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Big Give at the University of California, Berkeley


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Intrigued by online-focused, one-day giving campaigns? This UC Berkeley team was curious, too. They launched a "day of giving" in 2014 called the Big Give. The 24-hour campaign resulted in 7,336 gifts totaling $5.3 million.
Here is their story.

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Big Give at the University of California, Berkeley

  1. 1. 1  
  2. 2. LISHELLE   -­‐Introduce  myself  and  panelists.  Introduce  themselves.   -­‐Two  years  ago,  like  many  of  you,  we  became  increasingly  intrigued  by  the  trend  in   online-­‐focused,  one-­‐day  giving  campaigns.  So  in  2014  we  took  the  plunge  and   launched  our  own  inaugural  “day  of  giving:”  Big  Give.  The  24-­‐hour  fundraising  blitz   resulted  in  7,336  giNs  totaling  $5.3  million.   2  
  3. 3. LISHELLE   Ask  the  audience:  We’d  like  to  learn  more  about  you.  Who  is  from  a:  4-­‐year  public   school,  4-­‐year  private  school;  community  college;  independent  school?  Who  has  been   involved  with  a  day  of  giving  campaign?  Who  is  considering  launching  a  day  of  giving   campaign?   3  
  4. 4. LISHELLE   You’ll  be  seeing  photos  shared  by  our  community  during  Big  Give.  They  used  the   template  we  made  available.   4  
  5. 5. LISHELLE   -­‐Looking  for  ways  to  sustain  momentum  of  $3.13B  campaign     -­‐Key  accomplishment:  281,000  donors  among  highest  in  country   -­‐Increased  sense  of  community  and  engagement  among  donors   -­‐Emerging  naYonal  trend     -­‐24  hour  ONLINE  “day  of  giving”  micro-­‐campaigns   -­‐Online  event  with  videos,  interacYve  messaging/posts,  conYnuous  social  media  and   PR  with  “celebrity”  alumni/campus  luminaries,  student  involvement,  alumni   gatherings   -­‐Peer-­‐driven  and  viral   -­‐Creates  a  buzz  among  campus  and  alumni  community   -­‐Contests  to  create  compeYYon  and  inspiraYon   5  
  6. 6. LISHELLE   -­‐Explain  Big  Game   -­‐Acquire  new  donors   -­‐Leverage  momentum  of  campaign  and  excitement  of  Big  Game   -­‐Big  Give  campaign  on  Nov.  20  during  Big  Game  week   -­‐Show  strength  in  numbers  when  we  all  come  together     6  
  7. 7. LISHELLE   Core  working  group  began  meeYng  approximately  10  months  in  advance  to  start   planning.  Groups  involved  included:   -­‐MarkeYng  and  social  media   -­‐Fundraising   -­‐Contest  administrators   -­‐Events   -­‐OperaYons   -­‐Website   -­‐Volunteer  engagement   -­‐Internal  communicaYons   7  
  8. 8. LISHELLE   (This  slide  marks  start  of  Silent  Phase  secYon.  Phases  outlined  on  next  slide.)   8  
  9. 9. LISHELLE   August  1–November  13,  2014   -­‐Solicited  lead  giNs/pledges  ($1,952,900)  primarily  from  5-­‐6  figure  major  giNs   Contest  fund   Major  giNs   -­‐Raised  contest  funds  (handful  of  donors  provided  $128K  in  contest  funds)   -­‐Prepared  and  on-­‐boarded  campus  departments   Two  campus  meeYngs  with  materials  and  breakouts   Also  engaged  group  of  30  staff  from  various  departments  to  vet  plans   and  offer  ideas/input   Bimonthly  and  weekly  emails  to  campus  units   Intranet  site  with  all  presentaYons,  toolkits,  FAQ,  templates,  design   assets,  etc.   9  
