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Word of the day


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Word of the day

  1. 1. Word of the DayWhirligigWER-lih-gig (noun)Definition: A whirligig or a circling course.EX: Sam was spinning in a financial whirligigSentence: I once saw many whirligigs while I was going to the lake.Colloquialkuh-LOH-kwee-ul (adjective)Definition: 1) of or relating to conversation: conversational2) Used mainly in informal conversationEx: Colloquial language _____ _____ EmailSentence: The word colloquial describes my email address.TorporTor-Per (noun)Definition: 1) Apathy, dullness2) A condition of mental or physical inactivity or sluggishnessSentence: One of the nurse’s patients had Torpor.Inditein-DYTE (verb)Definition: to make up, compose.Sentence: I made an indite to give to my partner.
  2. 2. CoruscateKor-un-skayt (verb)Definition: to give off or reflect light in bright beams or flashes: sparkleSentence: Edward from twilight stands In the light he coruscates.FinickyFIN-ih-kee (adjective)Definition: Extremely or excessively particular or meticulous in taste or standardsSentence: Most people in the world are finickySynecdocheSoh-NEK-duh-kee (noun)Defenition A figure of speech by which as less encompassing term is put for a more encompassing termor vice versa