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6 Online Marketing Tactics That Will Help You Sell More Parts


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Selling auto parts online is hard. That's why we've compiled and evaluated 6 online marketing tactics to help your website and overall web presence so you can sell more.

Learn About Pros, Cons, and Get Recommendations by Tactic:
1. Web Content
2. Social Media Marketing
3. Conversion Rate Optimization
4. Pay-Per-Click
5. Email Marketing
6. Web Tools

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6 Online Marketing Tactics That Will Help You Sell More Parts

  1. 1. PRESENTED BY SPORK MARKETING Free advice from the parts ecommerce nerds at Spork Marketing. 6 Online Marketing Tactics That Will Help You Sell More Parts
  2. 2. Online marketing is hard. Often times, the problem is that we’re using the wrong tactics.
  3. 3. Let’s Start With The Basics: 1- Get more people to your site 2- Make your site work better If whatever you’re doing won’t a) bring more visitors or b) improve your site, don’t bother. There Are Only Two Ways To Sell More Parts Online:
  4. 4. Tactic 1: Content Marketing • Good content brings people to your site • Good content generates links • Links boost search rankings, which bring more people to your site. • Content marketing is hard • Content takes time to generate results Pros: Cons: “Content” is articles, videos, graphics, etc. that your customers will like.
  5. 5. Content Marketing Key Takeaway: • The only way to succeed is to keep plugging away. • Research and study successful content. • Make time to create content. • Try lots of different content. • Also, consider hiring a professional. Content marketing is hard.
  6. 6. • Customers buy from companies they trust. Social media builds trust. • Any company can budget for social media (no money required). • Social media is a time suck. You don’t need a big budget, but you do need a lot of time. • Results aren’t always easy to measure Pros: Cons: Promoting your business on social media. Tactic 2: Social Media Marketing
  7. 7. Tactic 2: Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing is A Time Suck
  8. 8. Key Social Media Marketing Takeaways: 1- Make time for social media. Posting, sharing, commenting, replying, etc. requires an hour or two per day. Time Energy Effort 2- Put your energy into Facebook and YouTube. Auto part and accessories customers are more active on these networks. 3- Don’t expect to put a pencil to your efforts. Just know that if you’re consistent and interesting, rewards will come. Social media isn’t a great tool for increasing sales, but it’s something every online business has to do, and it has long-term value.
  9. 9. • Small changes to your site’s design or text can have a big impact on sales • Conversion rate testing (and results implementation) requires some technical skill Pros: Cons: 98% of your website visitors aren’t buying. If you take that down to 97%, you’ll increase sales 50%! Tactic 3: Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  10. 10. Tactic 3: Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Is CRO a “marketing” tactic? We think it is. But even if it doesn’t belong here, all marketers should be thinking about CRO.
  11. 11. Key CRO Takeaways: 1- Design tests around problems. Are certain pages underperforming? Run tests to figure out why. Test Test Test 2- Test constantly. Test everything from button colors to headlines to background images to page copy. 3- Test smartly. Don’t just try random tests – have a plan. Tests can take weeks to complete…a poor plan leads to a waste of time. Your existing website (and your existing traffic) has untapped sales potential. Conversion rate optimization is the easiest path to sales growth.
  12. 12. • It’s fast – you can start driving traffic tomorrow • It’s easy to scale • Mistakes can be expensive • Success requires experience and special knowledge Pros: Cons: Buying advertising one click at a time, usually from Google or Bing. Tactic 4: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising
  13. 13. Tactic 4: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising In the wrong hands, PPC advertising is like lighting a pile of money on fire.
  14. 14. Key PPC Takeaways: 1- Start slowly. Minimize the amount of money you’ll lose buying worthless clicks – start small and grow slowly. Slowly Train Track 2- Get training* or hire a pro. AdWords is particularly dangerous for amateurs…get trained or hire a pro. 3- Tracking. Tracking. Tracking. Make sure you have tracking. If you don’t know how your clicks are performing, you can’t afford to buy them. *Note: If you don’t want to hire a professional PPC ad management firm, we recommend you invest in AdWords training. See for more info.
  15. 15. • Excellent ROI • Emails get stuck in junk/spam if you use the wrong tool • Experience makes a big difference in terms of performance Pros: Cons: Your best customers are people that have already given you money. Email marketing is how you stay in touch with these people. Tactic 5: Email Marketing
  16. 16. Tactic 5: Email Marketing Don’t let your emails get caught in a spam filter (which kinda looks like this)
  17. 17. Key Email Marketing Takeaways: 1- Have a strategy. Every ecommerce site should send out monthly or quarterly newsletters and occasional sale/coupon announcements. Strategy Tool Skill 2- Use the right tool. Invest in a quality email tool if you want to get good performance. 3- Recognize that email marketing is a special skill. Designing emails that render properly, subject lines that get opens, and calls to action that “get the click” is complex. Email marketing isn’t sexy, but it works.
  18. 18. • A useful web tool is a great source of links and publicity • Web tools can be an excellent source of website traffic • It’s hard to build a web tool if you’re not a developer Pros: Cons: Consumers love helpful web based tools Tactic 6: Building Web Tools
  19. 19. Tactic 6: Building Web Tools Build something your customers will think is cool…just make sure it’s useful.
  20. 20. Key Web Tool Development Takeaways: 1- Think about how you can help your customers. The tools that generate the most revenue help your customers deal with a common problem, answer a common question, etc. Customers Outsource 2- Consider outsourcing. A quality marketing company with development expertise (like Spork) will have no trouble developing a custom web tool. Website tool development isn’t the easiest online marketing tactic, but that’s why it works.
  21. 21. What Did We Forget? Is there a marketing tactic you’re thinking about trying that we didn’t mention? Contact us to discuss it. WEBSITE: @sporkmarketing