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  1. 1. Athletics-KenyaKenyan Doping Scandal
  2. 2. Athletics-Kenya Athletics Kenya got its start as the Kenyan Amateur Athletics Association in 1951 . This organization governed Kenyan track and field until 2002 when the group changed their name to the Athletics Kenya. AK hosts national championships and three marathons a year. Member of the International Association of Athletics Federations and Confederation of African Athletics.
  3. 3. Hajo Seppelt
  4. 4. Doping In May of 2012 ARD, a German broadcasting company announced that “doping” or use of illegal performance enhancing drugs was widespread among many Kenyan athletes The scandal revolved around the accusations that Kenyan doctors were injecting the athletes with illegal performance enhancing drugs in exchange for a portion of the runner’s earnings. In September, doping is confirmed.
  5. 5. Organization’s Response In May, Athletics-Kenya Chairman Kiplagat announces that he is upset over the accusation. To defend the honor of Kenyan athletes Kiplagat asks police and World Anti Doping Agency to assist in Investigation. When it is revealed that Mathew Kisorio used illegal drugs, he is suspended from racing. Require dope testing for all runners that participate in Kenyan events.
  6. 6. Recommendations Acknowledge that original reaction was premature. Disseminate information to local and international media about the changes in the drug testing rules. Encourage audiences to support successful runners that have not been accused of using illegal drugs.