  10. 10. LISHELLE   -­‐Smaller  units:  Center  for  Race  and  Gender;  Center  for  LaYn  America  Studies.   -­‐We  were  surprised  that  research  centers  and  organizaYons  got  involved.   10  
  11. 11. STEFANIE   -­‐Leverage  rivalries,  boost  energy  and  giving;  gamificaYon  of  fundraising   -­‐Determined  contest  fund  structure     -­‐Revenue  contest  (43%  of  contest  funds)  meant  to  raise  the  most  money   ParYcipaYon  contest  (48%  of  contest  funds)  meant  to  level  playing  field  for   small  units   Hourly  contests  (9%  of  contest  funds  meant  to  maintain  excitement   6-­‐7  a.m.  Most  InternaYonal  GiNs     10-­‐11  a.m.  117th  Donor  (117th  Big  Game)     12-­‐1  p.m.  Random  Faculty/Staff  Donor     1-­‐2  p.m.  Most  Donors     4-­‐5  p.m.  Random  Parent  Donor     5-­‐6  p.m.  Most  Student  Donors     6-­‐7  p.m.  Random  Alumni  Donor     7-­‐8  p.m.  Most  New  Donors   11  
  12. 12. STEFANIE   12  
  13. 13. STEFANIE:   -­‐  Mid-­‐September  to  mid-­‐October   -­‐Contracted  with  outside  vendor  to  build  dedicated  Big  Give  website     -­‐Ad  in  alumni  magazine  and  other  publicaYons  from  schools  and   colleges—the  ad  in  the  alumni  magazine  kicked  off  the  beginning   of  markeYng  to  the  public   -­‐Only  URL,  hash  tag,  and  a  splash  site  with  email  signup  were  revealed   -­‐Toolkit  provided  to  campus  partners,  whose  evolving  content   included:   o  Timeline   o  Art  assets   o  Graphic  design  guidelines   o  Sample  social  media  posts   o  Editorial  guidelines  and  content   o  Volunteer  handouts   o  Media  plan   o  Email  schedule   o  Much  more  as  needed   13  
  14. 14. STEFANIE:   Intro  video  and  video.  (hqps://­‐E5QGs)   14  
  15. 15. STEFANIE   -­‐October  18–November  19,  2014,  8:59  p.m.  PST     -­‐Website  became  much  more  robust  with  countdown  clock,  video,  FAQ,  and  social   media     -­‐Postcards  sent  to  large  list  (approximately  120,000),  including  lists  from  campus   partner  units   -­‐Email  campaign   -­‐Print,  web,  and  radio  ads   -­‐Social  media  posts  (you’ll  hear  more  about  that  shortly)   -­‐Full  website  launch  promoted  at  home  football  game  with  video  shown     -­‐PromoYonal  card  stunt  and  all-­‐stadium  announce  at  home  basketball  game   -­‐PromoYons  at  Big  Game  week  events  including:   • Straw  Hat  band  cable  car  rally  with  a  large  banner  that  later  moved  to  main   plaza,  and  large  buqons   • “Get  the  red  out”  rally/canned  food  drive   • Rally  Commiqee  promoted  at  bonfire  rally   15  
  16. 16. STEFANIE:   -­‐Website  changed  over  again,  to  feature  new  video,  “give  now”  buqons,   donaYon  form,  and  contest  leaderboards.   -­‐Explain  why  the  Yme  started  was  at  9  pm  Nov  19   -­‐Countdown  clock  changed  to  now  show  “total  raised”   -­‐MulYple  acYve  volunteer  networks   -­‐On-­‐campus  presence  included  a  table  where  donaYons  could  be  made  and   images  taken  and  shared   -­‐Social  media  (take  it  away,  ChrisYna)   16  
