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You are the author norien

  1. 1. You Are the Author: Creating Chapter Titles Name: Norien Reyes 8-73When an author creates chapter divisions, they must make several choices. Sometimes theychoose to simply number the chapters. This might be because they want readers to think forthemselves. Other times they use chapter titles to set the scene, create curiosity or foreshadowupcoming events.In this activity, you will take on the role of the author and create a title for each of the 15chapters in Iqbal. Your titles should be what you think Fatima would have chosen as anappropriate title to reflect and represent her experiences. Then you need to make 2-3 point formnotes which explain the events which made you think of this title.Chapter Title Point Form Notes • 1 “A Normal Day for a Child Fatima describes where she lives and why she is at the carpet factory • She describes daily work conditions and who Labourer” she works with, the numskulls • Iqbal arrives 2 “The Day Iqbal Arrives” • • Normal day, working and making carpets Iqbal arrives and surprises everyone with his skillful work and talent • 3 “A Hidden Secret, Revealed” Iqbal talks about his life before he became a child labourer and why his family got their debt • He tells the children that they will never pay off their debt • Iqbal plans to escape and tells Fatima about it 4 “His Hidden Talent” • The children are surprised because of what Karim tells them, how Iqbal made a blue Bukhara (hard carpet) • Iqbal tells them their debt will never be paid off or cancelled • Iqbal will do something un-peaceful 5 “Iqbal’s Plan and The • Foreign buyers arrive at the carpet factory, Hussain and his wife acts nice to the children • Iqbal cuts carpet in half Revealing of Hussain’s Mask” • Iqbal gets dragged to the Tomb by Hussain 6 “Thanks Friends” • The workers were talking and describing the Tomb • Fatima, Salmon, and Ali convinced Karim to go with them to the Tomb to help Iqbal • They sneak off to the Tomb and give Iqbal water and bread • 7 “He Reached the Street and • 3 days later Iqbal is released from the Tomb Everything was the same, except something changed, the atmosphere in the workshop Disappeared” • Iqbal escapes
  2. 2. • 8 “The Seeds Iqbal had Sown” Iqbal was sent back to Hussain because the police got bribed in to it • Hussain sees Maria’s carpet and sentenced her to the Tomb • Salman and the other children stood up to Hussain and said “if you send her, you have to send us too • 9 “A Voice We Had Never Heard Iqbal tells the children about his journey in the market and the speaker he saw • He shows them the slip of paper he got from Before” the speaker • They find out Maria can read and talk 10 “We Played Our Parts • Maria started teaching the other children how to read • Once they learned how to read, they Enthusiastically” understood the paper and read an address • Salman and Mohammed got into a ‘fight’ and from all the confusion, Iqbal escapes once again 11 “We’re Finally Free!” • Iqbal came back and brought the Bonded Labor Liberation Front with him and put Hussain in jail • The children went to the BLLF headquarters and got cleaned up and fed • The children were free and Iqbal, Fatima, and Maria flies a kite together • Iqbal convinced Eshan Khan to l let Maria, 12 “Convinced” Fatima, and him stay, after an argument • Iqbal helped close down a lot of carpet factories and even got hurt • Iqbal gives a speech and named names • “they” bomb the headquarters because of what Iqbal said 13 “Please. Don’t Tell Anybody” • Iqbal was telling Fatima about the conditions people were in, in the brick kiln • Iqbal talked to the children and found out about their never ending debt • Iqbal and people from the BLLF got chased out by a gun and Iqbal was scared for the first time and told Fatima 14 “Different Futures?” • Iqbal finds out that he receives a ‘Youth in Action’ Reebok award and has to go to America and Sweden • Fatima goes home to her family • Fatima’s brother, Ahmed, plans to take her and her younger brother, Hasam, to Europe • Fatima gets a letter from Maria • In the letter Fatima receives from Maria, it says 15 “Never Forgotten” that Iqbal went to visit his family for Easter • Maria writes what Iqbal did in his hometown and how he got shot • Maria didn’t believe Iqbal was dead and 2 weeks later a guy that escaped from a carpet factory comes and that reminded Maria of Iqbal • Iqbal was murdered on Easter Sunday, 1995Epilogue “Mysterious Murder” • Lahore Pakistan • Killed by Carpet Mafia and is still not found • His name is the symbol of battle to liberate children from slavery