Committee, its statute is in harmony with Olympic Charter; ? All sports federations in Kosova develop sports activities based on statute and in conformity with normative local and international acts.
  9. 9. The contribution of sport ? “Pending the final political settlement, ways need to be developed to continue the process of stabilization of sports structures, which can ultimately contribute to the maintainance of peace in Kosovo” (UNMIK, 2002) ? “Sport is not only an essential component of the welfare of individuals, groups and socities but it is also a mean of demonstrating the diversity of people’s social, historical and cultural specificities, internally as well as internationally” (Project of declaration for the 1st International Sport Countries Conference)
  10. 10. Cooperation and exchanges ? “Training and competing in an isolated is not sufficient for reaching the peak of one’s potential in a given sport. The competitions within Kosovo are also not sufficient. Though the athletes from Kosovo are being invited to some competitions, which are not recognised by international federations, there is a serious grievance of the sports community for their current inaccesibility to the international arena” ? “The international community needs to find a solution in the interest of the sports person of this generation”