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Wharton sf marketing class david bell 12 03 12 - 12 02 12


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Wharton sf marketing class david bell 12 03 12 - 12 02 12

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing Rob Coneybeer Managing Director, Shasta Ventures @robconeybeer
  2. 2. Why is Mobile Different?• Effect of geography is more pronounced• Having a top search ranking matters more on mobile than on the web• Web presence must be optimized for the mobile screen 2
  3. 3. Why is Mobile Different?• Instant-on• Sensors• Apps• Reach• Word of Mouth 3
  4. 4. Instant-On• Enables snacking • Not possible on the web if PC wasn’t on• Consumers have extremely short attention spans • If something takes more than a few seconds … they may skip altogether • Instant-on leads to a great product experience (buying or ordering something can take less time than adding it to a “to-do” list) 4
  5. 5. Sensors• Mobile devices are loaded with sensors • Location (GPS) & accelerometers (motion, activity) • Photography & microphone 5
  6. 6. Apps• Native applicatons lead to top end-user engagement • Mobile apps are essentially specialized browsers• On mobile, consumers think in terms of Applications • … versus websites on the wired web• To make the most of smartphone sensors … develop a native application• The chiclet icon matters – A LOT • Navigational high ground • Emotional attachment to the graphical representation 6
  7. 7. Reach• Over 1 billion people are on either Android or iOS today • Vast majority are hooked up to payment systems • Combined with instant-on, consumers can take impulsive action immediately when tempted – think of supermarket check-out aisles• Problem becomes awareness and brand-building, not fulfillment 7
  8. 8. Word of Mouth• Completely different than the wired Web• Combining portability and a great screen with instant-on, mobile makes it easy for customers to “show, not tell” 8
  9. 9. Implications• Can build huge businesses faster than ever before• Huge direct impact on real-world businesses that haven’t been disrupted in the past – due to free distribution 9
  10. 10. Mobile Trends We’re Looking At• Intersection of the Real World and the Internet• Internet-Powered Hardware 10
  11. 11. Have a Great Story• Starting with a great product• Makes it easier for your customers to help you! – customers – word of mouth via social media – advisors – fundraising, recruiting, introductions – friends 11
  12. 12. Elements of a Great Product• Delivers high value to users• Huge market• Easy to describe• Doesn’t require a lot of capital to test & initially scale• Wasn’t possible until recently 12
  13. 13. Great Products…• Enable Promotion – great products drive Word of Mouth and free PR• Enable Distribution – great products are welcomed by channels of distribution – great products leverage new channels like smartphones and the web• Enable Pricing – great products leverage new technologies keeps costs as low as possible – great products provide opportunities to disrupt conventional pricing strategies 13
  14. 14. Never Forget the Marketing Mix• Price• Product• Place (distribution)• PromotionWhat about the phrase “the best product doesn’t always win?”That’s becoming a lot less true with the rise of social media and its ability to amplify word of mouth about great products 14
  15. 15. @robconeybeer http://280.vc 15
  16. 16. Rob ConeybeerManaging Director, Shasta Ventures @robconeybeer