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Sponsorpitch preview


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Sponsorpitch preview

  1. 1. Increase your SPONSORPITCH is a socially connected sponsorship intelligence networksponsorship intelligence . . . and career development tool that leverages the power ofsocial networking style, social networking to provide unparalleled sponsorship market intelligence.with SponsorPitch! HOW IT WORKS Members fill out profiles indicating their knowledge and achievements in the industry. SponsorPitch then structures and links the data to provide multi-dimensional insight about historical market activity. BRAND INTELLIGENCE Gain critical insights about brands, their decision makers and deals they have done. Connect to other professionals with experience and knowledge about them. PROPERTY INTELLIGENCE Stay informed of what properties are being sponsored by what brands. See who is selling for them in the Property Index. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SponsorPitch rewards and recognizes the achievements of its members. It strengthens their personal brands while providing an invaluable resource to recruiters and employers. SponsorPitch is quickly becoming one of the go-to sites for sponsorship information WHY SPONSORPITCH? sharing on the web… Quite simply, it is time to embrace the power of a - J.W Cannon uniquely designed social network to capture the Senior Project Lead, UPS sponsorship insight you need.