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Sanari Capital | Project Yoda Deal Preview

  1. Preview: Sanari Investment in “Project Yoda” GivingEyesto Machines Closed 26 June 2020, Announcement Coming Soon An Authorised Financial Services Provider FSP 45074 Sanari: (Tshivenda) ‘Like a buffalo’ Endurance, strength, courage and community 1
  2. 2 What’s in store? giving-unmanned-deliveries-a-fillip?frsc=dg%7Ce Click on the image below to start the video…
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  4. 4 A South African company’s world-class tech is helping Google and Amazon build drones *LightWare’s LiDARs are smaller than Sanari’s business card Preview: LightWare LiDAR Eyes for Machines
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  7. 7 2020/06/10/wing-library-book-drone-delivery/ Drone to deliver masks to Isle of Mull hospital glasgow-west-52796907 Singapore deploys robot 'dog' to encourage social distancing coronavirus-social-distancing-robot-intl-hnk/index.html