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Using social media to bulid relationships


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Presentation give at CASE Conference, San Francisco, Nov. 15

Published in: Technology
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Using social media to bulid relationships

  1. 1. Using social media to build relationships Christina Sponselli @cal business manager & social media evangelist UC Berkeley
  2. 3. POST People Objective Strategy Technology POST courtesy of Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff Photo: Flickr’s Rich Lewis [busy, busy, busy...]
  3. 4. Map life stages to social media strategy
  4. 5. Map:
  5. 6. Pick and choose Facebook Fan Page for communications Flickr Alumni-generated photo pool YouTube Cache of help videos for @cal Twitter Communications, connection, customer service
  6. 7. Customer service Photo: Flickr’s smileygeekgirl (back soon)
  7. 8. Using YouTube to host videos
  8. 9. Using Twitter for customer service
  9. 10. Connect the dots for your audience tell them the full story Photo: Flickr’s boost.dependent
  10. 11. Using Twitter for creating relationships
  11. 12. Photo: Flickr’s brassplayer Using Flickr for creativity
  12. 13. Christina Sponselli @cal, great minds online [email_address]