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You Are the Author: Creating Chapter Titles                                                                Name: Riley Pet...
• Iqbal runs away
8                               •    Iqbal gets back and is sent to the Tomb            Iqbal comes back       •     Maria...
You are the author  riley peters
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You are the author riley peters


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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You are the author riley peters

  1. 1. You Are the Author: Creating Chapter Titles Name: Riley Peters 8-73When an author creates chapter divisions, they must make several choices. Sometimes theychoose to simply number the chapters. This might be because they want readers to think forthemselves. Other times they use chapter titles to set the scene, create curiosity or foreshadowupcoming events.In this activity, you will take on the role of the author and create a title for each of the 15chapters in Iqbal. Your titles should be what you think Fatima would have chosen as anappropriate title to reflect and represent her experiences. Then you need to make 2-3 point formnotes which explain the events which made you think of this title.Chapter Title Point Form Notes 1 • Fatima describes where she lives and why The Invisible Child Slaves she is at the carpet factory • Describe the daily working conditions • Fatima works with numbskulls 2 • Iqbal comes Iqbal Arrives • Tells the kids about his life • Tells the kids they will never get out 3 • Iqbal`s father had a debt The Plan • Iqbal has seen the city • Iqbal asks Fatima to run away with him 4 • Iqbal is making a expensive carpet The Expensive Carpet • Iqbal goes through his memories • Fatima is afraid of what is in the city 5 • Foreign buyers are arriving Destroying the Blue Bukhara • Iqbal cuts the carpet • Iqbal is dragged to the Tomb 6 • The children are saying what the Tomb is like The Tomb inside • Old cistern, no light • Iqbal will suffer 7 • Iqbal comes out 3 days later Iqbal Runs Away • Iqbal promises Fatima they will fly a kite together
  2. 2. • Iqbal runs away
  3. 3. 8 • Iqbal gets back and is sent to the Tomb Iqbal comes back • Maria wreaks the carpet and gets sent to the Tomb • The children all want to get sent to the Tomb • Iqbal and Maria get out of the Tomb 9 • Talks about his escape Iqbal`s Journey • Hearing the speaker, getting the paper • Maria can read 10 • Maria teaches the kids to read Iqbal Runs Away Again! • They read the poster • Iqbal runs away again 11 • They all get free Freedom • Iqbal, Maria, and Fatima all fly a kite • Iqbal decides to stay with Eshan Khan 12 • Iqbal says he wants to free all the child They slaves • Iqbal finds a carpet factory then frees them • They send a warning by throwing bombs at the headquarters 13 • Found an illegal brick factory The Brick Factory • Owner comes out shooting at them • Iqbal admits he was scared 14 • Iqbal is winning an award and gets a Iqbal`s Goodbye scholarship • Fatima goes home and brothers plan a trip • The mail carrier brings a letter for Fatima to Maria 15 • Iqbal went to village to visit family/ friends The Letter • Riding bicycle when shot by person in black car • Thunderstorm broke outEpilogue • Iqbal was murdered on Easter Sunday, 1995 Easter Sunday, 1995 • About 13 when killed by carpet mafia • Iqbal`s name become symbol of child slavery