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Cheat sheet


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Published in: Technology
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Cheat sheet

  1. 1. REACTION EQUATION DESCRIPTION 2 or more elements A + B = AB Synthesis combine to form a single one + one = two substance 1 substance breaks down to Decomposition AB = A + B 2 or more substances two = one + one (opposite of Synthesis) AB + C = A + BC 1 element replaces another Single Replacement two + one = one + two element in a compound. The exchange of 2 positive ions between 2 AB + CD = AD + CB Double Replacement reacting compounds, two + two = two + two forming 2 new compounds as a product Reacts with Oxygen to produce energy as heat and light. Most of the time, it is A + O2 = CO2 H2O Combustion ( ) a hydrocarbon reacting one + O2 = CO2 H2O with oxygen, and the outcome is always carbon dioxide and water