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Category Analysis: Tequila


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Category Analysis: Tequila

  1. 1.       SPORTS  PROPERTIES  LOADING  UP  ON  TEQUILA  DEALS                                                                                                                   Category Overview   Since 2002, sales of high priced tequilas, "super-premium" tequila 100% blue agave, have increased 28%, with an average growth rate of 8.6% per year, as reported by the Distilled Spirits Council. The Tequila Regulatory Council, which tracks producers, reports there are now 1,166 tequila brands registered within the category. In 2008, the Council reported 901 registered brands, representing 30% growth in the past 3 years alone. The growth has encouraged spirits multinationals to invest in the category with Beam Global recently acquiring the Sauza brand and Brown-Forman snapping up Herradura. Thanks to a hyper competitive environment filled with upstarts, a highly fragmented marketplace and a history of little brand differentiation (thanks in part to America’s fascination with Margaritas), tequila marketers are accelerating their marketing spend in order to both differentiate their product from both other top shelf competitors and generic competitors at the low-end. Combine this with the appealing demographics sports provide and loosening alcohol marketing rules for many sports properties (NBA took on its first spirits sponsor – Bacardi – in 2010 and reversed its ban on liquor ads in 2009, NFL is exploring the spirits category at the team & league-level, NASCAR will allow spirits advertising & retail promotions for first time in 2012) and it’s easy to see why tequila marketers find sports an appealing venue to market their libations. While multi-national backed brands (i.e. Brown- Foreman’s el Jimador) are competing aggressively for league-level sponsorships, the fragmentation of the market among smaller players with tighter marketing budgets, has resulted in a bounce in competitive activity for more affordable team-level deals, primarily motivated by geographic expansion of Tequila brands into top 50 DMA’s. Spending Activity It would be difficult to account for spending at 1,166 tequila brands. The sponsorship activity displayed below is pulled from the database and covers top category players within the U.S. For more information about deal terms and decision makers at each company, please consult the SponsorPitch Sponsor Index.
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  3. 3. likely lock in the tequila category, as part of broader deals that allow conglomerates toleverage rights fees across a selection of other distilled spirits categories including notonly tequila, but also other spirits such as rum and vodka. Despite this trend at the leaguelevel, most teams will still be able to sell their own exclusive deals – and given that mostof the smaller brands will not have the marketing budgets to afford league deals anyway –look for team deals to be where most of the category activity lies in 2011 and beyond. To research the category discussed in this analysis, as well as over 300 other categories, become a professional member at