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Word of the day Samantha Amante

  1. 1. Samantha Amante 8-73 WORD OF THE DAY Coruscate /KOR-skayt/ (verb) Definition: To give off or reflect light in bright beams of flashes: sparkles Ex. The astronomy students observed the stars coruscate through a high powered telescope. Ex. I watched the shooting stars coruscate through the dark sky, thinking about my life and wishing that the world was perfect although I knew that it would never be perfect. Palliate /PAL-ee-ayt/ (verb) Definition: To cover by excuses and apologies. Ex. Don’t try to palliate your constant lying by claiming that everybody lies. Ex. He kept trying to palliate his lies when his girlfriend accused him of cheating when he was late to their date. Contumacious /Kahn-too-MAY-shush/ (adjective) Definition: Stubbornly disobedient; rebellious. Ex. “She sat still looking a little contumacious and very much indisposed a stir.” Ex. As she snuck out of her bedroom window to meet up with her boyfriend late at night, she looked back at her house with a contumacious look. Stridulate /STRID-juh-layt/ (verb) Definition: To make a shrill creaking noise by rubbing together special bodily structures
  2. 2. Samantha Amante 8-73 Ex. From the inside my tent, I hear the campfire crackling and the crickets stridulate unlike the city sounds I’m use to. Ex. They walked hand and hand down the beach both knowing their summer romance is coming to an end, the only sounds were the calm waters and a grasshopper’s stridulate. Doughty /DOW-tee/ (adjective) Definition: Marked by fearless resolution: valiant (brave, courageous) Ex. When little Lisa saw the bullies picking on one of the younger boys, the doughty girl marched up to them and demanded that they stop. Ex. She was always a doughty person; standing up for what she believed in, no matter what the other people thought or said, she would just turn the other cheek. She was someone I wished I could be. Hamartia /hah-mahr-TEE-uh/ (noun) Definition: Tragic flaw Ex. Greed was the hamartia that ultimately brought down the protagonist. Ex. Although he had the looks every girl loved and every guy wished they had, his hamartia was that he was just another cocky, egotistic player. Broadside /BRAWD-syde/ (noun) Definition: A strongly worded attack Ex. The intern was surprised when her supervisor answered her simple question with a broadside against the company’s treatment of employees. Ex. I tried to confront her in a kind manner and in return got a broadside response full of false accusations.
  3. 3. Samantha Amante 8-73 Lint /lint/ (noun) Definition: Fuzz consisting, especially of short fibres of gran and fabric Ex. The clothes dryer in my cousin’s apartment was clogged with brightly coloured balls of lint. Ex. I was so nervous talking to him that I looked down and begun picking imaginary lint off my jeans, trying to avoid eye contact. Kudos /KOO-dahss/ (noun) Definition: Fame and renown resulting from an act or achievement; prestige. Praise given for achievement Ex. Kudosare given to the Garden City Gophers for beating the Kelvin Clippers in the high school boys Varsity Wesmen championship games. Ex. Kudos to you for making me believe all your lies and thinking that you were a good person but now you can drop the innocent act. Muezzin /Mu-ez-zin/ (noun) Definition: Muslim crier who calls the hour of daily prayer. Ex. Prosperity /praw-SPARE-ih-tee/ (noun) Definition: The condition of being successful or thriving. Ex. The result was Panem a shining capitol ringed by thirteen districts, which brought peace and prosperity to it’s citizens. Ex. After all these years of growing up together as best friends, we were finally parting ways, so I wished her prosperity and luck and we went our separate ways.
  4. 4. Samantha Amante 8-73 Thesis /thee-sis/ (noun) Definition: The main proposition that a person (usually a scholar) attempts to prove or defend. Ex. Although I disagreed with the student’s thesis, I was impressed by the eloquence of his writing. Ex. As the student in the front of the classroom explained his thesis, I can’t help but zone out and start to think of something else.