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Boring is Good: Using Analytics to Enhance the Customer Experience


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From a talk at the Relationship Opti

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Boring is Good: Using Analytics to Enhance the Customer Experience

  2. 2. CUSTOMERS DON’T WANT THE “EXTRA MILE” Stop trying to delight your customers “First, delighting customers doesn’t build loyalty; reducing their effort— the work they must do to get their problem solved—does. Second, acting deliberately on this insight can help improve customer service, reduce customer service costs, and decrease customer churn.” --Harvard Business Review, July 2010Spoken Communications @spokencomm
  3. 3. CUSTOMERS DON’T WANT THE “EXTRA MILE” Metrics can inhibit the experience  QA measures consistency for statistical outliers  Greeting  Data collection  RFC (customer needs)  ResolutionSpoken Communications @spokencomm
  4. 4. CUSTOMERS DON’T WANT THE “EXTRA MILE” What the customer wants  What the customer wants  Did you hear what I said?  Did you solve the problem?  Was it easy? Not ”friendly.” Just human.Spoken Communications @spokencomm
  5. 5. BORING IS GOOD Creating a boring process “The extra mile” and “the wow factor” are beyond the organization’s control on a daily basis. What is within the organization’s control is the ability to analyze and apply metrics to provide an effortless, consistent experience for the caller. Focus on:  What operations can control  Unified metrics  Actionable metrics  What the customer wantsSpoken Communications @spokencomm
  6. 6. BIG DATABig dataInternal sources External sources Call—voice analytics  Social Media  Record end to end, including IVR and  Measure transfers mentions, sentiment, frequency  Dual channel – agent on one channel and key interaction times and caller on another  External web analytics  Real-time analytics  Web demographics IVR—caller interaction analytics  Click history  Opt out rates by interaction point  Credit reports  Completion rates  Speech analytics for skills routing Screen capture—click habit analytics  Capture clicks in conjunction with voice to view workflow  View most visited screens by most efficient agents  Analyze screen time of after call work ACD Data  ANI, concurrent calls, queue time Web  Unique visitors, click history CSAT  IVR post-call surveys, email
  7. 7. THE METRICS WE HAVE What is the best measure of customer satisfaction?  AHT ↪ How long did the interaction take?  CSAT ↪ How did this agent perform?  NPS ↪ Would you recommend?  What is missing? ↪ Was it easy?Spoken Communications @spokencomm
  8. 8. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE The customer experience: what can operations measure Marketing, branding, social influence Product itself Automation: IVR, Self- Service, Web Agent interaction [what we measure]Spoken Communications @spokencomm
  9. 9. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Measure all of the agent interaction Marketing, branding, social End to end call influence metrics: Agent + IVR + ACD information Product itself Agent IVR interaction Transfers Automation: IVR, Self- Service, Web Screen After Call capture Agent Work interaction [what we measure]Spoken Communications @spokencomm
  10. 10. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Enhance the “did you hear what I said?”  Let robots do what they do well  Let humans do what they do well  Use conversational speech recognition IVR for data collection; let human do the listening and problem- solving  IVR identifies caller and RFC (75-90% accuracy)  Screen pop  Agent begins with, “Hello, Mrs. Roberts. I see you are having some problems with your cell phone today. Can you tell me what’sSpoken Communicationson?” going @spokencomm
  11. 11. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Conversational IVR Case Study Client goals  Decrease hold times for value-added sales calls  Prioritize sales calls  Decrease Average Handle Time Results  75% complete rate*  90% success rate**  4% opt-out rate Spiegel Brands, a privately held company  8% of all calls were completely entirely founded in 1865, is a direct marketing company featuring private-label women’s through self-service with no agent clothing, footwear and accessories activity designed to create easy style. Spiegel sent  Increase in average sales revenue per its first catalogue in 1905, and Spiegel and Newport News currently provide at-home agent shopping to over 10 million customers  Overall budget savings of 16% worldwide. *Complete rate = call followed expected call path to completion **Success rate = caller identified and confirmed against client database and screen pop provided to agentSpoken Communications @spokencomm
  12. 12. CUSTOMERS DON’T WANT THE “EXTRA MILE” Discussion: How do we measure effortless?  What the customer wants  Did you hear what I said?  Did you solve the problem?  Was it easy? Not ”friendly.” Just human.Spoken Communications @spokencomm
  13. 13. VIRTUAL CALL CENTER PLATFORM Spoken Communications  Take customer care to the cloud with virtual call center solutions  Hosted Avaya ACD  Easy access SQL CMS  100% end to end call recording  Screen capture  Conversational IVR (hybrid human + speech recognition)  Citrix virtual desktop  Dashboard analytics  Enable remote agents  Modular platform easily integrates with legacy infrastructureSpoken Communications @spokencomm
  14. 14. BORING IS GOOD: USING ANALYTICS TO MAKE THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE EFFORTLESS heidim@spoken.comSpoken Communications @spokencomm