  17. 17. CHRISTINA   Advance  work   Template  for  image   Ambassador  network-­‐define  what  it  is,  how  many  people.  Show  volunteer  piece   (social=peer  to  peer)   AdverYsing  on  FB  and  Twiqer   17  
  18. 18. CHRISTINA   -­‐Working  with  student  groups  and  faculty.  Easy  wins.   -­‐Helped  us  seed  the  effort.   -­‐EffecYve  way  of  connect  alums  to  campus.   18  
  19. 19. CHRISTINA:   -­‐InternaYonal  relaYons  big  supporter.  Ran  contest.  Leverage  social  ambassador   network.   -­‐AggregaYon  of  posts  on  website.   -­‐Social  platorms  used:  Facebook,  Twiqer,  Pinterest,  LinkedIn,  Instagram.   19  
  20. 20. CHRISTINA   Content  tagged  Big  Give   -­‐Shares:  640   -­‐Impressions:  336,585   -­‐Clicks:  982   -­‐ReacYons:  332   20  
  21. 21. NANCY   -­‐Student  caller  and  outbound  telemarkeYng  (2  PM  TO  9  PM)   -­‐In-­‐bound  calls  were  handled  by  Donor  and  GiN  Services;  installed  “hunt  line”  to   ensure  calls  were  answered  by  a  person.   -­‐Staffing  for  in-­‐bound  calls  from  7  pm  (soN  launch)  Nov.  19  to  9  pm  Nov.  20;  customer   service  and  taking  credit  card  giNs.   -­‐Planned  for  tallying  of  giNs  made  by  phone  (out-­‐  and  in-­‐bound)  was  to  capture  all   giNs  resulYng  from  this  markeYng  effort;  common  spreadsheets  to  facilitate  roll-­‐up.   -­‐We  took  care  of  our  people;  security  and  meals/snacks   21  
  22. 22. NANCY   -­‐Website  design  changed  to  include  Thank  You  video,  contest  results,  and  final  tally   -­‐Daily  Cal  coverage   -­‐Thank  you  email  sent  on  Nov.  21,  not  just  to  those  who  gave.   -­‐Impact  report  sent  via  email  to  Big  Give  donors  once  the  month  of  Nov.  closed.  Who   gave?  What  did  they  give  to?   -­‐Big  Give  donors  de-­‐selected  from  year-­‐end  e-­‐appeals.   -­‐DistribuYon  of  contest  funds  by  finance;  opportunity  to  communicate   with  fundraising  and  finance  colleagues.   22  
  23. 23. NANCY   During  Big  Give,  donors  made  7,336  giNs  total  $5,309,418.   23  
  24. 24. NANCY   Some  universiYes  focus  on  a  single  area  of  giving,  but  we  allowed  donors  to  give  to   the  funds  of  their  choice.   -­‐Best  pracYce  to  offer  limited  number  of  choices  for  giving   -­‐Link  to  online  giving  site   24  
  25. 25. LISHELLE   Please  share  a  piece  of  advice  that  you  would  offer  to  anyone  who  might  be   considering  a  similar  effort.   Lessons  learned:   -­‐Don’t  set  a  goal.   -­‐Having  both  a  teaser  and  a  pre-­‐event  phase  was  confusing  for  campus  partners  this   first  Yme  out.   -­‐The  rules  for  quiet  phase  giNs  and  what  counts  on  the  day-­‐of  were  confusing.   -­‐GiN  OperaYons  was  overstaffed  on  the  day  of  the  event.   -­‐Number  of  departments  involved.  Imagine  our  surprise!   -­‐We  probably  shouldn’t  have  scheduled  the  event  on  a  rainy  day  when  tuiYon   increases  were  announced  and  protests  were  staged  in  front  of  the  building  where   tent  was  located!   -­‐Contests  and  urgency  are  key.  Leadership  addicYon  is  a  real   -­‐Don’t  underesYmate  the  creaYvity  of  partners  on  campus.   -­‐Use  this  as  a  team  building  opportunity  for  employees.  Put  a  screen  in  the   conference  room  and  throw  a  pizza  party.   25  
  26. 26. 26